On Point With: Taína La Fina

A recent Mx. Rockbar finalist and a true New York native, Quarantine Queen Taína La Fina is now serving it all onstage from Selena to showtunes… with a new live show this week! Thotyssey: Hello Taina, thanks for chatting with us today! So, how was your Thanksgiving? Taína La Fina: Hi! My Thanksgiving was great–spentContinue reading “On Point With: Taína La Fina”

Podcast: Sherry Poppins Bloops & Bleeps Her Way to the GLAMs

Thotlight is nominated for a GLAM Award! Jim and Freddie chat Thanksgiving and revel in their nominations, and prepare for Awards Season! And wait… are Jim’s ancient parents really coming to the ceremony!?  Then it’s time to chat with  two time GLAM nominee Sherry Poppins! This eclectic and unpredictable comedy queen discusses her POV onContinue reading “Podcast: Sherry Poppins Bloops & Bleeps Her Way to the GLAMs”

On Point With: DJ Skittlez

The newly-GLAM nominated DJ of shows and dance parties has had a long career on both sides of the Hudson, and has many skills and creative enterprises outside the DJ booth as well. Taste the rainbow of Skittlez! Thotyssey: Hello DJ Skittlez, thanks for chatting today! First off, congrats on your GLAM nomination! DJ Skittlez:Continue reading “On Point With: DJ Skittlez”

On Point With: Thirsty Burlington

A Provincetown institution is coming to an iconic NYC venue for one night only: diva impersonator extraordinaire, Thirsty Burlington! Thotyssey: Hi Thirsty, thanks for chatting with us! How was your Halloween… and what did you go as? Thirsty Burlington: Hi there, it’s a pleasure to meet you. My Halloween was great; it’s always been myContinue reading “On Point With: Thirsty Burlington”

On Point With: Jack Rabbit Slims

Beginning as a drag performer, this fierce and fearless star of NYC’s burlesque scene has just nabbed a major award nomination. Let’s go down the rabbit hole with The Burlesque Cult Classic, Jack Rabbit Slims! Thotyssey: Hello JRS, thanks for chatting with us today! First off, congrats on your recently announced Best Burlesque GLAM nomination!Continue reading “On Point With: Jack Rabbit Slims”

Podcast: Islaya Makes it Official

Freddie’s back, but his Other Show isn’t! Jim of Thotyssey’s got a new weekly Sunday gig filled with lots of dancing and drag and Freddie’s got you for Thanksgiving Eve.  Our hosts have things to say about new venue The Dickens, and analyze some some poignant social media carrying from Nicky Boom Box and ChrisContinue reading “Podcast: Islaya Makes it Official”