Thursday (1.31.2019)

THURSDAY (1.31.2019):  A Brooklyn Nightlife Awards pre-party at 3 Dollar Bill where the BNAs date and venue will be announced; a new Alotta Stuff Auction at Metro; Ariel Versace with Shequida at Hardware; Mattachine at Julius’; Fire in the Hole at Nowhere; Coby Koehl sings at 53 Above; a new party with Levonia Jenkins &Continue reading “Thursday (1.31.2019)”

On Point With: Meg Cavanagh

  A fan favorite Brooklyn bartender is embarking on a new venture that can change the face of Brooklyn nightlife. Thotyssey chats with Meg Cavanagh about the opening of The Vault! Thotyssey: Meg, hello! Thanks for finding the time to talk to us today! I know this must be a busy, BUSY time for you.Continue reading “On Point With: Meg Cavanagh”

Wednesday (1.30.2019)

WEDNESDAY (1.30.2019): Honey Davenport is back at ReBar for her happy hour game show, the final production of Cabaret at The Deep End, Miss Gay America Andora Tetee joins Maddelynn Hatter & Boudoir LeFleur at The Ritz, Golden Delicious is back at The West End, Zalika Parsons and friends pay tribute to Legendary androgynous artistsContinue reading “Wednesday (1.30.2019)”

Tuesday (1.29.2019)

TUESDAY (1.29.2019): I’ll be catching the penultimate production of “Cabaret” at The Deep End tonight! Meanwhile, Zeta Jones premieres a new college night at Rebar, MARY returns to Club Cumming, several queens perform for a benefit show at Suite, The Rosemont throws a Bartenders Ball, JanSport returns to Therapy for You Tried It, BEEF isContinue reading “Tuesday (1.29.2019)”

RePoint: Zeta Jones

Since last we spoke, this makeup artist turned young drag queen has flourished in her career, becoming well-known in NYC for her exquisite looks and thrilling dance performances while becoming an increasingly charming show hostess. She’s now about to start a new weekly show at a venue that gave her one of her first starts.Continue reading “RePoint: Zeta Jones”

Monday (1.28.2019)

MONDAY (1.28.2019): Will Sheridan has a big Hot Fruit at Metro with Jayse Vegas, Gary Carmichael, Corey TuT, Senerio, and others; Nicky Doll is XTina opposite Nick Gaga’s Gaga at The Ritz; Dyking Out standup at Stonewall, and more! UPTOWN TOOLBOX: Charity bingo (9pm) SUITE: Glam Gavin’s karaoke (10pm) BOXERS WH: Latin night with ChachitaContinue reading “Monday (1.28.2019)”

Sunday (1.27.2019)

SUNDAY (1.27.2019) Events happening before, during and after the RENT Live TV broadcast. Scarlet Envy & Honey Davenport join Shuga Cain for Look Queen at Bedlam, The Hell’s Kitchenettes return to the Laurie Beechman Theatre, the queens of The Rosemont pay tribute to RENT, Robyn Banks hosts a Stonewall showcase followed by Ari Kiki’s birthdayContinue reading “Sunday (1.27.2019)”

Saturday (1.26.2019)

SATURDAY (1.26.2019) Celebrated DJ Peter Napoli spins a 7 hour set at Chelsea Music Hall, the Rhythm Nation circuit party moves to Schimanski, Jasmine Masters gets Metrosensual at Metro, Witti Repartee brings a large cast of queens and singers to the Triad for a benefit showcase,  Alotta McGriddles premieres a new night at the PhoenixContinue reading “Saturday (1.26.2019)”

On Point With: Nicky Boom Box

A New York bar and club DJ for six years now, North Carolina-born Nick Padron keeps the kids dancing (often joining them later in the night), and is favorite of both venue owners and drag queens (he’s the Professor of Drag Suicide, after all) across the city. Thotyssey turns up the volume for DJ NickyContinue reading “On Point With: Nicky Boom Box”

Wake Up, Bitch! (1.26-27.2019)

Your guide to the weekend’s queerest brunches and early events. SATURDAY BOXERS (HK): Brunch CAFETERIA (Chelsea): Brunch DEEP END (Ridgewood Qns) Brunch / Cabaret starring  Daphne Always, Emi Grate, Viva Vidalia (2pm) ELMO (Chelsea): Brunch GALLO NERO (HK): Brunch with Logan Hardcore *FINALE* INTERMEZZO (Chelsea): Brunch with Tina Burner LA PULPERIA EAST (UES): Brunch with Ritzy Bitz SUNDAY BOXERS (HK): Brunch CAFETERIAContinue reading “Wake Up, Bitch! (1.26-27.2019)”

Friday (1.25.2019)

What’s happening before, during and after tonight’s episode of Drag Race. FRIDAY (1.25.2019) Newly announced Drag Race Season 11 queens Ariel Versace, Scarlet Envy, Shuga Cain & Soju turn it out at 3 Dollar Bill, while another S11 queen Honey Davenport returns to her show at Paradise along with Vivacious. Thotyssey judges Blvck Lae D’sContinue reading “Friday (1.25.2019)”

Where To Watch Drag Race All-Stars Ep. 7

Here is a list of venues in NYC that will screen tonight’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars, naming viewing party hosts where applicable. Showtime: 8pm. UPTOWN AT THE WALLACE: Vanna Deux &Lagoona Bloo BOXERS WH: Brita Filter  HARLEM NIGHTS: Zarria Van Wales SUITE: no host TOOLBOX: Jacqueline Dupree WEST END: Miz Diamond Wigfall HELL’S KITCHENContinue reading “Where To Watch Drag Race All-Stars Ep. 7”

Thursday (1.24.2019)

THURSDAY (1.24.2019): The long awaited production of “Cabaret” debuts at The Deep End starring Daphne Always with Emi Grate & Viva Vidalia, newly identified Drag Race Season 11 queen Shuga Cain has her weekly show at Hardware, it’s Cory Alexander’s cabaret debut at 54 Below, Joey Arias brings “Strange Fruit” to the Beechman, it’s Miguel’sContinue reading “Thursday (1.24.2019)”

X-Rayed Sex: Test The Sex… Or No Marriage!?

By LeNair Xavier Thotyssey presents a bi-monthly column by LeNair Xavier, a writer/poet who has worked in many levels of the sex industry, and has a lot to say about the social politics of sex, porn and sexual etiquette. I came across this picture in a Facebook friend’s post asking this question: What inspired this articleContinue reading “X-Rayed Sex: Test The Sex… Or No Marriage!?”

On Point With: Pussy Willow

Astoria’s AFAB comedy queen is spreading her branches across the city,  winning fans all over thanks to her colorful looks and lively performances. With a new monthly show about to premiere and several other important gigs coming up, now is the time to sit in the shade of Pussy Willow! Thotyssey: Pussy, hello! Thanks soContinue reading “On Point With: Pussy Willow”

Tuesday (1.22.2019)

UPTOWN TOOLBOX: TRL with singer Carla Bordonada (8:30pm) BOXERS WH: Karaoke with Sucia (9pm) ALIBI: Take It Back Tuesdays (9pm) HELL’S KITCHEN Karaoke with Emily McNamara (10pm) HARDWARE: Brita Filter with Poppy (8pm); Pixie Aventura with Charmagne Aultra (11pm) POSH: GOGO TUESDAYS (10pm) ATLAS SOCIAL CLUB: Adonis Lounge gogo boys (10pm) THERAPY: JanSport hosts YOU TRIED IT singing competition Boudoir LeFleur,Continue reading “Tuesday (1.22.2019)”