On Point With: The Golden Gays NYC

Covid may be making shut-ins of us all, but The Golden Revolution rages on! “The Golden Girls” was a long-running, much loved TV sitcom portraying the adventures of four colorful old ladies that has never really faded from pop culture, and today several “Girls” tribute acts help keep our beloved characters front and center. StageContinue reading “On Point With: The Golden Gays NYC”

On Point With: Aaliyah Martinez

Both a fierce entertainer in her own right and a true champion for queer education, Aaliyah Martinez is a force to be reckoned with on and off the pageant stage. Thotyssey meets this amazing queen on the eve of her co-hosting this year’s Liberty Continental pageant extravaganza. Thotyssey: Aaliyah, hello! Thanks for chatting today! So,Continue reading “On Point With: Aaliyah Martinez”

On Point With: Tipsy Von Tart

With her likeness perhaps best known in a citywide campaign for Manhattan Mini Storage, this dynamic performer and designer is now getting all the gigs. And the titles, too–starting with last week’s win for the Miss Lady Liberty prelims! Read on as Thotyssey gets a hearty serving of Tipsy von Tart. Thotyssey: Greetings, Tipsy! IContinue reading “On Point With: Tipsy Von Tart”

On Point With: Cream Victoria

World, take note! Also known by her burlesque alias Regina Stargazer, LadyQueen (i.e. a female self-identifier who drags female, and also the name of her all-female drag troupe) Cream Victoria is claiming April Wednesdays at Rockbar for her own. Thotyssey meets The New Queen of the West Village! Thotyssey: Hi Cream, thanks for chatting! So,Continue reading “On Point With: Cream Victoria”

On Point With: Boudoir LeFleur

Debuting this current drag incarnation just last summer, actor and dancer Buddy Flowers already has a weekly show lined up: and it’s a coveted Fire Island summer gig, no less. While quite candid about exactly how she got show,  few can argue that she’s an amazing talent. Let’s slip behind the curtain into the chamberContinue reading “On Point With: Boudoir LeFleur”

On Point With: Elizabeth James

Sporting a diversity of glam looks and a stage presence that’s both weirdly funny and seriously smart, this queen has been turning the party in both Brooklyn and Manhattan for a few years now. And with her “always look ahead” attitude, she’ll be evolving and conquering our venues for years to come. Let’s get into ElizabethContinue reading “On Point With: Elizabeth James”

On Point With: Miz Jade

One of Brooklyn’s fiercest–excuse me, I meant THE fiercest dancing queen in all of Brooklyn–is here to SLAY. Gigs are coming left and right to her, so lets have a sit-down and bask in it all as Miz Jade Gives Shade! Thotyssey: Helloooo! How was your weekend? Miz Jade: Hey Hey! OMG, my weekend wasContinue reading “On Point With: Miz Jade”

On Point With: Heather Wood

This Tootsie is the Toast of the Toolbox, and she’ll be bringing the party once again for “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Friday night viewings! Thotyssey invites you to get wood: Heather Wood, that is! Thotyssey: Hi Heather, wazzup? How was your St. Patty’s? Heather Wood: Hi Jim! It was great, I think… being that it’s the onlyContinue reading “On Point With: Heather Wood”

RePoint: Gilda Wabbit

It’s only been nine months since we last spoke to this drag queen, but so much has changed in her life since then: new gigs, a huge competition she slayed, a whole new name, and meme superfame. Let’s fall down the Gilda Wabbit hole (!) one more time! Thotyssey: Hey Miss Gilda, how are you? Continue reading “RePoint: Gilda Wabbit”

On Point With: Gigi Cutina

This Upstate Girl will be rocking the Downtown World this weekend with her Stonewall Invasion… and big things are definitely on the horizon for Gigi Cutina! Thotyssey: Gigi, hello! Thanks for chatting, and Happy Birthday! How did you celebrate? Gigi Cutina: Hey Jim, thank you! I celebrated by finishing up my outfits for my InvasionContinue reading “On Point With: Gigi Cutina”

