Thursday Night Picks

UPTOWNDrag bingo at the Indian Road Cafe in Inwood! Week two of Marti Gould Cummings’ new show at Unione! Kathryn Francisco performs with Brita & Terra tonight at the West End. HELL’S KITCHEN Charmagne Aultra & Marie Faustin compete for Miz Cracker’s contest at Therapy! Biblegirl is Shequida’s guest performer at Hardware. Tonight’s Queen atContinue reading “Thursday Night Picks”

On Point With: Vinsantos

The ghoulishly glamorous Vinsantos has, in many ways, changed the face of New Orleans nightlife, and southern drag in general, thanks to a profoundly unique perspective and a successful workshop that she helms. Additionally, she’s a recording artist who frequently collaborates with glam/goth legend David J, and a coveted doll-maker. Go out and eat herContinue reading “On Point With: Vinsantos”

Wednesday Night Picks

UPTOWNIt’s Nedra Belle’s new show at the West End! HELL’S KITCHENPeppermint’s new karaoke night at Vodka Soda/Bottoms Up! Paige Turner & Nomi Sas are at Hardware tonight. Get TURNt at the Ritz! CHELSEAIt’s Vicky Boofont & Gina Tonic’s showcase at the Metropolitan Room! WEST VILLAGELady Bunny’s final Trans-Jester at Stonewall! Get Happy with Alexis MichelleContinue reading “Wednesday Night Picks”

On Point With: Catrina Lovelace

This Mexican-American queen may look like a Dia de los Muertos super villainess, but she’s actually the super sweet life of every party. Come wish her a happy birthday at Stonewall this week as she hosts her very own showcase,  and read now about the life and times of Miss Catrina Lovelace! Thotyssey: Catrina Lovelace,Continue reading “On Point With: Catrina Lovelace”

Tuesday Night Picks

UPTOWN$2 Tuesday at Castro. HELL’S KITCHENGay College Tuesday at the Ritz! CHELSEAMiz Cracker & Judy Darling at Barracuda! WEST VILLAGEPattaya Hart’s 2-Year Anniversary at Boots & Saddle!   Then right after, Fifi DuBois fills in for Ari Kiki at Boots. EAST VILLAGECrimson Kitty & Catrina Lovelace’s birthdays at ACME’s Strut! BROOKLYNPrincess Bitch & Lilith LeFaeContinue reading “Tuesday Night Picks”

On Point With: Alexis Michelle

This fierce and gorgeous drag queen is well known and respected for her Broadway belting, her success in competitions and pageants, and her growing array of fierce, colorful looks. Alexis Michelle chats with Thotyssey about life, drag, reveals… and Cats! Thotyssey: Hi Alexis, how are you? How was Pride?  Alexis Michelle: Hi! Pride was amazingContinue reading “On Point With: Alexis Michelle”

Monday Night Picks

UPTOWNVivacious is with Svetlana Stoli at Hogshead tonight! A new night at Loft 142: Kocktail Mondays! HELL’S KITCHENMarti Cummings hosts Cady Huffman & Julie White at Therapy’s Stage Fright! CHELSEAAnother Miss Lady Liberty at the Ace Hotel! WEST VILLAGEThere’s a post-Pride party at SONO tonight! EAST VILLAGEKevin Aviance guest hosts Outrage at Rumpus Room tonight!Continue reading “Monday Night Picks”

On Point With: Beverly Leslie Sills

Update: As of February 2017, this drag queen now goes by the name GILDA WABBIT. Beverly Leslie Sills is a drag queen with a fun bingo night at the Albatross… but she’s also much more than that. She’s an accomplished opera singer who wowed audiences as a contestant of “New York’s Next Top Drag Queen.” AndContinue reading “On Point With: Beverly Leslie Sills”

Thursday Night Picks

UPTOWNMarti Gould Cummings premieres a new show at Union Bar! Pride underwear party at the West End! HELL’S KITCHENAt Hardware, it’s a Pride revue hosted by Michael Longoria! Over at Therapy, Miz Cracker hosts a benefit for Uganda Pride! Dai Burger performs at the Ritz! Pride Queen at Industry, With Holly,Terra, Monet, Maddelynn Hatter &Continue reading “Thursday Night Picks”

