On Point With: Qualms Galore

This gorgeous lady of burlesque brings showmanship, sexiness, drama and wisdom to every stage she’s on, to the point where she’s actually bested some of Brooklyn’s best drag queens in pageants. And with a name like Qualms Galore, she’s actually quite content these days. Today she shares her story with Thotyssey. Thotyssey: Qualms, hello! Congrats onContinue reading “On Point With: Qualms Galore”

On Point With: Allegra Spread

Whether she’s partying drag queen Allegra Spread or sultry burlesquer Satine S’Allumer, this entertainer delivers. Checkout her exclusive interview with Thotyssey! Thotyssey: Allegra, hello! So, have you finished holiday shopping yet, if that’s a thing you do? I haven’t even started! Allegra Spread: I finished about 15 minutes ago, actually! I found some cute HanukkahContinue reading “On Point With: Allegra Spread”

On Point With: Cream Victoria

World, take note! Also known by her burlesque alias Regina Stargazer, LadyQueen (i.e. a female self-identifier who drags female, and also the name of her all-female drag troupe) Cream Victoria is claiming April Wednesdays at Rockbar for her own. Thotyssey meets The New Queen of the West Village! Thotyssey: Hi Cream, thanks for chatting! So,Continue reading “On Point With: Cream Victoria”

On Point With: Sweet Lorraine

When this beautiful, intelligent Shakespearean actress first studied burlesque as a way to explore her “Sexy,” she soon found herself as a major figure in the scene and in NYC nightlife. Now hosting an all women-of-color revue called Shades of Burlesque and the sexy fetish party Safeword, she has positively given the world of tassels andContinue reading “On Point With: Sweet Lorraine”

On Point With: MiscAllaneous DomTop

What we need now more than ever is a dangerous, sexually provocative performing artist lighting up our nightlife. Look no further than dancer/ designer/ dominatrix MiscAllaneous DomTop, who will get you screaming with pleasure from a fierce move or from the crack of a whip. In the new age of Random, we have MiscAllaneous toContinue reading “On Point With: MiscAllaneous DomTop”

On Point With: Viktor Devonne

With his troupe White Elephant Burlesque Society about to celebrate it’s 10th year of existence (and in a few months, its second year of weekly shows at Rockbar) and with Halloween upon us, October is a busy month for this dynamic performer. Let’s break it all down with Viktor Devonne, the Clown Prince of Burlesque!Continue reading “On Point With: Viktor Devonne”

On Point With: Matt Knife

One of the best known and most respected boylesque performers in New York City and beyond, Matt Knife’s sexyfun troupe Homo Erectus just rang in their fourth year anniversary at Stonewall. And this week they return, accompanied by boylesquers from all over the world! Thotyssey’s got the lowdown on this unconventially sexy/fun burlesquian badass. Thotyssey:Continue reading “On Point With: Matt Knife”