On Point With: Godiva Romance

This Kansas born queen has gone over the rainbow into NYC nightlife realness, slaying competitions, pageants and guest spots in nearly every venue. And prepare yourself for her very own Stonewall Invasion at the end of the month. Life may be a box of chocolates, but there is only one Godiva Romance! Thotyssey: Hi Godiva! How’sContinue reading “On Point With: Godiva Romance”

On Point With: Zeta Jones

She cleaned up at Shequida’s “Drag Wars,” and now she’s slaying Miss Barracuda. Makeup artist and stylist Markey Ricciardi is one of the newest fierce queens to slay the nightlife of NYC… you know her better as Miss Zeta Jones! Thotyssey: Zeta, hello! So, okay, I must start with: did you see your namesake Catherine Zeta-Jones’ cameoContinue reading “On Point With: Zeta Jones”

On Point With: JanSport

Gifted vocalist and aspiring Broadway star Charlie Mantione stumbled into a pretty extraordinary niche just a short while ago, having established himself as an uncanny drag impersonator of reality TV matriarch Kris Jenner. Now as Jan Sport, she is kageling her place all over NYC nightlife royalty, with a weekly show about to debut, asContinue reading “On Point With: JanSport”

On Point With: Nina Flowers

While certainly well-known for being one of “RuPaul’s Drag Race’s” very first contestants, this dynamic performer also happens to be a highly-demanded international DJ today. Denver (by way of Puerto Rico)’s own Nina Flowers chats with Thotyssey about the changing landscape of nightlife, the “Drag Race” experience, the truth about being Miss Congeniality, the evolution fromContinue reading “On Point With: Nina Flowers”

On Point With: Apocalypta

Kenneth Llambelis is a well-known FX makeup artist in NYC currently affiliated with the Alcone Company, but he’s been creating armies of beautiful monsters for years. Meanwhile, his drag alter ego Apocalypta has been haunting nightlife stages for ages as well, flaunting her creator’s brilliantly horrifying cosmetic visions and leaving her ghoulish mark everywhere sheContinue reading “On Point With: Apocalypta”

On Point With: MisssHell

A new queen wins a new crown at a new pageant, and the stars are already aligned for her bright new career. With a monthly show debuting at the West End this week, now is a great time to bask in the glory of this fiery queen–and get the spelling of her name down, FacebookContinue reading “On Point With: MisssHell”

On Point With: Kizha Carr

[photo: Jovanni Jimenez-Pedraza] Despite being one of New York’s most talented and respected drag queens, Terren Wooten Clarke aka Kizha Carr will always tell you that as much as he loves drag, he is an actor first and a queen second. And with several screen and stage roles under his/her fabulous belt–including a current run onContinue reading “On Point With: Kizha Carr”

On Point With: Shiny Penny

From door queen to pageant queen and everything in between, this fierce and colorful young drag diva is Getting the Gigs in NYC. Buy your life with Shiny Penny! Thotyssey: How’s it going today?  Shiny Penny: Hi, love! Going well today. The weather is beautiful. By the way, do friends call you “Shiny” or “Penny”?Continue reading “On Point With: Shiny Penny”

On Point With: Cacophony Daniels

Musical theater star Courter Simmons made a name for himself via several incarnations of “Jersey Boys,” including the Broadway version and a televised Tonys performance. When he discovered drag, SHE became an unstoppable force overnight in NYC nightlife. In the process, she has truly become a fan favorite of many of the city’s other topContinue reading “On Point With: Cacophony Daniels”

On Point With: Sherry Pie

Born in Race Track Country and delivered to our doorstep like a sugary pastry filled with live vampire bats, this hilarious queen has become the ticket here in NYC… whether she’s haunting the halls of Blood Manor, or tearing shit up at the Ritz with the ladies of TURN(t), or getting her runway on withContinue reading “On Point With: Sherry Pie”