Tuesday Night Picks

UPTOWNKaraoke at Lips! HELL’S KITCHENSherry Vine & Peppermint, tonight at Therapy! CHELSEAMiz Cracker & Judy Darling, tonight at Barracuda! WEST VILLAGERobert the owner and Frostie Flakes guest bartend the shows tonight, starting with Pattaya Hart’s! Frankie’s at the Jane! EAST VILLAGE:Strut at ACME! BROOKLYNTomfoolery, tonight at TnT! QUEENSVictoria Chase’s new karaoke at Sal y Pimenta!Continue reading “Tuesday Night Picks”

On Point With: Lola Michele-Kiki

Overcoming child bullying and a rigid upbringing, Ari Kiki’s drag daughter Lola Michele-Kiki (aka Jean-Michael in Boy Mode) is carving out her slice of the nightlife cake. She’s that winning combo of fun and carefree performer/ hostess plus reliable and hard-working professional. And it all started with Joseph in the Nativity. Take it away, Lola!Continue reading “On Point With: Lola Michele-Kiki”

Monday Night Picks

UPTOWNVivacious and Holly Box-Springs host at Hogshead tonight! HELL’S KITCHENSutton’s guest is a Findng Neverland castmember at Hardware. CHELSEAThe debut of the Miss Lady Liberty pageant at the Ace Hotel! WEST VILLAGEHappening Now: A Memorial Day BBQ Beer Blast at Rockbar! Lady Bunny’s show continues at Stonewall! EAST VILLAGEAnother OutRage! at Rumpus Room. BROOKLYNAnother Mx.Continue reading “Monday Night Picks”

On Point With: Peppermint

One of New York’s most beloved and respected drag queens, Peppermint’s been a champion of the city’s nightlife since the big club days of the early 90′s. With a discography of tunes that people actually listen to, tons of annual gigs that take her all over the world, and a Pep is a force toContinue reading “On Point With: Peppermint”

Sunday Night Picks

UPTOWNPride Sunday at Hogshead! HELL’S KITCHENJackie Beat’s last night at the Beechman! At Industry, Bootsie & Monet host a meet-and-great with the contestants of this year’s upcoming Miss Hell’s Kitchen! Sutton Lee Seymour hosts a special edition of Slurp at Hardware while Paige is away. CHELSEAA ladies’ happy hour: Stilleto at the Park Penthouse! AnotherContinue reading “Sunday Night Picks”

On Point With: Vivacious

Anyone who claims that Jamaican-born Drag Race alum Osmond Vacious, better known as Vivacious, is not a living New York nightlife legend is clearly a LIES-a Minnelli. Thotyssey is greatly honored to talk with this Queen of Clubfish about her fascinating career in the 90′s club scene, her new weekly show, and the T onContinue reading “On Point With: Vivacious”

Saturday Night Picks

UPTOWNOctavia Anyae rocks Suite Bar tonight! HELL’S KITCHENHeather Wood hosts the Memorial Day Weekend party at Bamboo52. Chaka Khanvict & Marti Gould Cummings host a Memorial Day party at Vodka Soda/Bottoms Up! Catch our girl Robyn Ya’Man tonight with Justin Luke at the Ritz. There’s a Tel Aviv takeover at Space Ibiza! CHELSEATonight at G Lounge’sContinue reading “Saturday Night Picks”

On Point With: Mariette Moure

This bull-riding ballerina brunch queen has blessed us this summer with a unique new weekly drag dining experience. The classy and clever Mariette Moure happens to be a member of the prestigious all-male dance company Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo (aka the Trocks), as well as a respected drag queen of the NYC nightlife.Continue reading “On Point With: Mariette Moure”

Friday Night Picks

UPTOWNAnother Blackout Friday at Suite w/ Brenda & Cracker! HELL’S KITCHENHappening now: Jackie Beat at the Beechman! Lady SinAGaga & Britney Virazzano host at the Ritz tonight! CHELSEAPup fetish night at the Eagle! WEST VILLAGEDJ Monstar & Jasmine Rice for KWIR at Monster! Jackie Dupree is the Stonewall Diva again tonight! EAST VILLAGEDavid Serrano spinsContinue reading “Friday Night Picks”

