Halloween Night Picks

Halloween is finally here! UPTOWN MAMAJUANA CAFE: Sugga Pi Koko revives her show TGIM for a Halloween special, with guests Ebonee Excell & Octavia Anyae LOFT 142:  Kedwin Zapada’s Halloween party with  Monica Xtravaganza & Pito Carrera SUITE: Halloween party & costume contest CASTRO: Rocky Horror Halloween party HELL’S KITCHEN STAGE 48: Voss Events presents NightContinue reading “Halloween Night Picks”

Sunday Night Picks

UPTOWN HOGSHEAD TAVERN: Vivacious’ Halloween show with Maci Sumcox CASTRO: Harmonica Sunbeam hosts the Aphrodisiac Masquerade Ball HELL’S KITCHEN ATLAS SOCIAL CLUB: Halloween edition of Scotty Em’s Trick THERAPY: Paige Turner’s Halloween Slurp with Jackie Cox and Shnappshanna Von Carlsberg COPACABANA: The Only Bloodbath, hosted by Kim Chi & Bob the Drag Queen and featuringContinue reading “Sunday Night Picks”

Saturday Night Picks

UPTOWN BAR THALIA (SYMPHONY SPACE): Ruby Powers’ Halloween cabaret show CASTRO: Possession, the sexy Halloween party with DJ Anarki  SUITE: Octavia Anyae TOOLBOX: Jackie Dupree hosts the Halloween party & costume contest TOWNHOUSE: Halloween party LIPS: Late night Dirty Show goes Halloween HELL’S KITCHEN FAIRYTAIL LOUNGE: Prada G. Major guest hosts the Spunk/Adonis party. BOXERSContinue reading “Saturday Night Picks”

Friday Night Picks

Halloween weekend begins! UPTOWN LIPS: The Dirty Show Halloween edition SUITE: Brenda Dharling & Miz Cracker CASTRO: Fetish masquerade edition of S.O.S. Fridays HELL’S KITCHEN ATLAS SOCIAL CLUB: Nicky Boom Box DJ’s DTF BEECHMAN: Distorted Halloween VSBU: Halloween party with Marti Gould Cummings & Sheila Tack STAGE 48: Halloween Masquerade Ball RITZ: Britney Virazzano, KimmiContinue reading “Friday Night Picks”

Thursday Night Picks

UPTOWN LIPS: Halloween Dinner with the Divas INDIAN ROAD CAFE: Monthly Drag Bingo FARAFINA CAFE: Vivacious & Alexis Michelle watch Al-Stars reunion & give shows TOOLBOX: Watch All-Stars with Heather Wood WEST END: Haus of Mouth followed by Freshman 18+ Halloween HELL’S KITCHEN ST. CLEMENTS: Daddy Issues starring Shua Potter BEECHMAN: Big Wigs with KashaContinue reading “Thursday Night Picks”

On Point With: Pixie Aventura

No doubt one of the city’s most exciting and beloved nightlife entertainers, this fierce dancing queen is also a staunch professional with very high standards. It only takes one night of watching the intensity of her her energy performance to realize why she’s gigging all over the city… including a major Halloween show that nightlifers everywhere areContinue reading “On Point With: Pixie Aventura”

Wednesday Night Picks

UPTOWN HAMILTON LODGE: Halloween happy hour with Honey Davenport WEST END: Nedra Belle with Bella Noche HELL’S KITCHEN HARDWARE: Paige Turner’s Halloween show with Juicy Liu RISE: A Gaga album giveaway at Legend THERAPY: The Help with Pixie Aventura & Monet X Change INDUSTRY: Sherry Vine’s Halloween show RITZ: TURNt Helloween with guest Aja CHELSEAContinue reading “Wednesday Night Picks”

nySEE! with Jamie Rossi

[photo: David Laffe] By Scotty Em Thotyssey contributor Scotty Em’s weekly column profiles the hottest gogo dancers in NYC. Today he speaks to Jamie Rossi. How long have you been gogo dancing? I’ve been in and out of the scene for the past few years, but my gogo career really started to take off this pastContinue reading “nySEE! with Jamie Rossi”

Tuesday Night Picks

UPTOWN LIPS: Blackie O’s Halloween karaoke HELL’S KITCHEN VSBU: God Save the Queen THERAPY: Sherry Vine & Peppermint HARDWARE: Pixie Aventura & Delighted Tobehere RITZ: Gay College Tuesdays INDUSTRY: Bad Drag Queen with Monet X Change CHELSEA BARRACUDA: Miz Cracker & Judy Darling WEST VILLAGE PIECES: Marti Cummings & Kareem McJagger host karaoke BOOTS &Continue reading “Tuesday Night Picks”

On Point With: Kayvon Zand

Tis the season for Kayvon Zand to emerge from the shadowy depths and haunt clubland with his ferocious looks, infectious beats and good-time voodoo. One of the city’s classic club kids and event producers who counts Amanda Lepore and RuPaul as friends, Kayvon made his mark on unsuspecting nightlife venues with notorious artistry. He wasContinue reading “On Point With: Kayvon Zand”

