On Point With: Lana Del Trey

Get to know the up-and-comer who just won Shequida’s Drag Wars All-Stars V… Lana Del Trey! Thotyssey: Hello Lana, thanks for chatting with us today! So first off, congratulations on winning Drag Wars All Stars V! What was that whole experience like? Lana Del Trey: First off, thank you! The whole experience was a whirlwind!Continue reading “On Point With: Lana Del Trey”

On Point With: Queen Brendaline

A teacher by day and newbie drag performer by night, Queen Brendaline returns to her home base Rockbar in a major way this October. Thotyssey: Hello Brendaline, thanks for chatting! I understand you saw a movie tonight… what and how was it? Queen Brendaline: Thanks for asking! I fulfilled my Gay Contract™ and saw Bros,Continue reading “On Point With: Queen Brendaline”

On Point With: Sheneeda Dickson

This talented performer and longtime Gay Men’s Chorus singer only recently entered the realm of post-lockdown drag in NYC, and despite (or possibly because of) being a bit more seasoned than the average baby queen, she’s already won a major competition and placed in a second. We all will soon need more of Sheneeda DicksonContinue reading “On Point With: Sheneeda Dickson”

On Point With: Bri Joy

A new arrival to the Brooklyn scene, the Haus of Quench’s Bri Joy is rapidly making his mark as a drag performer to watch, while also becoming an event producer on the rise. [Cover Photo: Carmen Grace DeCristo] Thotyssey: Hello Bro, thanks for chatting today! As we’re already approaching Spooky Season rapidly, how did yourContinue reading “On Point With: Bri Joy”

On Point With: Eileen Dover

A prolific drag performer who arrived in NYC during a pivotal and iconic era of queer nightlife, Eileen Dover continues to be a compelling presence in the scene and on the stage. Thotyssey: Thanks for chatting with us today, Eileen! So how was your summer? Eileen Dover: Summer was okay. I had surgery on myContinue reading “On Point With: Eileen Dover”

On Point With: Blaquestar

Perhaps best known from the hit play “Trinkets” a few years back and now with a future stage hit about to premiere, actor and recording artist Antwon LeMonte will soon be known by queer music fans the world over as Baquestar! Thotyssey: Hey Blaquestar! So it’s still kinda balmy out there, but we’re definitely approachingContinue reading “On Point With: Blaquestar”

On Point With: Joopiter

Known for dropping digital dance parties care of Lockdown Era’s “Club Quarantine” and for starting the popular collective “Kinsey,” DJ Joopiter’s got gigs upon gigs these upcoming weeks and beyond! [Cover photo: Mike Anthony] Thotyssey: Hey, Joopiter! You’ve been busy this season with live parties, but during lockdown you were a prolific digital DJ thanksContinue reading “On Point With: Joopiter”

On Point With: SPUNK’s Daniel Tobey

Celebrating a decade of the City’s hottest gogo party they created while breathing new life into a classic venue they’re now co-managing, Daniel Tobey and his work-and-life partner Luis Gomez are an increasingly important force in post-lockdown NYC nightlife. Thotyssey: Hey Dan, thanks for chatting with us today! Yay, it’s finally getting autumn-ish out there…Continue reading “On Point With: SPUNK’s Daniel Tobey”

On Point With: Shia Ho

Somewhat new to the scene, Shia Ho is already gobsmacking us with sharp, colorful looks and performances… and she’s about to start hosting a very important new weekly show in Manhattan! Thotyssey: Hello Shia, thanks for chatting today! How is September treating you so far? Shia Ho: Honestly, a lot better than August. I reallyContinue reading “On Point With: Shia Ho”

On Point With: Milan Garçon

Whether she’s turning it on your local drag stage or ballroom floor, lighting up your socials or slaying your TV care of her recent turn on “Legendary,” there is no such thing as Too Many Platforms for the fame and excellence of Milan Garçon! [Cover Photo: Hoshi Joell] Thotyssey: Hello Milan! So you recently performedContinue reading “On Point With: Milan Garçon

On Point With: Hans Berlin

One of gay adult film’s genuinely iconic stars of the past decade as well as a frequent presence in NYC nightlife, the German-born Hans Berlin (aka Florian Klein) has just written the unexpected and epic next chapter of his career. Thotyssey: Hello Hans, thanks for chatting today! I’m guessing you’re super busy now juggling nightlifeContinue reading “On Point With: Hans Berlin”

On Point With: Lilith Moon

The drag daughter of a popular Astoria and Brooklyn Queen who started in the biz just a short while ago, Lilith Moon already has the children spellbound and moonstruck. Thotyssey: Greetings, Lilith! How’s September? Lilith Moon: It’s been great pretty cute and busy! How’s yours going? So far so good! Looking forward to the spookyContinue reading “On Point With: Lilith Moon”

On Point With: Chris Blacker

Well known as a talented performer in queer NYC’s piano bar scene, Chris Blacker is preparing an entirely dynamic and original musical theater experience to ignite a stage near you. Thotyssey: Hello Chris, thanks for chatting with us today! How was (is!) your summer? Chris Blacker: My summer has been good so far. I’ve mostlyContinue reading “On Point With: Chris Blacker”

On Point With: Stefani Steel

A Tri-State Titaness with a new weekly show in New York, a package for an upcoming Philly pageant and a dazzling IG lookbook: the busy and beautiful Stefani Steel! Thotyssey: Hello Stefani! So the other night you were in town, guest performing with Lexington Banks at Hardware. How did the show go? Stefani Steel: TheContinue reading “On Point With: Stefani Steel”