On Point With: Boxa Crayonz

A truly colorful drag performer for the new age, Boxa Crayonz serves the real Rainbow Connection. Thotyssey: Hello Boxa! I see that you recently won a competition in your native Connecticut, hosted by Mia E Z’Lay! Boxa Crayonz: Yeah, it was surreal! I started drag in Connecticut and competed several times in “Chez Legends” lastContinue reading “On Point With: Boxa Crayonz”

On Point With: Lanyé Armön

When a young drag performer is winning or placing in every competition out there, it’s time take note of a true queen on the rise. And this Bronx-born dancing glamazon and new crown winner is definitely proving to be one to watch, with an excellent attitude to boot: the lovely Lanyé Armön! Thotyssey: Hello Lanyé!Continue reading “On Point With: Lanyé Armön”

On Point With: Kitty Ka’Boodlez

Westchester drag continues to be a force to be reckoned with… thanks to gals like this lovely songstress, who makes her Mount Vernon debut this week. Get your treats out for Kitty Ka’Boodlez! Thotyssey: Hi Kitty! How’s your May so far? Kitty Ka’Boodlez: May has been a great month for me! I just moved fromContinue reading “On Point With: Kitty Ka’Boodlez”

On Point With: ShowPonii

A dynamic star of a new era of drag and a (T)winner of a recent high profile Brooklyn competition, ShowPonii has our full attention as he slays the scene with lewks and numbers. Thotyssey: Hello ShowPonii, thanks for chatting with us today! So this past weekend you performed in “Yes Homo” at C’mon Everybody… howContinue reading “On Point With: ShowPonii”

On Point With: Zeraiya Yōkø

Serving edgy fashions, exciting numbers and slapping original tracks, young queen Zaraiya Yōkø is now part of an exciting new drag house making its family show premiere this weekend. Thotyssey: Hello Zeraiya, how is May treating you so far? Zaraiya Yōkø: Hello Thotyssey! May is treating me really well so far, actually. A lot ofContinue reading “On Point With: Zeraiya Yōkø”

On Point With: J.R. Price

The Grammy-nominated “Body Positive” singer / songwriter / producer is ready to unleash new music upon us. But are we ready for J.R. Price!? (Spoiler: yes, def!) Thotyssey: Hello J.R.! We just saw you on Saturday at The Q where you were helping to hand out free Uberlube samples at Tym Moss‘ 60th birthday party,Continue reading “On Point With: J.R. Price”

On Point With: Joey with the Mustache

From comedian to theoretical app creator (this was a BIG DEAL… you gotta hear this story) to in-demand DJ, the follicly-superior Joe Goldman aka Joey with the Mustache is Cool for the Summer! [Cover photo: Jeff Eason] Thotyssey: Hello Joey, happy May! We’re getting into spring / summer nightlife now, at last… how psyched areContinue reading “On Point With: Joey with the Mustache”

On Point With: MissMa’amShe

Last month’s “Bitchfest” (co-)winner has proven she’s got real comedy comedy queerdo chops on top of dynamic drag looks… say hello to MissMa’amShe! [Cover Photo: Anthony Leo] Thotyssey: Happy May, MissMa’amShe! How was your April? MissMa’amShe: Hello! Thank you for having me. Happy May! My April was lovely; I’ve been on hiatus from drag, soContinue reading “On Point With: MissMa’amShe”

On Point With: Danity Powers

Although she’s been performing in our area and beyond for a few years now, this fierce Maryland-born queen is making 2022 the Year of Ms. Danity Diamond-Powers! [Cover photo: James Michael Avance] Thotyssey: Hello Ms. Powers! I understand you’re a captive interviewee today! Danity Powers: Hello Thotyssey! Thank you for having me as an intervieweeContinue reading “On Point With: Danity Powers”

On Point With: Diva Soria

This Pinoy-American makeup artist, photographer and drag queen is putting some of the most beautifully high-fashion images out into our city today–both digitally and in the flesh. And this weekend, Diva Soria presides over a local event that will be vital to the future of queer people of The Philippines. Thotyssey: Hello Miss Diva, thanksContinue reading “On Point With: Diva Soria”

On Point With: Krystal Versace

The youngest ever drag artist to win a season of the “RuPaul’s Drag Race” franchise, the then-19 (now 20) year old star of “Drag Race UK” Season 3 Krystal Versace is finally ready to meet her adoring fans in public, care of her very first world tour. Get ready, NYC! [Cover photo: Scotti Bennett] Thotyssey:Continue reading “On Point With: Krystal Versace”

On Point With: Natalie Joy Johnson

A performer in well-known Broadway musicals, star Natalie Joy Johnson truly shines brightest in a cabaret setting where her compelling and hilarious personality guide a monstrous talent into the hearts and minds of a rabid local fanbase. Her popular weekly at the Q is about to take a pause, but another major showcase is nearlyContinue reading “On Point With: Natalie Joy Johnson”

On Point With: AJ Blankenship

This dance performer and choreographer has worked with everyone from cheerleaders to drag queens to the cast of a major movie musical. And now, AJ Blankenship is teaming up with one of “Drag Race’s” biggest stars to make more magic happen in Brooklyn. [Cover photo: Robert Riese] Thotyssey: AJ, thanks so much for finding timeContinue reading “On Point With: AJ Blankenship”