On Point With: Josh Lumsden

Known for his soaring vocals and sexy sci-fi fashions and visuals, Josh Lumsden has just gooped us all with a brand new debut EP. Thotyssey: Hello Josh! It’s been an exciting weekend for you: your debut EP SCION was just released and everyone’s abuzz! How amazing is it to finally have folks listening to thisContinue reading “On Point With: Josh Lumsden”

On Point With: Elle Rose

Now captivating audiences with glamor, style and humor, this young queen’s paying it forward after drag saved her life. Don’t forget to stop and see Elle Rose before she gets too famous! [Cover photo: Johnny Pozzi] Thotyssey: Hello Elle, thanks for chatting with us today! So how is your May so far?Elle Rose: Hi babes!Continue reading “On Point With: Elle Rose”

On Point With: Vampy Von Thickums Galore

A stunning performance pedigree and a recent “BitchFest” win make this dark demon of dance one to watch in Brooklyn and beyond: Vampy Von Thickums Galore! [Cover photo: Evangeline] Thotyssey: Hey Vampy, how are you enjoying May? Vampy Von Thickums Galore: I’m feeling amazing; this month is such a whirlwind of amazing things. Today isContinue reading “On Point With: Vampy Von Thickums Galore”

On Point With: Daniella Darling

The recent cycle winner of Hell’s Kitchen’s hottest new drag competition, Daniella Darling is a true star on the rise. Thotyssey: Hello Daniella, thanks for chatting with us today! How is Spring cheating you so far? Daniella Darling: So lovely! I’m a Taurus, so spring is definitely my season! Love that! May has already beenContinue reading “On Point With: Daniella Darling”

On Point With: Nick Laughlin

A talented live performer who’s become a creative titan backstage and in nightlife spaces alongside a “Drag Race” legend, Nick Laughlin has unleased Divatronic onto the iniverse. [Cover photo: LAPÎDŪS] Thotyssey: Hello Nick, thanks for chatting with us today! First and foremost: Met Gala looks! Have you gotten a chance to browse, and do youContinue reading “On Point With: Nick Laughlin”

On Point With: Michael Cook

A longtime writer on music, entertainment and the nightlife beat who’s recently covered some major stories in the scene, Michael Cook is also an event producer and promoter (and recent GLAM nominee). Now he’s here to tell us about a major drag event happening on the other side of the River! Thotyssey: Michael, thanks forContinue reading “On Point With: Michael Cook”

On Point With: Roman Sensation

This hot young DJ can be found spinning one of Manhattan’s sexiest parties… behold Roman Sensation! [Cover photo: Jeff Eason] Thotyssey: Hi Roman, how are you doing today? Roman Sensation: I’m doing good, how are you? We’re doing great! Enjoying this nice change of seasons. Same here! Trying to use the hot weather as myContinue reading “On Point With: Roman Sensation”

On Point With: EJ Garlands

A multitalented performer who’s played a lot of roles on stage and in many facets of nightlife, EJ Garlands is about to take the spotlight in a brand new showcase. Thotyssey: EJ, hello! Thanks for chatting with us tonight! I understand you’re taking part in a new show. EJ Garlands: It’s called The Garlands Attraction!Continue reading “On Point With: EJ Garlands”

On Point With: Atomic Annie

Beginning as a Covid queen and quickly become a “BitchFest” winner, Atomic Annie is currently enjoying her explosion onto the Brooklyn scene. [Cover photo: Bryan Clavel] Thotyssey: Hello Annie, thanks for chatting on this beautiful April day! How’s the month treating you so far? Atomic Annie: Hi! Amazing! It’s been nice seeing venues open upContinue reading “On Point With: Atomic Annie”

On Point With: Poly Ester

After strong turns in some high profile Brooklyn competitions, the self-anointed “Cronenberg’s traggot son” Poly Ester is here to slay the day! Thotyssey: Hi Poly Ester! I see trust you recently hosted the Omega party at The Deep End… how did that night go? Poly Ester: It was so much fun; Omega is always aContinue reading “On Point With: Poly Ester”

On Point With: Jay Essex

With strong backgrounds in music and sound technology, DJ Jay Essex laments the loss of The Q while looking forward to new opportunities on the horizon! Thotyssey: Jay, hello! Thanks so much for talking to us today! So there are a lot of big music artists touring this spring and summer: Madonna, Janet, Beyoncé, etc.!Continue reading “On Point With: Jay Essex”