Podcast: Halloween with the Concept Queen!

Happy Halloween! Jimmy and Freddie celebrate their landmark TENTH episode, as well as some other important recent milestones for them both.  We review Chola (“Cola?”) Spears‘ Stonewall Invasion, LaLa Wiggy’s “Killer Queen” and Tiresias‘ “Underworld,” and share our spooky plans for the holiday. Then we have a robust chat with New York’s premiere Concept QueenContinue reading “Podcast: Halloween with the Concept Queen!”

On Point With: Paris Alexander

Known for incorporating dance and androgynous beauty into their onstage persona, actor / dancer / drag performing artist ( / model?) Paris Alexander is the co-creator of “Sylvester,” and gearing up for that show’s sexy-spooky-dramatic Halloween edition this weekend! [Cover photo: MTHR TRSA] Thotyssey: Paris, hello! Thanks for chatting with us today! Are you satisfiedContinue reading “On Point With: Paris Alexander”

On Point With: Max Rodriguez

A true icon of New York City’s DJ booths who kept us wet at Splash and hot on Fire Island, Max Rodriguez is currently turning the party in two of Manhattan’s most important venues… and today, he is Thotyssey’s one thousandth On Point Interviewee! Thotyssey: Hello Max, thanks for chatting with us today! So, HalloweenContinue reading “On Point With: Max Rodriguez”

1 Thot Minute With Castrata

Recently emerging as one of New York’s most delightful and talented live singing queens, this performer is about to premiere a very special, very different showcase in November. Thotyssey is happy to play catch up with Castrata! [Cover photo: Anthony Cunanan] Thotyssey: Hello Castrata! Happy Spooky Season… do you have all your scary looks plannedContinue reading “1 Thot Minute With Castrata”

Today’s Podcast: The Q’s ex-Creative Director tells all!

After last week’s exclusive bombshell re: Daniel Nardicio’s purchase of the Ice Palace, you can only imagine the tea that is spilt in this week’s ep! Things start off with a review of Freddie’s DJ debut at the Monster, and how another local DJ hilariously mistook Jim for a dead celebrity that same night. Plus,Continue reading “Today’s Podcast: The Q’s ex-Creative Director tells all!”

On Point With: DJ Samuella

Known for turning parties with the iconic Dragon Sisters, DJ Samuella’s also smashing dance floors across town all by herself! Thotyssey: Hello Samuella, thanks for chatting with us today! First off, I see it’s a birthday week for you.. happy birthday! DJ Samuella: Hello, hello! Yes, my birthday week just passed. How are you celebrating?Continue reading “On Point With: DJ Samuella”