On Point With: Aaliyah Martinez

Both a fierce entertainer in her own right and a true champion for queer education, Aaliyah Martinez is a force to be reckoned with on and off the pageant stage. Thotyssey meets this amazing queen on the eve of her co-hosting this year’s Liberty Continental pageant extravaganza. Thotyssey: Aaliyah, hello! Thanks for chatting today! So,Continue reading “On Point With: Aaliyah Martinez”

On Point With: Holly Dae

[photo credit: Davide Laffe] She’s the current showrunner of the celebrated drag revue Queen at Industry, and one of the most recognizable faces in nightlife today. A consummate professional and a hilarious and beloved entertainer, she hosts and performs all over the city (and the world), and she’s won more pageant titles than most queens couldContinue reading “On Point With: Holly Dae”

On Point With: DJ Accident Report

Eric Shorey is a writer, scholar and hater of most things, but he’s best known as Brooklyn’s own DJ Accident Report. Making up the beat-dropping third of the self-deprecating nightlife collective The Nobodies, you can find him behind queens Ariel Italic & Lady Bearica Andrews on Monday nights at Eastlands, and also at some otherContinue reading “On Point With: DJ Accident Report”