Monday Night Picks

UPTOWN SUITE: Glam Gavin’s karaoke HELL’S KITCHEN HARDWARE: Sutton Lee Seymour hosts The Villains Show Halloween special, with Jackie Cox & Bernadette Housedown THERAPY: Marti’s Stage Fright with guest Frankie James Grande RITZ: Tina Burner CHELSEA SID GOLD’S REQUEST ROOM: Sweetie performs for The Amber Zone BARRACUDA: Monet X Change WEST VILLAGE BOOTS & SADDLE:Continue reading “Monday Night Picks”

Sunday Night Picks

UPTOWN HOGSHEAD: Vivacious with Chelsea Piers HELL’S KITCHEN COPACABANA: Susan Levine spins the Sage Women’s Dance benefit RITZ: Brazillian Halloween Carnival party BARRAGE: Fiesta Latina ATLAS SOCIAL CLUB: Happy hour with Scotty Em, Holly Box-Springs & gogo David LaCostia HARDWARE: Miz Cracker & Monet X Change THERAPY: Paige Turner is back for Slurp INDUSTRY: KizhaContinue reading “Sunday Night Picks”

On Point With: Scotty Em

Scott Emrich, aka Scotty Em: patron of parties, godfather of gogo boys and a genuine nice guy in nightlife. He’s created three popular weekly events at Hell’s Kitchen’s Atlas Social Club that offer laid back unpretentiousness, very sexy dancers and two lovable hosting queens. And now he’s going to be Thotyssey’s first new weekly columnist!Continue reading “On Point With: Scotty Em”

Saturday Night Picks

UPTOWN SUITE: Octavia Anyae HELL’S KITCHEN ST. CLEMENT’S THEATRE: Daddy Issues starring Shua Potter BROADWAY COMEDY CLUB: Last night of BOO! You Whore with Tina Burner & friends JOHN CULLUM THEATRE @ATA:  Last showing of Bridget Bishop Presents: The Salem Bitch Trials FAIRYTAIL LOUNGE: Sexy guys from porn & YouTube ring in Adonis Lounge’s 7th anniversaryContinue reading “Saturday Night Picks”

On Point With: Roxy Brooks

This gorgeous queen from Florida has mastered the art of “pageant fish,” but anyone who’s experienced her electrifying stage performances and delightfully charming demeanor first hand knows that she’s so much more than that. She’s a Brooks, after all, and that’s a high standard to be held to. Back in NYC after a long summer residencyContinue reading “On Point With: Roxy Brooks”

Friday Night Picks

UPTOWN SUITE: Brenda Dharling & Miz Cracker HELL’S KITCHEN ST. CLEMENT’S THEATRE: Daddy Issues starring Shua Potter BEECHMAN: Final performance of  Nasty Drew and That Harder Boy:  The Case of the Peep Show Phantom BOXERS HK: A SkinTightUSA costume party & contest XL: DJ Mary Mac spins a Halloween FuZion RITZ: Mitch Ferrino spins MIDTOWNContinue reading “Friday Night Picks”

Thursday Night Picks

UPTOWN TOOLBOX: Heather Wood debuts her new weekly show, starting with a viewing party for the Rocky Horror reboot. SUITE: Karaoke and shows with Jackie Dupree and guest Lady Jasmin WEST END: The Halloweiner underwear party HELL’S KITCHEN ST. CLEMENTS THEATRE: the play Daddy Issues with Shua Potter PLAYSTATION THEATRE: Bianca Del Rio is backContinue reading “Thursday Night Picks”

Wednesday Night Picks

UPTOWN KAZZA WINE BAR: Honey Davenport hosts a Debates viewing party. WEST END: Nedra Belle HELL’S KITCHEN BEECHMAN: Sutton Lee Seymour’s new stage show Queens Against Humanity debuts JOHN CULLUM THEATRE @ ATA: Bridget Bishop Presents: The Salem Bitch Trials  HARDWARE: Paige Turner hosts a debates viewing party, followed by WTF Wednesday INDUSTRY: Miz CrackerContinue reading “Wednesday Night Picks”

On Point With: Hibiscus

This Hawaiian flower is no shrinking violet. Slaying us with her fierce athleticism and unique “glunge” approach to drag, Hibiscus planted her queen seed in this city about a year ago and she grows fiercer by the day. When she’s not in drag, you can catch her boy self Eli soaring above the crowds as aContinue reading “On Point With: Hibiscus”

Tuesday Night Picks

UPTOWN LIPS: Blackie O’s karaoke HELL’S KITCHEN JOHN CULLUM THEATRE @ ATA: Premiere of Bridget Bishop Presents: The Salem Bitch Trials VSBU: God Save the Queen RITZ: Trinity K. Bonet makes a guest appearance for Gay College Tuesday INDUSTRY: Trinity K. Bonet guest hosts Bad Drag Queen CHELSEA BARRACUDA: Miz Cracker & Judy Darling WESTContinue reading “Tuesday Night Picks”