On Point With: Godiva Romance


This Kansas born queen has gone over the rainbow into NYC nightlife realness, slaying competitions, pageants and guest spots in nearly every venue. And prepare yourself for her very own Stonewall Invasion at the end of the month. Life may be a box of chocolates, but there is only one Godiva Romance!

Thotyssey: Hi Godiva! How’s it going today?

Godiva Romance: I’m doing well! Thank you!

I had the privilege of seeing you perform for Miss Barracuda last week. It was the video challenge, and you provided something pretty simple, yet poignant: an extend clip of you applying makeup. What inspired you?

Well, to be honest there were a few different directions I wanted to go in with that video. I was honestly thinking of “a day in the life” sort of feel. Ultimately, I just wanted to tell people to never be afraid of doing what makes you happy. Find your fantasy and live it.

Lovely. So that was week number three of Miss Barracuda, and there’s one more week to go! How have you been enjoying the experience so far?

I love it. This competition is really pulling me out of my comfort zone, and teaching me that I need to really focus when it comes to managing my time.


Before Miss B., you were in pretty much every weekly drag competition under the moon in NYC, and you’ve slayed in most of them. Do you have a personal favorite to do, as far as the weekly ones go?

I have probably been to Star Search with Tina Burner the most. But when I can, I like to do Drag Wars with Shequida also.

Where’s your hometown?

I’m from Wichita, Kansas.

Wow! what was growing up there like for you?

It was a typical kinda “hood” suburban life. Not as “country” as people would think. I went to a private school, so I was pretty sheltered. But I got a lot of great opportunities and experiences. I didn’t get teased or anything like that.

Life is pretty routine there. We had a rather large LGBT community, with lots of places to go and be ourselves. I started drag there–became a part of a “family” there, and became a staple in the drag scene.


So you had a Wichita drag mother?

Yes! Erotica Romance is her stage name. But I actually have a pretty big and complex drag/gay family there. Most of them are drag (male and female) illusionists, and also pageant title holders.

What you inspired you to pick “Godiva” as your name?

It was back in the Myspace days. I was getting pressured to choose a name. I remember an ad came across my page for Godiva chocolate right when I was going to send someone a name I had chosen. It seemed like a sign, so I went with it.

See, those internet ads are at least a little effective! You’re known for your excellent dancing in your stage performances, are you officially trained at all?

I took three or four years of ballet/jazz/tap when i was younger. A hip hop class here and there. Nothing too committed, however! Music theater was huge for me coming up.

What’s your favorite musical?

Children of Eden or Songs for a New World.

With a tight knit drag family like the one you had in Kansas, it must’ve been hard to leave. 

Yes, it was!

So, what ultimately brought you to NYC?

I’ve always felt very connected with this place. Sort of magnetized! It kinda feels like climbing up a ladder from one personal achievement to the next. There’s so much to see, and learn, and live, in New York. Things to eat, cook, make and buy. Endless culture everywhere you turn. I love it.

Did you make all your early drag connections through the competitions?

Yes, mostly. And word of mouth. That’s how I came into contact with the KikiVillianess clan!


How would you describe a Godiva Romance performance to those unfamiliar?

I wanna give a gag-worthy performance. Look: on point. I want people to feel the emotions of the songs I do. Godiva goes from sultry and sexy to fierce and crazy in 2.5!

And who are your Divas?

Beyonce. Xtina. Rihanna. Stasha Sanchez. Kimora Blacc. Sasha Colby.

I saw you compete at Miss Boots & Saddle recently, and I loved your white, layered angel gown. Do you do any part in the design or construction of your looks?

Shout out to Ronie Rieves/Viki Villianess for her tireless work at keeping her daughter fabulous! Usually I describe what I want and he creates. I do want to learn, though. I can sketch and dream up a concept, just not how to construct.


You won a paid booking for making it to the final round of that pageant; do you know yet when we’ll be seeing you back at Boots?

Not yet. We haven’t quite ironed out the details. But soon, most definitely, cuz I cannot wait!

Another gig that’s coming to you is your very own Stonewall Invasion on March 26th, your prize for winning a drag competition there a few months back!

Yes, I’m super excited. Got a a lovely group of guests with too, including Yasmin Delano, Mary Muscless, Ari Kiki, and Viki Villainess!

Drag Race Season 9: who’s gonna win?

Ooohhh, tough question! Sasha Velour or Valentina.

Okay, last question: if you were on Drag Race, what would your catchphrase be?

#LYSY: love you, stalk you! [Laughs]

And we’ll be stalking you right back! Thanks, Godiva!


Godiva Romance will compete in the finale of Miss Barracuda on Thursday, March 16th (11pm), and will host her own Stonewall Invasion on Sunday, March 26th (11pm). Check here for other future appearances. Godiva can be followed on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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