On Point With: Godiva Romance

This Kansas born queen has gone over the rainbow into NYC nightlife realness, slaying competitions, pageants and guest spots in nearly every venue. And prepare yourself for her very own Stonewall Invasion at the end of the month. Life may be a box of chocolates, but there is only one Godiva Romance! Thotyssey: Hi Godiva! How’sContinue reading “On Point With: Godiva Romance”

On Point With: Zeta Jones

She cleaned up at Shequida’s “Drag Wars,” and now she’s slaying Miss Barracuda. Makeup artist and stylist Markey Ricciardi is one of the newest fierce queens to slay the nightlife of NYC… you know her better as Miss Zeta Jones! Thotyssey: Zeta, hello! So, okay, I must start with: did you see your namesake Catherine Zeta-Jones’ cameoContinue reading “On Point With: Zeta Jones”

On Point With: Egypt

This Dominican-born androgynous beauty made his mark on NYC nightlife vogueing his way across Escuelita as a member of the House of Ninja. Wanting a change, he gave full drag a try, and barely a month later is now engaged in two major weekly pageants. How is this even possible? Let’s explore Egypt and findContinue reading “On Point With: Egypt”