On Point With: Yamil X

A veteran nightlife producer and host, the sexy Yamil of House Xtravaganza may be getting some well-deserved GLAM love next week. Thotyssey: Hello Yamil, thanks for chatting with us today! How is 2023 treating you so far? Yamil X: Hey there! 2023 started okay with Mercury Retrograde in Mars, but it seems like it’s gettin’Continue reading “On Point With: Yamil X”

On Point With: Cadet Kelley

Besides helping to give the latest season of “American Horror Story” its kink-perfect period look, Chris “Cadet” Kelley is doing his Mr. Eagle 2023 sash proud with good causes, sexy events, and a mission to make fetish affordable for all! Thotyssey: Hello Chris, thanks for chatting with us! How is 2023 treating you so far?Continue reading “On Point With: Cadet Kelley”

On Point With: Giardia the Parasite

Coming off strong out of two drag competitions, this drag scientist is infecting us with a fever of fabulousness care of some new weekly and monthly shows… Giardia the Parasite! Thotyssey: Hello Giardia, how is 2023 treating you so far? Giardia the Parasite: So far so good! It started with a much needed three weekContinue reading “On Point With: Giardia the Parasite”

On Point With: Bertha Vanayshun

From the fine art world to the fierce drag stage, Bertha Vanayshun is here for your amazement. Thotyssey: Hello Bertha, thanks for chatting with us tonight! We’re getting to the point where saying Happy New Year might be annoying to some, lol… but Happy New Year! How did you ring in your 2023? Bertha Vanayshun:Continue reading “On Point With: Bertha Vanayshun”

On Point With: Tiffany Heather Samantha

This “Off-Broadway Belting Babe of Brooklyn” got her drag start in a theatrical production… and now she’s bringing that Broadway love to The Beechman! Tiffany Heather Samantha tells all. Thotyssey: Hello Tiffany, thanks for chatting with us today! How was your New Years Eve? Tiffany Heather Samantha: It was fabulous! I went to a brunchContinue reading “On Point With: Tiffany Heather Samantha”

On Point With: Benjy Bradshaw

Throwing back to New York’s glamorous decades of thrashy-trashy disco and punk, current GLAM nominee and indie pop / multimedia star Benjy Bradshaw is also bringing something fresh to the scene. Thotyssey: Hello Benjy, Happy New Year! Benjy Bradshaw: Hi loves! Happy flippin’ New Year! Did you do anything fun for the occasion? For NewContinue reading “On Point With: Benjy Bradshaw”

On Point With: [Unintelligible Screaming]

There’s a lot of different ways to say this unique performer’s name, but you might as well do what the stage direction says and scream it! And this week’s the perfect time, as you’ll be shouting into the New Year at Purgatory with [Unintelligible Screaming]! [Cover photo: Charlotte Chauvin]  Thotyssey: Hello, um, AAAAAA! Well, let’sContinue reading “On Point With: [Unintelligible Screaming]”

On Point With: Jimmy James

An iconic chameleon of looks and voices, singer and female impersonator Jimmy James made his mark on the daytime talk show circuit before winding up on an international postage stamp (accidentally), recording a genuine dance anthem and becoming a livestream star with longevity. Now, Jimmy returns to NYC for a one night only show spectacularContinue reading “On Point With: Jimmy James”

On Point With: Ruby Tuesday

An “unpredictable” Brooklyn comedy queen and show producer, the hilarious Ruby Tuesday is here to serve Delusions and Kardashians to the masses! Thotyssey: Hello Ruby! How are these final weeks of 2022 treating you so far? Ruby Tuesday: Really good… been very busy with work and life. Excellent! Well, beats the alternative, lol, Do youContinue reading “On Point With: Ruby Tuesday”

On Point With: Prima Love

2022 has brought this gorgeous Door Goddess and drag hostess her first recurring show… and now her very first Glam nomination. [Cover photo: Alex Murdoch] Thotyssey: Hello Prima, thanks for chatting with us today! Prima Love: Howdy! Thanks for having me *clinks glass* So, hot off the presses: the Drag Race Season 15 cast hasContinue reading “On Point With: Prima Love”

Drag Race S15 Cast Announced!

The cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 15 has finally been announced; the new cycle is set to premiere Friday, January 6th on its new home MTV. Boasting the largest-yet cast of mostly young queens, this season as usual showcases a few New York and New Jew Jersey girls as per usual, as well asContinue reading “Drag Race S15 Cast Announced!”

On Point With: Papito Suave

A GLAM-nominated party maker hosting a GLAM-nominated party, Papito Suave brings sexy fun to nightlifers of all varieties. [Cover photo: Leandro Justen] Thotyssey: Hello Papito, thanks for chatting today! First off: congrats on your recent GLAM nomination for Best Party Producer! Well-deserved! Papito Suave: Thank you so much! Do you know what you’re gonna wearContinue reading “On Point With: Papito Suave”

On Point With: Chara Confusion

From Puerto Rican fashionista to New York leatherman Johnny Quesada and drag star on the rise Chara Confusion, this performer is getting ready to co-produce a major benefit event this weekend. [Edited for clarity.] Thotyssey: Hello Chara, thanks for talking to us today! How are you? Chara Confusion: Hello Jim, thanks for you interest inContinue reading “On Point With: Chara Confusion”

On Point With: Rude Polaroids

Nominated for his second GLAM Award, unique photographer and event producer Ryan Rudewicz aka Rude Polaroids is making magic happen on both sides of the camera. Thotyssey: Hello Rude! Thanks for chatting with us today, and congrats on your Best Photographer Glam Award nomination! This is your second, right? Rude Polaroids: Hiya! Thank you soContinue reading “On Point With: Rude Polaroids”

On Point With: Taraye

Come play with this December birthday queen on the rise this and every Sunday at Playhouse: Taraye! [Cover photo: Brae Lawren Howard] Thotyssey: Hello Taraye, happy Birthday Week! How do you usually celebrate… do you go big or intimate? Taraye: In my older age, I’ve learned to appreciate doing my birthday intimately. When you areContinue reading “On Point With: Taraye”

On Point With: Taína La Fina

A recent Mx. Rockbar finalist and a true New York native, Quarantine Queen Taína La Fina is now serving it all onstage from Selena to showtunes… with a new live show this week! Thotyssey: Hello Taina, thanks for chatting with us today! So, how was your Thanksgiving? Taína La Fina: Hi! My Thanksgiving was great–spentContinue reading “On Point With: Taína La Fina”