On Point With: Gioconda

A costuming genius, TikTok star, Lucky Chengs drag favorite and multimedia artist extraordinaire who’s become a New Yorker after a terrifying ordeal in her home country, Russian born Gioconda (that’s another name for the Mona Lisa, the world’s most famous painting) is now obtaining a larger and well-deserved cult of admirers every day. Thotyssey: HelloContinue reading “On Point With: Gioconda”

On Point With: Mel Lennon

A very sexy and soulful addition to NYC’s burgeoning queer music scene whose debut EP “OVERthinking Out LOUD” is making its mark after dropping just last month, German-born Mel Lennon is–by every definition–one to watch, and one to listen to. Thotyssey: Hello Mel! We’re in the spooky season… are you a Sexy Halloween or aContinue reading “On Point With: Mel Lennon”

On Point With: Young Viper

Using movement and music unlike anyone else is New York drag, Young Viper is proving that her voluptuous venom is a force to be reckoned with. [Cover photo: Tyrique James] Thotyssey: Hello Viper, thanks for chatting with us today! OMG, Halloween is already right around the corner… are you a fan of the spooky season?Continue reading “On Point With: Young Viper”

On Point With: Ocean Kelly

Social media spawned quite a few digital drag stars during the global pandemic lockdown, but few as unique, hilarious and memorable as Atlanta recording artist Ocean Kelly. And just as she’s started to become a star of the live stage as well, Ocean’s now crashing onto NYC’s shores for a week of fierce shows! Thotyssey:Continue reading “On Point With: Ocean Kelly”

On Point With: Jake Resnicow

Perhaps New York’s (and Miami’s, and the globe’s) most prolific event producer who’s been known the world over for his thrilling circuit parties and dynamic major galas and benefits since 2010, Jake Resnicow is back from lockdown with a vengeance this holiday season… and millions will be down for all the kikis he has toContinue reading “On Point With: Jake Resnicow”

On Point With: DJ Stiletto

Brooklyn and Manhattan are the current stomping grounds for the sensational DJ Tory Stiletto! Thotyssey: Hello DJ Stiletto! How is October treating you so far? DJ Stiletto: October famously is my favorite month outside of June, so it’s been treating me well! Are you turning spooky looks yet? I’m a bit of a New Yorker–alwaysContinue reading “On Point With: DJ Stiletto”

On Point With: Robin Fierce

Known as one of Connecticut’s most talented and busiest queens, Robin Fierce is now slaying the game right here in New York as well! Thotyssey: How’s your October, Robin? Robin Fierce: So far so good… it’s officially my birthday month. Happy birthday! Can you legally drink and vote now? Lol, I’ve been able to legallyContinue reading “On Point With: Robin Fierce”

On Point With: Esther

October is the perfect month to showcase drag that is odd, surreal, silly and / or spooky. Enter Esther, who despite being known for fringe Brooklyn drag is actually haunting Manhattan with two unique Halloween shows. [Cover photo: Octavio Yattah] Thotyssey: Hello Esther! We’re in the spooky season… is this your fav time of year?Continue reading “On Point With: Esther”

On Point With: Billy Lykken

A fierce and fabulous vocal talent and wholly original star of the NYC cabaret stage, Billy Lykken is back with a soul-satisfying, classic-yet-timely set. Thotyssey: Hello Billy, thanks for chatting with us today! OMG, yesterday we were without Facebook and Instagram for much of the day… how did you survive? Billy Lykken: I freaked outContinue reading “On Point With: Billy Lykken”

On Point With: Justice LaBrave

NYC leather scene rock-n-roller Justice LaBrave has just dropped a brand new EP… and has an exciting live show in a few weeks! [Cover photo: GDPhotos] Thotyssey: Hello Justice, Congrats on today’s drop of your new EP! Tell us about HEAT… first off, how long was the process of working on this? Justice LaBrave: TheContinue reading “On Point With: Justice LaBrave”

On Point With: Cecilia Sin

This fierce Brooklyn performer played a major role in the famous Mx. Nobody drag pageants in recent years. And this weekend, Cecilia Sin and many other denizens of the Nobodyverse return for one special night! Thotyssey: Hello Cecilia! Thanks for chatting with us today! OMG, September is nearly done… how did the month treat you?Continue reading “On Point With: Cecilia Sin”

On Point With: Gaystrychef

He takes beautiful pics, serves sexy moves… and bakes, too!? Don’t try to make sense of it, just enjoy this chat with the one and only Adam Ross, aka Gaystrychef! [Cover photo: Warren Piece] Thotyssey: Hello Gaystrychef! We’re approaching the spooky season… are you getting your pumpkin spice on? Gaystrychef: Oh, I’m fully a basicContinue reading “On Point With: Gaystrychef”

On Point With: Yvie Oddly

She may be “RuPaul’s Drag Race’s” 11th season winner, but the spooky season is always and forever this unique queen’s time to shine. And with “Zombieland” in East Rutherford on October 30th, we’ve finally got the maximum venue for Yvie Oddly’s edgy brand of horror-beauty! Thotyssey: Thank you for talking to us Yvie, we stan!Continue reading “On Point With: Yvie Oddly”

On Point With: Tastie

Alongside on-and-offstage partner Morrigan Von Haunt, Tastie is one of New Jersey’s few spooky “alternative” drag queens… and definitely one to watch (and watch out for!) this Halloween season. Thotyssey: Hello Tastie! So um, did you happen to catch any of the Emmys? Folks seems underwhelmed, if not completely annoyed, today. Tastie: I actually didContinue reading “On Point With: Tastie”

On Point With: Plastique Tiara

Although she’s currently quite busy creating all the digital content her fans crave and endorsing cosmetics and fragrances (really, what beauty company wouldn’t want her as the face / body of their campaign!?), “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season 11 star and Haus of Edwards luminary Plastique Tiara is coming to town for the Halloween season in NightContinue reading “On Point With: Plastique Tiara”

On Point With: Sierra Misst

Evan Wittstock was a musical theater star on the rise when the pandemic shutdown happened. But rather than wallow, he used his deft makeup skills and fabulously dramatic flair to become a bona fide TikTok star. And now that stages are at last reopening, Evan’s alter ego Sierra Misst is the tall drink of sugaryContinue reading “On Point With: Sierra Misst”

On Point With: Senobyte

A veteran nightlifer and co-creator of one of NYC’s most popular “consenting adult” branded events, Senobyte is now busier than he’s ever been spinning for several top shows in major venues. Thotyssey: Hello Senobyte, thanks for chatting with us today! How is your September so far? Senobyte: Hey, thanks for having me! My September hasContinue reading “On Point With: Senobyte”

On Point With: Marcia Marcia Marcia

This musical theater performer and gymnast hits all the right beats as one of NYC’s newest drag stars, courtesy of some memorable moments at Lady Liberty this season: three cheers for Marcia Marcia Marcia! Thotyssey: Hello Marcia, thanks for chatting with us today! How is September treating you? Marcia Marcia Marcia: It’s pretty good soContinue reading “On Point With: Marcia Marcia Marcia”

On Point With: Bobby LeMaire

A gorgeous and exciting young newcomer in Brooklyn is turning out the party while turning all the heads–meet Bobby LeMaire! [Cover photo: @shudderxvisions] Thotyssey: Hello Bobby, thanks for chatting with us today! Actually let’s address your name right off: I see you credited as both Bobby LeMaire and Miss Bobby in various event flyers. WhichContinue reading “On Point With: Bobby LeMaire”