On Point With: Charlene

It says something about her iconic status among followers of Brooklyn queer nightlife that drag performer and punk rock transgender warrior Charlene Incarnate is better known simply as “Charlene.” Challenging audiences with explicitly raw stage feats that push the envelope farther out of the mail slot than just about anyone else on the scene today, Charlene makesContinue reading “On Point With: Charlene”

On Point With: Elizabeth James

Sporting a diversity of glam looks and a stage presence that’s both weirdly funny and seriously smart, this queen has been turning the party in both Brooklyn and Manhattan for a few years now. And with her “always look ahead” attitude, she’ll be evolving and conquering our venues for years to come. Let’s get into ElizabethContinue reading “On Point With: Elizabeth James”

On Point With: Lady Havokk

Lots of drag queens in this city call themselves “unfiltered,” but here is one of the very few with an actual diagnosis to back up the claim. She speaks nothing but the truth, and she will slay you with fierce looks and numbers in the process. A veteran nightlifer who’s worked all over the city,Continue reading “On Point With: Lady Havokk”

On Point With: Shiny Penny

From door queen to pageant queen and everything in between, this fierce and colorful young drag diva is Getting the Gigs in NYC. Buy your life with Shiny Penny! Thotyssey: How’s it going today?  Shiny Penny: Hi, love! Going well today. The weather is beautiful. By the way, do friends call you “Shiny” or “Penny”?Continue reading “On Point With: Shiny Penny”

On Point With: MoMo Shade

Fun and freaky Brooklyn drag collective the Haus of Aja broke through 2016 in a major way, and 2017 looks to be even bigger and better. With their namesake mamma heading to Season 9 of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and a growing list of gigs all over town, the Haus’ foundation is set. This fierce founding memberContinue reading “On Point With: MoMo Shade”

On Point With: Ragamuffin

A fan favorite from Brooklyn’s recently defunct venue This-N-That, the whip-smart queen known as Ragamuffin is back in her borough with a vengeance. Join us as as she dishes about her drag journey, the shitstorm of 2016, and having hope that 2017 will be better! Happy New Year, Raga! There’s a lot of heavy stuff goingContinue reading “On Point With: Ragamuffin”