Friday Night Picks

UPTOWNBrenda Dharling & Miz Cracker at Suite. HELL’S KITCHENSee Shua Potter in the new play Daddy Issues, at the  St. Clemens Theatre. Distorted Diznee at the Beechman. Furball comes to Stage 48. CHELSEAMr. Eagle Weekend begins with the Meet & Greet tonight! WEST VILLAGELady Bunny’s second-to-last (?) Trans-Jester at Stonewall. Dusty Ray Bottoms & guestContinue reading “Friday Night Picks”

On Point With: Nomi Sas

This high-kicking chorus girl, fitness god, Broadway baby and fierce drag queen has been sashaying between these roles in this city for quite awhile now. And she’s had some great successes, including a popular co-hosted drag show in Chelsea, a role in a production of “Priscilla Queen of the Desert,“ and strong runs in severalContinue reading “On Point With: Nomi Sas”

Drag Race: Where to Watch All-Stars Ep. 6

Phi Phi may be gone, but the drama remains! 9th Ave Saloon: no host Albatross: Sutton Lee Seymour Atlas Social Club: Holly Box-Springs Barracuda: Judy Darling & Heidi Haux Barrage: no host Boots & Saddle: Delilah Brooks Boxers HK: Marti Gould Cummings Branded Saloon: Madame Vivien V, Kinga & Zalika Parsons Easternbloc: Ruby Roo Excelsior:Continue reading “Drag Race: Where to Watch All-Stars Ep. 6”

Tuesday Night Picks

UPTOWNBlackie O’s karaoke at Lips! HELL’S KITCHENNight of 1000 Pantsuits, an all-star Hillary Clinton drag fundraiser, tonight at Hudson Terrace! God Save the Queen at VSBU! Lavinia Draper is back at Therapy. College night at the Ritz! Monet X Change at Industry! CHELSEAAnother Knock-Out Tuesday at Barracuda! WEST VILLAGECatrina Lovelace has guest Zalika Parsons atContinue reading “Tuesday Night Picks”

On Point With: Adriana Trenta

Gogo boy Alex Beckett by night and drag starlet Adriana Trenta by… other nights, this dynamic performer slays innightlife’s two most visible performance worlds. Right now it’s Adriana’s turn to shine, having won Week 3 of this season’s seminal drag competition “So You Think You Can Drag?” Read her interesting thoughts on the difference between gogoContinue reading “On Point With: Adriana Trenta”

Monday Night Picks

UPTOWNGlam Gavin’s karaoke at Suite. HELL’S KITCHENCoco Peru’s last night at Birdland. Sutton Lee Seymour & Cacophony Daniels at Hardware after the debates, which will feature appearances of Heidi Haux as Hillary Clinton & Gary Carmichael as Trump. Following the debates, Marti hosts at Therapy with guest Andrew Keenan-Bolger. CHELSEATina Burner hosts an airing ofContinue reading “Monday Night Picks”

On Point With: Svetlana Stoli

After years of pageantry and drag competitions, Russian born Svetlana Stoli has finally won the crown she’s long deserved with the Miss West End pageant in September of 2016. Which isn’t to say that she hasn’t given it her all in pageants past… or that she was ever a slouch, being in fact a prestigiousContinue reading “On Point With: Svetlana Stoli”

Sunday Night Picks

UPTOWNVivacious with guest Coco De’Ball at Hogshead. HELL’S KITCHENA Hebro event at Industry with Sherry Vine, Miz Cracker, Alexis Michelle & Lady SinAGaga! Coco Peru at Birdland Jazz Club! Ginger Minj’s last night at the Beechman! Later, Kizha Carr is at Industry. CHELSEADJ 2Face spins the FLY season finale at the Monarch. Ladyfag’s Battle HymnContinue reading “Sunday Night Picks”

Saturday Night Picks

UPTOWNJuliette Vizcaya & Jolina Jasmine take over Suite tonight. HELL’S KITCHENGinger Minj at the Beechman. DJ Stacy spins the girlNATIONnyc’s 12th Anniversary bash at Pointbreak. VERS at Space Ibiza. DJs Xavier & Bill Coleman spin at the Ritz. CHELSEATonight at G Lounge, the GLOW guests include Phil Chanel and Kelly KaBoom. WEST VILLAGEGlace Chase isContinue reading “Saturday Night Picks”

On Point With: Ritzy Bitz

Let’s check in with this fun and gorgeous young brunch queen known for her impressive onstage gymnastics. She’s passing down her Miss West End 2015 pageant crown tonight, and we’re sure that there is lot more greatness on the horizon for Ritzy Bitz! Thotyssey: Hi Ritzy, thanks for talking to us! I recently re-watched theContinue reading “On Point With: Ritzy Bitz”

Thursday Night Picks

What to do before and after Drag Race All-Stars! UPTOWNThree guest queens join Terra & Brita at the West End. Jackie Dupree welcomes Yuhua Hamasaki & Danielle Synera for Showtime at Suite! HELL’S KITCHENGinger Minj has her album premiere party show at the Beechman! (Expect her to hit the town afterwards!) The Ritz’ 10th Anniversary,Continue reading “Thursday Night Picks”

Where to Watch All-Stars Ep. 5

Shit gets shady tonight! 9th Ave Saloon: no host Albatross: no host Atlas Social Club: Holly Box-Springs Barrage: no host Boots & Saddle: Delilah Brooks Boxers HK: Marti Gould Cummings Easternbloc: Scarlet Envy Excelsior: no host Farafina Café & Lounge: Vivacious & Pattaya Hart Feathers: no host G Lounge: no host Hardware: Bootsie LeFaris Icon:Continue reading “Where to Watch All-Stars Ep. 5”

Wednesday Night Picks

UPTOWNHoney Davenport & Sapphira Cristal at Kazza Wine Bar. HELL’S KITCHENEmpire viewing party premiere, tonight at Boxers HK! Bootsie LeFaris at POSH. Sherry Vine at Industry! Aja gets TURNt with the girls of the Ritz. Hibiscus joins Andora & Aquaria at Rise. Kizha Carr & Monet X Change tonight at Therapy. CHELSEAAngela Di Carlo’s ADDContinue reading “Wednesday Night Picks”

On Point With: Danny Logan

v One of the youngest (and last) NYC drag queens to break through in a pre-Drag Race world, Dallas Dubois rocked nightlife with adrenaline-fueled, acrobatic, performances, and a true rockstar stage presence. Honing her production skills as the showrunner of Queen at Industry and the creator of Distorted Diznee at the Beechman, Dallas aka DannyContinue reading “On Point With: Danny Logan”

Tuesday Night Picks

UPTOWNThe Strut premiere at Loft 142, hosted by cast member Dominique Jackson! HELL’S KITCHENA Broadway Hillary fundraiser happy hour at Industry. Watch Strut at BoxersHK! Who will make the cut tonight at Rise? Catch Catrina Lovelace, The Countess Mascara and others competing tonight at VSBU. Delighted Tobehere is joined by Sutton Lee Seymour tonight atContinue reading “Tuesday Night Picks”

On Point With: Vicky Boofont

Week 2′s winner of this year’s (seventh) season of “So You Think You Can Drag?” is a drag veteran herself. In fact, as one half of the musical comedy duo The Boofont Sisters, she’s actually already made TV history as a contestant on the very first episode of “America’s Got Talent!” Now reestablishing herself asContinue reading “On Point With: Vicky Boofont”