On Point With: T-Boy

Rockstar, dancegod, “DJ” (he’ll explain why you need the quotes there) and all around nice guy/badass, T-Boy represents both the old and new schools of NYC nightlife. Now with two grungy dance singles out in the universe and a third to drop soon, a regular presence in Boots & Saddle, some upcoming gigs in BoxersHK andContinue reading “On Point With: T-Boy”

Thursday Night Picks

UPTOWNAnother edition of Haus of Mouth at the West End! HELL’S KITCHENPeppermint & Cazwell Do The Right Thing at the Ritz! Morgan Royel joins Shequida at Hardware. Tonight for Queen @ Industry: Holly Dae, Bootsie & Terra are joined by Jiggly Caliente & Holly Box-Springs! CHELSEATonight at Bow-Tie Cinemas, Hedda hosts “Hush Hush, Sweet Charlotte!” AnotherContinue reading “Thursday Night Picks”

On Point With: Louvel

Growing stifled with a career as a music producer, this Rochester native reinvented himself as fierce queen Louvel, and marked her territory as a cabaret singer and bar performer all over the city. She tells Thotyssey about her wolvish ways, her monthly show in Brooklyn and a hint of big things to come this summer!Continue reading “On Point With: Louvel”

On Point With: Rify Royalty

Recent Brooklyn Nightlife Award winner Rify Royalty knows that life is a party, and parties are work. He talks with Thotyssey about the glamour, the fashionz, and the science of having a good time. Thotyssey: Hi Rify! Congratulations on the Best Burlesque Show BNA you received  for your monthly party Straight Acting Sunday! Strange, because it’s notContinue reading “On Point With: Rify Royalty”

Tuesday Night Picks

UPTOWNGet your $2 Tuesday on at Castro! HELL’S KITCHENSherry Vine & Peppermint do their thing at Therapy. Steve Sidewalk, Honey Davenport  & College Tuesday at the Ritz! CHELSEAAt Barracuda: Judy Darling v. Miz Cracker! WEST VILLAGEFifi DuBois joins Ari Kiki at Boots & Saddle! Another Frankie’s at the Jane! Another night of Bartschland at LeBain!Continue reading “Tuesday Night Picks”

Monday Night Picks

UPTOWNVivacious’ post-Drag Race party debuts at Hogshead, with special guest Bootsie LeFaris! HELL’S KITCHENStart your night off with Haus of Mimosa & bingo at BoxersHK! Holly Dae quizzes & strips a gogo boy tonight at POSH! Chelsea Piers & Nomi Sas guest host Broadway Monday at Hardware. At Rise, Shequida hosts Drag Wars. Broadway’s JessicaContinue reading “Monday Night Picks”

Sunday Night Picks

UPTOWNMorgan Royel performs at Lips. HELL’S KITCHENThe last night of Jinkx Monsoon’s show at the Beechman! Then immediately after, Jinkx is honored in a special Therapy presentation! Holly Box-Springs hosts the Billboard Awards viewing party at ASC! CHELSEAHappening now: FLY Sunday at Monarch! TBS at the Gilded Lily! And it’s another Battle Hymn at FlashContinue reading “Sunday Night Picks”

On Point With: Holly Box-Springs

This tiny Texas tornado is turning it all over town these days. Holly Box-Springs keeps Thotyssey in the loop with her meteoric rise as a go-to performer, hostess and pageant queen. These Springs have sprung! Thotyssey:  Hey there, thanks so much for chatting with us! I just recently saw a pic of you doing a KathyContinue reading “On Point With: Holly Box-Springs”

Saturday Night Picks

UPTOWNPapi Saturday at Castro! HELL’S KITCHENLola Michele-Kiki & Ritzy Bitz co-host this happy hour monthly at Therapy. SkinTight USA & MarvelComics come to BoxersHK! Lots going on across the many floors of Stage 48 tonight: Disorder, U-Nite & Lucky Cheng’s opening weekend! Say hi to our gurl Robyn Ya’Man at the Ritz tonight! Another Trade atContinue reading “Saturday Night Picks”