On Point With: Michelle Dowdy

Landing one of Broadway’s most coveted roles straight out of high school, award winning actress and recording artist Michelle Dowdy became an instant star of the scene. And starting this week, this longtime ally finally gets a weekly stage all her own. Thotyssey: Howdy Miss Dowdy! How is summer treating you so far? Michelle Dowdy:Continue reading “On Point With: Michelle Dowdy”

On Point With: Emergency Tiara

Tokyo-born singer-songwriter Juri Jinnai eventually moved to Boston and formed Emergency Tiara, a band celebrating retro sounds and looks whose mission involved “wishing to encourage people to acknowledge their worth and remember they are beautiful.” After a few years of joyful and intricate recordings and performances (and lewks!), lockdown put ET–like all things–to a standstillContinue reading “On Point With: Emergency Tiara”

On Point With: Dexter Driscoll

Sporting both an old school androgynous look and a very new school approach to making disco dream pop anthems and super cute nightlife events, Dexter Driscoll joins the effort to rebuild the scene post-lockdown. Thotyssey: Hey there! How is the season treating you so far, Dexter? Dexter Driscoll: My summer’s been so much fun. I’mContinue reading “On Point With: Dexter Driscoll”

On Point With: Andrew Barret Cox

Designer, producer, actor, writer, composer, musician, choreographer, club kid, drag performer, emcee, broadcaster, reality TV personality, JanStan… there are so many hats that Andrew Barret Cox wears, and they’re all fabulous. Here we discuss the triumph of Jan’s first “Drag Race” win, the beautiful chaos that was the opening weekend of “Jannifer’s Body,” composing forContinue reading “On Point With: Andrew Barret Cox”

On Point With: Billy Hess

From the studio to the red carpet to backstage, veteran photographer Billy Hess gets all the best shots of the biggest celebrities and most luminous nightlifers in town. Now an interesting new collaborative project will put him at an entirely new vantage–behind the wheel! Thotyssey: Hi, Billy! You just came back from Fire Island–how wasContinue reading “On Point With: Billy Hess”

On Point With: Ruby Slay Monroe

Here’s a fun queen who turned up a few years ago and is now turning it OUT in 2021: from DR to LI to NYC, it’s the sassy, spicy Ruby Slay Monroe! [Cover photo: Stasi] Thotyssey: Happy Post-Pride, Ruby–thanks for waking up to chat with us, lol! Ruby Slay Monroe: Hello Thotyssey! Happy Post-Pride hangover!Continue reading “On Point With: Ruby Slay Monroe”

On Point With: Steven Cunningham

A veteran bi-coastal beatmaster and disco daddy, Steven Cunningham specializes in bringing sexy soundscapes to cruisy landscapes. And this Pride weekend, he returns to the three most wonderfully raunchy venues in town to bring to us all the ecstasy! Thotyssey: Hello Steven, Happy Pride Month! You often travel for gigsā€¦ are you in NYC now?Continue reading “On Point With: Steven Cunningham”

On Point With: Rocket Cowboy

This hot new DJ is largely self-taught and fresh on the scene, but already he’s the star attraction of venues in both Manhattan and Brooklyn. He’s neither bird nor plane, he’s DJ Rocket Cowboy! Thotyssey: Howdy Rocket! Happy Pride Month! How is June treating you so far? Rocket Cowboy: Hello, hello! My June has beenContinue reading “On Point With: Rocket Cowboy”

On Point With: Pixel the Drag Jester

“A rising star in drag” doesn’t quite begin to describe what Pixel the Drag Jester is; “a human three ring circus” is maybe a bit closer. Now with a recent TV appearance watched by millions, a successful and unique weekly brunch and an upcoming high profile stage show with one of drag’s biggest stars onContinue reading “On Point With: Pixel the Drag Jester”

On Point With: Millennia

From high-flying cheerleader to ass-shaking gogo boy to life-giving drag queen, young Jerseyite Millennia knows how to get a crowd’s attention. And this summer, she’s got a weekly platform in a new venue to do just that! Thotyssey: Hello. Millennia! Thanks for chatting with us today and Happy Pride! How is June treating you soContinue reading “On Point With: Millennia”

On Point With: Boyyyish

Despite his, well, boyish appearance, Texas-born Sebastian Villa has been haunting parties since the glory days of New York dance venues. And now with a potentially exciting new age of nightlife in our grasp, the newly-renamed DJ Boyyyish will be leading the way to all tomorrow’s parties from the DJ booth. Thotyssey: Hello Boyyyish, thanksContinue reading “On Point With: Boyyyish”

On Point With: Eva Laurent

The hyper-gorgeous Palestinian-American hair designer, makeup artist and drag queen Eva Laurent is working with a growing number of stars in the scene… all while becoming a rising star herself! [Cover photo: Bryan Clavel] Thotyssey: Hello Eva! Thanks so much for chatting with us today! How is Pride Month treating you so far? Eva Laurent:Continue reading “On Point With: Eva Laurent”

On Point With: Phoebe Jeebies

A newer addition to the New York nightlife scene with vintage inspirations and one of the classiest drag moms in the City, Phoebe Jeebies is about to get up close and VERY personal with her audience. [Cover photo: Dillon Blake Wright] Thotyssey: Happy Pride Month, Phoebe! How’s it all treating you so far? Phoebe Jeebies:Continue reading “On Point With: Phoebe Jeebies”

On Point With: DJ Ivenchy

Ivan Dutton is an all-star stylist, but on Brooklyn dance floors is better known as DJ Ivenchy. Here we discuss the origin story, the crazy Covid year, and of course all things Pride! Thotyssey: Greetings, Ivenchy, How’s your Pride month treating you after this whole first week, lol? DJ Ivenchy: It’s been so crazy already,Continue reading “On Point With: DJ Ivenchy”