On Point With: Cream Victoria

World, take note! Also known by her burlesque alias Regina Stargazer, LadyQueen (i.e. a female self-identifier who drags female, and also the name of her all-female drag troupe) Cream Victoria is claiming April Wednesdays at Rockbar for her own. Thotyssey meets The New Queen of the West Village! Thotyssey: Hi Cream, thanks for chatting! So,Continue reading “On Point With: Cream Victoria”

On Point With: Viktor Devonne

With his troupe White Elephant Burlesque Society about to celebrate it’s 10th year of existence (and in a few months, its second year of weekly shows at Rockbar) and with Halloween upon us, October is a busy month for this dynamic performer. Let’s break it all down with Viktor Devonne, the Clown Prince of Burlesque!Continue reading “On Point With: Viktor Devonne”