Friday (9.30.2022)

FRIDAY (9.30.2022) Your daily guide to New York and New Jersey nightlife programming. UPTOWN / BRONX HELL’S KITCHEN LUCKY CHENGS @ SECRET ROOM: Drag dinner (6pm) HARDWARE: Janelle No. 5 (8pm);Mathieu Blue’s “Super Size Queen” feat. Bootsie LeFaris, DJ Mike Borowski, VinnyGaga & Phil Chanel (10pm) RISE: Celeb Drag Race / Jacklynn Hyde (8pm);DJ dance party with Lexington BanksContinue reading “Friday (9.30.2022)”

On Point With: Athena

Starting drag with a competition win just a year ago, Athena is now ringing out the end of September with two fierce shows this weekend. [Cover photo: Clock & Key Photography] Thotyssey: Hello Athena We’re nearly into the Spooky Season… are you ready with monstrous looks? Athena: Yup! It’s about that time of year… I’mContinue reading “On Point With: Athena”

On Point With: Sheneeda Dickson

This talented performer and longtime Gay Men’s Chorus singer only recently entered the realm of post-lockdown drag in NYC, and despite (or possibly because of) being a bit more seasoned than the average baby queen, she’s already won a major competition and placed in a second. We all will soon need more of Sheneeda DicksonContinue reading “On Point With: Sheneeda Dickson”

On Point With: Bri Joy

A new arrival to the Brooklyn scene, the Haus of Quench’s Bri Joy is rapidly making his mark as a drag performer to watch, while also becoming an event producer on the rise. [Cover Photo: Carmen Grace DeCristo] Thotyssey: Hello Bro, thanks for chatting today! As we’re already approaching Spooky Season rapidly, how did yourContinue reading “On Point With: Bri Joy”

ThotLight Podcast Ep. 5 on Spotify & more!

Episode 5 of ThotLight, the Red Eye Radio podcast hosted by Thotyssey’s Jim Silvestri and Redifine Radio’s Freddie Cosmo, is up! On this ep, Jim spills some sweet tea on a game-changing new venue, while Freddie plays with new sound effects and ponders what RosalĂ­a’s appearance means for OTA. We report on the new MissContinue reading “ThotLight Podcast Ep. 5 on Spotify & more!”

Friday (9.23.2022)

FRIDAY (9.23.2022) Your daily guide to New York and New Jersey nightlife programming. UPTOWN / BRONX HELL’S KITCHEN MIDTOWN / TIMES SQUARE MIDTOWN EAST CHELSEA BOXERS CHELSEA: DJ Eric Abobo (7pm);DJ Sammi Blendz (11pm) GYM BAR: Karaoke hosted by Ari Kiki (9pm) BARRACUDA: DJ dance party (10pm) REBAR: “FUQBOI” feat. DJ Susan Levine & AndrogyNY (10pm) EAGLE NYC:Continue reading “Friday (9.23.2022)”

On Point With: Eileen Dover

A prolific drag performer who arrived in NYC during a pivotal and iconic era of queer nightlife, Eileen Dover continues to be a compelling presence in the scene and on the stage. Thotyssey: Thanks for chatting with us today, Eileen! So how was your summer? Eileen Dover: Summer was okay. I had surgery on myContinue reading “On Point With: Eileen Dover”

On Point With: Blaquestar

Perhaps best known from the hit play “Trinkets” a few years back and now with a future stage hit about to premiere, actor and recording artist Antwon LeMonte will soon be known by queer music fans the world over as Baquestar! Thotyssey: Hey Blaquestar! So it’s still kinda balmy out there, but we’re definitely approachingContinue reading “On Point With: Blaquestar”

On Point With: Joopiter

Known for dropping digital dance parties care of Lockdown Era’s “Club Quarantine” and for starting the popular collective “Kinsey,” DJ Joopiter’s got gigs upon gigs these upcoming weeks and beyond! [Cover photo: Mike Anthony] Thotyssey: Hey, Joopiter! You’ve been busy this season with live parties, but during lockdown you were a prolific digital DJ thanksContinue reading “On Point With: Joopiter”