On Point With: Sherry Pie

Born in Race Track Country and delivered to our doorstep like a sugary pastry filled with live vampire bats, this hilarious queen has become the ticket here in NYC… whether she’s haunting the halls of Blood Manor, or tearing shit up at the Ritz with the ladies of TURN(t), or getting her runway on with the pageant lunacy of Miss Barracuda. Get stuffed with a big steaming slice of Sherry Pie!

Thotyssey: Sherry, hello! So, you did some crazy double duty this past Saturday: the Blood Manor haunted house for a V-Day drag scare, and then you and Cacophony Daniels ran out to the Albatross in Queens for a last minute gig! How did it all go?

Sherry Pie: It was crazy! After being at Blood Manor’s “Killer Queen” from 7-11, I had to run to Albatross and the traffic was horrible… and so I told our driver that if he could get me to the club in less than 30 minutes, I’m going to give him a $50 bill. He did! So yeah, that was a crazy night… but overall I have a blast, and love the crazy life! It’s so hard being wanted [laughs]!

Gurl you’re everywhere! This was your second time hosting the party at Blood Manor since Halloween. What does that duty entail, exactly? Do you create the monster characters for all the queens to play, or did everyone kinda do their thing?

Yes! This was our second Killer Queen! So it’s the full haunted house experience with all the screams, and then we add some amazing drag queens and wonderful nightlife personalities. Each girl gets assigned a room by me a few days before the event, and they come up with the character that lives inside that room. Obviously they can come to me and bounce ideas off me, and we can create a killer cast of glamour ghouls.

You’re the best gal for the job because you’re a horror enthusiast. What’s your favorite era of “scary” movies?

By far, a good old fashion B-Movie! I live for the camp!

I just watched The Brain That Wouldn’t Die from that drive-in era. It was basically just an actress wearing a table playing a severed head that had psychic powers. It was so wonderfully bad.

Do you know they are working on a musical? Like, a small B-musical.  Or it’s already done… I have no idea!

I must see that now!

So, you’re from Saratoga, right?

Correct! Saratoga Springs, NY. The home of the Saratoga race track.

What was it like growing up there for you?

It had it’s good days and bad days. Overall it was a nice place to grow up. A nice, liberal town.

When did drag start for you?

Sooooo… I started drag under a different name, and that lasted for a few years. This was before I was serious. It was really just a hobby; I didn’t think of it as something I loved: popularity! Then after some life events, and a realization that laughter is the best thing in the world and how it can literally change people’s days and sometimes lives… Sherry Pie was born!

Would you say that Sherry is a heightened version of you, or is she a completely realized character?

Hmmmmm, that’s a good question! I think she is a character, and has some of my best qualities. She is my super hero!

Ours too! How did you start performing as Sherry on NYC?

I moved to NYC last year, and really, I have to thank the Ritz and Maddelynn Hatter for giving me a chance, and I have to thank my amazing drag family in NYC all the girls who have given me so many amazing opportunities. I really am one lucky bish!

The first time I heard of you was when you were hosting the all-star drag parody production of Rocky Horror at Monster! I wish I was in town for that, it looked like a lot of fun. Did you first meet the whole cast through working at the Ritz before you casted them for the show?

I have a musical theater background, and so I have always wanted to produce full drag musicals showcasing amazing queens who not only are amazing, but who truly have amazing talent. The Frocky cast was some Ritz girls, and some other gals as well. It was honestly who had the talent to do the show, and who wanted to do the show. It’s not like anyone is getting rich [laughs]!

I would live for more big drag productions like that.

I am actually working on another full scale production… sooooo ya that’s happening.

Here’s our teaser poster:

OMG my life has been given! Who the hell is gonna play Seymour?

Tina Burner [laughs]! We are fully cast, and I’m so excited! We are looking at [a premiere date in] April.

Yay! It will be amazing. So in the meantime, Maddelynn’s TURN(t) Wednesdays at the Ritz seems to be becoming a bigger-scale show with every week. That’s your weekly there… are you pleased with how it’s developing?

Yes! TURN(t) is going so well, and we have some more tricks up our sleeves.
I love my Ritz family. They truly are my family! And TURN(t) is an amazing show that literally has something for everyone!

And congrats to your castmate Aja for making Drag Race Season 9! How exciting is that?

YESSSS WE ARE SO EXCITED FOR AJA! And let’s be honest, NYC has some killer talent repping us this season on RPDR.

And such diversity. Isn’t it gonna be weird seeing them every week, or for however long, on TV?

Yes and no. At the end of the day, they are amazing queens, just like the amazing queens who haven’t been on the show yet or who don’t plan on being on the show. I think the crazy part is the reach that the show has, and how much influence it has on pop culture.

Isn’t it annoying how baby gays who grew up on the show think they know everything about drag, and aren’t afraid to explain “how it’s done” to working queens?

Don’t even get me started!

By the way, what’s your favorite number to perform now?

Ummmmmmmm… that’s a really hard question! “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” probably. Or “Dancing On My Own.” Oohhh… or any showtune!

The drama! Well, that brings us to the next exciting thing coming up around the corner for you… Miss Barracuda, starting February 23rd! That’s one of the more eclectic annual bar pageants, and It’s such an amazing lineup of queens competing this year! When did you decide to try out for it, and why this one?

Miss Barracuda is such a different pageant, and that’s one big reason… and honestly, it’s just a way to do something a little out of character for me! I’m not a competitive gal, so I’m freaking out.

I think this pageant is tailor-made for you! How are you with designing and sewing, by the way? Creative looks are a big part of that one!

I’m good! I’m already hard at work developing looks and executing them. I’m really excited for the looks. I do find it hard to stop second guessing myself on them [laughs]!

Oh, you’ll never stop! But no pageant queen is ever 100% satisfied! 

I don’t consider myself a pageant girl at all, this is my first pageant ( I’m pooping my pants)!

You’ll slay! And also, there’s a creative video challenge that all the contestants do, usually with a theme… any ideas yet where you’re gonna take that?

I do have some ideas that I’m working on for the “trailer” challenge. I’m really falling in love with an animated idea.

But I may make something classic, like a classic camp film.

That would be incredible. Look out, queens!

And I also see that before the pageant starts up, you’ll be at Tabu in Philadelphia on February 19th, debuting a new monthly show there with Pissi Myles

Yesssssss, “Pigs in a Blanket!” I’m so excited. Pissi is my literal partner-in-crime, and I’m so excited for this crazy show!

Pissi and I are working on some other projects as well, so fingers crossed!

Lots on the agenda, congratulations and good luck with everything. Okay, last question: let’s saythat  some day I come across Season 1 of something called The Sherry Pie Show on Netflix. What would that show be like?

I feel like it would be a really crazy version of the Pee-Wee show. And that was nuts. “Mixups, Mayhem and a Gay wedding” to quote The Drowsy Chaperonea new camp classic!

Thank you, Sherry!

Sherry Pie performs weekly with the cast of TURN(t) Wednesdays at the Ritz (midnight), and will begin co-hosting the monthly “Pigs in a Blanket” with Pissi Myles at Tabu in Philadelphia on February 19th (10:30pm). Click here for a full list of upcoming appearances. Sherry can be followed on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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