On Point With: Miz Cracker

Few can argue that Miz Cracker isn’t one of the City’s hardest working–and most entertaining–drag queens (not to mention a widely read journalist). A protege of none other than Bob the Drag Queen herself, Miz has taken up the mantle of working everywhere, slaying with looks and laughs, and spearheading lofty humanitarian efforts, including aContinue reading “On Point With: Miz Cracker”

Wednesday Night Picks

UPTOWNUncle Charlie’s hosts an Orlando fundraiser all night. Honey Davenport & Sapphira Cristal at Hamilton Lodge. HELL’S KITCHENSyrian activist Subhi Nahas is joined by Monica Blewinski, Maddelynn Hatter & others at Hudson Terrace. Another benefit at Industry for the Anti-Violence project, with Sherry Vine and Peppermint. Bob the Drag Queen, Latrice Royale, Mimi Imfurst, HollyContinue reading “Wednesday Night Picks”

On Point With: Paige Turner

[Photo credit: Magnus Hastings] Several dozen New York drag careers got their start on “So You Think You Can Drag,” the competition that Paige Turner co-founded and hosted for six years. But Paige is a dynamite queen in her own right, thanks to her mod-Barbie aesthetic, her quick wit, and her eye for production and perfection.Continue reading “On Point With: Paige Turner”

Tuesday Night Picks

UPTOWNGlam Gavin’s karaoke at Suite. HELL’S KITCHENMonet X Change gives you Bad Drag Queen at Industry. CHELSEAMiz Cracker v. Judy Darling at Barracuda! WEST VILLAGEAt Rockbar, Florence D’Lee is joined by M’Lady Uppercrust! Ari Kiki’s Pride show at Boots & Saddle, with Lola Michele-Kiki! Frankie C hosts a gogo boy search at Monster! Chris ofContinue reading “Tuesday Night Picks”

On Point With: Lavinia Draper

The kooky, drunken, oft-divorced showgirl Lavinia Draper is a favorite fixture of Stonewall, Excelsior and Fire Island. She’s a character inhibited by actress, singer, writer, teacher and comedienne Susan Companaro, but in many ways she’s much more than that. Susan/Lavinia chats with Thotyssey about how she got here, where’s going, and everything in between! Thotyssey:Continue reading “On Point With: Lavinia Draper”

Monday Night Picks

UPTOWNVivacious is joined by Nomi Sas at Hogshead! HELL’S KITCHENPaige Turner guests stars with Sutton Lee Seymour for Broadway Monday at Hardware! TIMES SQUAREDina Martina’s night at BB Kings! CHELSEAAnother Round of Miss Lady Liberty at the Ace Hotel! WEST VILLAGEThe house queens on Rockbar come together for a special Pride performance! Including Florence D’Lee,Continue reading “Monday Night Picks”

On Point With: M’Lady Uppercrust

Once a New York drag queen with a popular happy hour show, M’Lady Uppercrust left it all behind to pursue other dreams and opportunities–in a swirl of Drag Race rumors, of course! Now she’s back in town for a few gigs, and with a very coveted role in this week’s Pride parade. Sweetie darlings, comeContinue reading “On Point With: M’Lady Uppercrust”

Saturday Night Picks

UPTOWNRuby Powers hosts an Orlando fundraiser at Symphony Space’s Bar Thalia! HELL’S KITCHENIt’s the Spice Pride NYC Festival at the Attic! Justin Luke and Robyn Ya’Man host at the Ritz. Another Trade at UNDR. CHELSEAA tribute to Howard Ashman, 4pm at the Metropolitan Room! Brita’s out of town, so Kareem is joined by Tammy Spenks,Continue reading “Saturday Night Picks”

Friday Night Picks

UPTOWNBrenda Dharling & Miz Cracker at Suite! HELL’S KITCHENDistorted Pride at the Beechman! SkinTightUSA has an event at BoxersHK! There’s a Pride lineup at the Ritz tonight. CHELSEAGood times at Gym Bar! WEST VILLAGEIt’s Empire City MC’s annual Blessing of the Bikes ceremonial tradition, in front of Ty’s! Glace Chase fills in for Linda SimpsonContinue reading “Friday Night Picks”

On Point With: Ruby Powers

After a successful turn in 2015′s “New York’s Next Top Drag Queen” competition, cabaret queen Ruby Powers is making her mark all over the city. This Saturday night, she returns to Bar Thalia at Symphony Space for an Orlando relief benefit… and there’s more exciting stuff on the horizon! Thotyssey and Ruby dish on cityContinue reading “On Point With: Ruby Powers”