Wednesday (7.31.2019)

WEDNESDAY (7.31.2019): Crystal  Demure joins Pixie Aventura for a special edition of The Help at Therapy; Honey Davenport returns to ReBar; Pattaya Hart’s with Holly Dae at The Monster; a new play at Dixon Place; Glamydia Clap performs at Rockbar; and more! UPTOWN / BRONX TOOLBOX: Karaoke with Jackie Dupree (9pm) WEST END: Selma Nilla (9pm); LagoonaContinue reading “Wednesday (7.31.2019)”

Tuesday (7.30.2019)

TUESDAY (7.30.2019): Rosé & Lagoona Bloo are at Hardware hosting a viewing party of Stephanie’s Child’s performance on “America’s Got Talent”; afterwards, Lagoona hosts the You Tried It singing competition at Therapy; Polish the Queen begins a new season at Stonewall; Frankie Sharp spin On Top at LeBain; and more! UPTOWN EVO LOUNGE: Enigma Tuesdays (8pm)Continue reading “Tuesday (7.30.2019)”

On Point With: Glamydia Clap

When not baring it all for one fan community online, this multifaceted performer is turning it out on drag stages across the city… and is about to make her headlining debut. Applause, applause, applause for Damian Hult, aka Glamydia Clap! Thotyssey: Glamydia, hello! Thanks for talking to us today! How are you this lovely Saturday?Continue reading “On Point With: Glamydia Clap”

Sunday (7.28.2019)

SUNDAY (7.28.2019):  Thotyssey & Viva Vidalia premiere their new monthly “Viva & A Diva” at The Vault in Brooklyn, with guest co-host Chola Spears! Meanwhile: the Pines Afterparty; DJ Aquaria spins on the Dream Hotel rooftop; Inita D performs on the True Colors party boat; Flippe Kikee Invades Stonewall; Will Automagic spins LeBain; Amber MartinContinue reading “Sunday (7.28.2019)”

1 Thot Minute With Alexis Michelle

After an eventful three years since we last spoke, Thotyssey catches up with the Drag Race Season 9 star to chat about her bridal reality show, DragCon, fan photo etiquette, her (temporary) return to weekly NYC gigs, and the one “pageant” title she will never step down from. Thotyssey: Hello Alexis, great to talk toContinue reading “1 Thot Minute With Alexis Michelle”

Wake Up, Bitch! (7.27-28.2019)

Your guide to the weekend’s queerest brunches and early events. SATURDAY BLUE WHALE (FI): Voss Events brunch with Bootsie LeFaris, Epiphany & Jada Valenciaga BOXERS HK: Brunch CAFETERIA (Chelsea): Brunch CHERRY’S ON THE BAY (FI): Brunch DEEP END (Ridgewood Qns) Brunch DOYLERS 37 (Chelsea): *NEW* Brunch with Jacklynn Hyde ELMO (Chelsea): Brunch KASHKAVAL GARDEN (HK): Brunch with VannaContinue reading “Wake Up, Bitch! (7.27-28.2019)”

Thursday (7.25.2019)

THURSDAY (7.25.2019): Thotyssey’s THOT MESS is back at ReBar, with special guests Hibiscus & Jayse Vegas! Meanwhile: it’s Shequida’s birthday show at Hardware; the QUAIFU crew pay tribute to Led Zeppelin at Otto’s;  Gassy & Crystal give us “The Last Drag Show on Earth” on a new night at the Vault; Zarria Van Wales & OctaviaContinue reading “Thursday (7.25.2019)”

On Point With: Levi Karter / Sassy Frass

From small town boy to porn star to drag star to documentary star, Lucas Kemmerle has already led a pretty storied life for someone so young. Thotyssey gets the story right from of this fantasy wildchild, known better to some as Levi Karter and to others as Sassy Frass! Thotyssey: Hello! Are you out andContinue reading “On Point With: Levi Karter / Sassy Frass”

Wednesday (7.24.2019)

WEDNESDAY (7.24.2019): A Halloween in July benefit party at Brooklyn Bazaar presented by DJ Accident Report, featuring a slew of spooky drags & a screening of “Beetlejuice”; Aquaria performs at the OASIS gala benefit for Ali Forney at the Chelsea Piers Lighthouse; Hell’s Kitchenette Dottie Maraschino makes her solo Beechman debut; Lee VaLone’s birthday show atContinue reading “Wednesday (7.24.2019)”

Tuesday (7.23.2019)

TUESDAY (7.23.2019): Honey Davenport is on the judge’s bench to choose the winner of this season’s Polish the Queen at Stonewall; Charles Busch premieres a new show at Feinsteins; classic B-Movie musical “The Apple” has a viewing party at Rockbar hosted by its star Catherine Mary Stewart; Lagoona Bloo hosts “You Tried It” at Therapy;Continue reading “Tuesday (7.23.2019)”

Monday (7.22.2019)

MONDAY (7.22.2019): Alexis Michelle steps in to co-host Marquee Mondays with Danny Marandola at ReBar; the sexy GUSH party returns to Loft 39; Miz Diamond Wigfall joins Chola Spears at Icon; and more! UPTOWN TOOLBOX: Charity bingo (9pm) SUITE: Glam Gavin’s karaoke (10pm) WEST END: Open mic (10pm) HELL’S KITCHEN BOXERS HK: Poker with Butch Cordora (7pm)Continue reading “Monday (7.22.2019)”

On Point With: The Organism That Persons (OTP)

Strange, compelling, intelligent and one of a kind… here is a performer that exemplifies all that is good about Brooklyn nightlife. Combining elements of musical theater, dance, clowning, elaborate costuming and performance art, we’re seeing someone who’s both a throwback to the fun weird days of NYC punk-tinged nightlife, plus a possible avatar for thingsContinue reading “On Point With: The Organism That Persons (OTP)”

Sunday (7.21.2019)

SUNDAY (7.21.2019): Catch Thotyssey judging the “Iconic Win In” one-off at Icon Bar tonight! Meanwhile: Nowhere Bar’s 17th anniversary; Hombres Lounge sets sail on the Sea Tea; Lolita Golightly Invades Stonewall; Neon Calypso performs on the Dream Hotel rooftop; and more! UPTOWN / BRONX SOMM TIME: Game night with Charmagne Aultra (5pm) GASOLINA: Boyish CharmContinue reading “Sunday (7.21.2019)”

Wake Up, Bitch! (7.20-21.2019)

Your guide to the weekend’s queerest brunches and early events. SATURDAY BARRETTO POINT PARK (BX): Christmas in July party feat. Appolonia Cruz with  Foxy Scamazon & more (noon) BLUE WHALE (FI): Voss Events brunch with Bootsie LeFaris, Epiphany & Jada Valenciaga BOXERS HK: Brunch CAFETERIA (Chelsea): Brunch CHERRY’S ON THE BAY (FI): Brunch CROTONA PARK (BX): Bronx Pride FestivalContinue reading “Wake Up, Bitch! (7.20-21.2019)”