On Point With: Lauren Flax

This dark-winged DJ marches to the beat to her own drum machine, and in the process has created some truly original material. Having worked with the likes of Sia,Tricky and Fischerspooner while also recording with the two-piece band CREEP, she’s been just as prolific in the studio as she’s been on the dancefloor and onContinue reading “On Point With: Lauren Flax”

On Point With: Occupy The Disco

Pop music is cute for the bar, but a serious dance floor requires serious beats. Josh Appelbaum, DJ RuBot and Tad Haes (pictured above, left to right), who when combined are the deft DJ triad Occupy The Disco, provide this service. Their aim is to ween the children off the derivative silliness that is constant Rihanna remixesContinue reading “On Point With: Occupy The Disco”

On Point With: Whitney Day

One of the best known and most beloved DJs and nightlife producers in the national lesbian scene (and queer scene in general), this classically-trained musician has conquered two coasts with her lavish, lively events and eclectic beats. For Brooklyn and New York Pride this June, she will be bringing her brand back to her nativeContinue reading “On Point With: Whitney Day”

On Point With: DJ Johnny Dynell

[Photo by Alex Colby]   It’s impossible to discuss the history of NYC Nightlife without considerable mention of this prolific musician, whose recordings have cemented themselves into the foundation of all dance music. As a club DJ, he has spun in basically every legendary spot the city has boasted since the 1980s, and he’s partiedContinue reading “On Point With: DJ Johnny Dynell”

On Point With: Nina Flowers

While certainly well-known for being one of “RuPaul’s Drag Race’s” very first contestants, this dynamic performer also happens to be a highly-demanded international DJ today. Denver (by way of Puerto Rico)’s own Nina Flowers chats with Thotyssey about the changing landscape of nightlife, the “Drag Race” experience, the truth about being Miss Congeniality, the evolution fromContinue reading “On Point With: Nina Flowers”

On Point With: DJ Tikka Masala

A fierce feminist, gifted musician and popular DJ, this India-born triple-threat is at home on a lit dancefloor, alone in a quiet studio, or performing for a White House gala event. With lots of exciting gigs and projects coming up, now is the time to spice up your life with DJ Tikka Masala! Thotyssey: HiContinue reading “On Point With: DJ Tikka Masala”

On Point With: Will Sheridan

A star player on the college basketball court and a star rapper on stages large and small, Will Sheridan aka G.I.A.N.T. has killed it in every way. Being out in both of those worlds has given him headline status, but Will is first and foremost a top notch musician and entertainer.  Get yourself a G.I.A.N.T.Continue reading “On Point With: Will Sheridan”

On Point With: Steve Sidewalk

One of the scene’s best-known and most professional DJs, this entertainer has a long reputation of loving his audiences as much as he loves his work. And “work” is something he does constantly, and takes seriously. And despite his high profile, he remains unusually accessible to his fans: he even happily takes requests, which makesContinue reading “On Point With: Steve Sidewalk”

On Point With: DJ Sean McMahill

If you’re a gay New Yorker who appreciates the beauty of the male ginger, then you’re probably familiar with Nowhere Bar’s monthly Fire in the Hole ginger worship party. Which means you’re probably familiar with DJ Sean McMahill, the face and music maker of that night (as well as a monthly retro dance party inContinue reading “On Point With: DJ Sean McMahill”

On Point With: DJ Accident Report

Eric Shorey is a writer, scholar and hater of most things, but he’s best known as Brooklyn’s own DJ Accident Report. Making up the beat-dropping third of the self-deprecating nightlife collective The Nobodies, you can find him behind queens Ariel Italic & Lady Bearica Andrews on Monday nights at Eastlands, and also at some otherContinue reading “On Point With: DJ Accident Report”