Wake Up, Bitch! (2.1-2.2020)

Your guide to the weekend’s queerest brunches and early events. SATURDAY BOXERS HK : Brunch DEEP END (Ridgewood Qns) Brunch ELMO (Chelsea): Brunch HASWELL GREENS (HK): Brunch with Ritzy Bitz & Misty Mountains LA PULPERIA EAST (UES): Brunch with Nicole Onoscopi SIX 26 (JC, NJ): Brunch with Boudoir LeFleur & Kimmi Moore SPOONFED NYC (HK): Brunch with Tiffany Anne Coke SUNDAYContinue reading “Wake Up, Bitch! (2.1-2.2020)”

Thursday (1.30.2020)

THURSDAY (1.30.2020): A Madonna edition of the Read My Lips lip sync battle with it’s $1000 prize at 3 Dollar Bill; The Full Length LP showcase moves to Bedlam with a Bowie tribute; Maddelynn Hatter returns to Rockbar; Dusty Ray Bottoms with the boys of Spunk at Monster; Kevin Aviance at Club Cumming; an underwearContinue reading “Thursday (1.30.2020)”

X-Rayed Sex: “Is ‘Bisexual’ An Outdated Term?”

By LeNair Xavier WARNING: NSFW! Thotyssey presents a bi-monthly column by LeNair Xavier, a writer/poet who has worked in many levels of the sex industry, and has a lot to say about the social politics of sex, porn and sexual etiquette. Just before New Year’s, I got a DM on Twitter from a loyal follower. ItContinue reading “X-Rayed Sex: “Is ‘Bisexual’ An Outdated Term?””

Wednesday (1.29.2020)

WEDNESDAY (1.29.2020): Marcel’s lyric video release party  hosted by Jayse Vegas & Robert Garcia at Offside Tavern featured several guest performers; drag king troupe The Cake Boys premieres a new event at The Vault; a drag benefit for Australia at Icon; Lady Macncheese & Dexter Driscoll at Rockbar; Linda Simpson interviews Justin Vivian Bond atContinue reading “Wednesday (1.29.2020)”

On Point With: Summer Orlando & Barbra Joan Streetsand

Two beloved Connecticut queens are taking their long running diva impersonation act to NYC for the first time. If you think you’ve seen everything there is to see from drag tributes to Judy and Babs, you have never attended the incredible master classes of Summer Orlando and Barbra Joan Streetsand! Thotyssey: Hello, ladies! Thanks forContinue reading “On Point With: Summer Orlando & Barbra Joan Streetsand”

Tuesday (1.28.2020)

TUESDAY (1.28.2020):  Zeta Jones’ weekly Rebar party turns one; Maddelynn Hatter returns to Macri Park; Nico Gonzalez hosts a new open stage night at Toolbox; Lagoona Bloo now hosts Tuesday nights at Barracuda; Castrata & Miss Ogeny guest host You Tried It at Therapy; Rosé fills in for Brita at Hardware; a new variety showContinue reading “Tuesday (1.28.2020)”

Monday (1.27.2020)

MONDAY (1.27.2020): Jacklynn Hyde hosts her final Albatross karaoke, then co-hosts the new Broadway Mondays at Hardware; Kizha Carr premieres a new night at Barracuda; Lesbian standup comedy at Stonewall; Fifi DuBois joins Brenda Dharling at Playhouse; and more! UPTOWN WEST END: So You Think You Can Belt singing competition (9pm) TOOLBOX: Charity bingo (9pm)Continue reading “Monday (1.27.2020)”

On Point With: Scott Feigr Curley

A first time GLAM nominee this year, Scott Feigr Curley tells Thotyssey about his evolution from Florida dancer to NYC drag stylist extraordinaire.  Thotyssey: Hello Mr. Curley! I know you are super busy these days… what are you working on at this moment? Scott Feigr Curley: Hey there! I am currently working on a fewContinue reading “On Point With: Scott Feigr Curley”

Press Release: Marcel’s “Production” Underway!

Things are happening for hot new local recording artist and nightlife scenester Marcel! The host of Thotyssey’s twice monthly kiki Thot Mess Thursdays at Rebar is debuting the lyric video for his upcoming single “Production (It’s What I Need)” on Wednesday, January 29th. The release party will be a special edition of Jayse Vegas‘ andContinue reading “Press Release: Marcel’s “Production” Underway!”

Sunday (1.26.2020)

SUNDAY (1.26.2020): Thotyssey’s VIVA & A DIVA returns to The Vault for hostess Viva Vidalia’s birthday edition, with special guest Lilith LeFae! Meanwhile: watch the Grammys at Therapy, Albatross or Ty’s; Alexis Michelle & Dusty Ray Bottoms host Look Queen at Playhouse; a new Mr. Rockbear is sashed at Rockbar; Frankie Sharp’s Dreamland returns toContinue reading “Sunday (1.26.2020)”

Saturday (1.25.2020)

SATURDAY (1.25.2020): The 7th anniversary of Ric Sena’s VIVA at Avant Gardner, followed by afters; the first anniversary of Digna’s party at the Ritz; Bubble_T Lunar New Year at Elsewhere; Snack Theater at Chelsea Music Hall; a drag benefit for Australia at Icon; Heather Wood premieres a “Picard” viewing party at Industry; Double Headed DiscoContinue reading “Saturday (1.25.2020)”

Wake Up, Bitch! (1.25-26.2020)

Your guide to the weekend’s queerest brunches and early events. SATURDAY BOXERS HK : Brunch CAFETERIA (Chelsea): Brunch DEEP END (Ridgewood Qns) Brunch ELMO (Chelsea): Brunch HASWELL GREENS (HK): Brunch with Ritzy Bitz LA PULPERIA EAST (UES): Brunch with Nicole Onoscopi SIX 26 (JC, NJ): Brunch with Boudoir LeFleur & Kimmi Moore SPOONFED NYC (HK): Brunch with Tiffany Anne CokeContinue reading “Wake Up, Bitch! (1.25-26.2020)”

Friday (1.24.2020)

FRIDAY (1.24.2020): The 3rd anniversary of Matty Glitterati’s FEMME at Club Cumming, with Crimson Kitty & Zeta Jones; Sherry Vine joins Jackie Beat onstage at 3 Dollar Bill, then hosts Wendy Stuart Kaplan’s birthday bash at Bedlam; later at 3 Dollar Bill, Ty Sunderland presents Love Prism; Ladyfag’s 12:12 at Open House; Balls Deep DiscoContinue reading “Friday (1.24.2020)”

Thursday (1.23.2020)

THURSDAY (1.23.2020): Thotyssey’s back with a special edition of THOT MESS, at Rebar, celebrating the birthdays of hostess Ari Kiki & DJ Galindo plus a soon-to-drop single performance by Marcel! Meanwhile: Jan, Brita & Rosé host a Drag Race post-cast announcement edition of Soaked at Therapy; Ms. Ter & Lady Simon debut a new nightContinue reading “Thursday (1.23.2020)”

On Points with Drag Race Season 12 Queens!

Congrats to all the just-announced cast members of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12, which officially premieres Friday (groan) February 28! As is often the case, Thotyssey has had the privilege of interviewing the New York-centric cast members of the season, generally during periods much earlier in their careers (particularly in Jan’s case, who was justContinue reading “On Points with Drag Race Season 12 Queens!”

On Point With: Tina Twirler

Here’s a relative newcomer to NYC drag who’s time has very much come: a ferocious dancer, Todrick Hall video star, House of Davenport daughter (technically!), competition slayer and soon-to-be Invasion hostess Tina Twirler! [Cover photo: David Serrano] Thotyssey: Wassup Tina!  I just saw you the other night at Pieces; you slayed while competing in DragContinue reading “On Point With: Tina Twirler”

Wednesday (1.22.2020)

WEDNESDAY (1.22.2020): A mock drag pageant at Rockbar honoring Michael Block’s birthday; Glace Chase’s final karaoke at Belle Reve; Angel Elektra & Shay D’Pines join Freddie Cosmo for a new game night at Stonewall; a trivia tournament at 3 Dollar Bill; Ariel Sinclair hosts bingo at Station Pub; and more! UPTOWN / BRONX BOXERS WH:Continue reading “Wednesday (1.22.2020)”

1 Thot Minute with Angelica Sundae

One of Brooklyn’s most popular and creative queens has found a new level of success with a big production showcase in Manhattan that’s making all the children gag. Angelica Sundae schools Thotyssey on the secret to the sweet success of Snack Theater. [Cover photo: Dylan Thomas] Thotyssey: Hi again, Angelica! You must be busy now,Continue reading “1 Thot Minute with Angelica Sundae”

Tuesday (1.21.2020)

TUESDAY (1.21.2020):  A Pup Night charity event at Rockbar; Kandy Muse joins Patti Spliff for Sad Songs at The Rosemont; popular jazz musicians accompany Richard Cortez at Club Cumming; Brita Filter is back in NYC & Hardware; and more! UPTOWN EVO LOUNGE: Enigma Tuesdays (8pm) WEST END: Corma Kelley with Peachez (8pm) BOXERS WH: KaraokeContinue reading “Tuesday (1.21.2020)”