Halloween (10.31.2019)

THURSDAY (10.31.2019): Halloween parties everywhere! RuPaul’s Drag Race UK viewing parties & hosts (begins streaming at 8pm): 3 DOLLAR BILL (BK): Ruby Fox ALBATROSS (AST, QNS): Avant Garbage BOXERS HK: Marti Gould Cummings BOXERS WH: Brita Filter GEORGIE’S (AP, NJ): Rhedd Rhumm & Lady Celestina GRAHAM (BK): Lilith LeFae HAPPYFUN HIDEAWAY (BK): Vic Sin & Maximillien HARDWARE (HK):Continue reading “Halloween (10.31.2019)”

Wednesday (10.30.2019)

WEDNESDAY (10.30.2019): Vegas Valentine’s Halloween Eve release party for his new EP at 3 Dollar Bill; Kyle Motsinger’s spooky revue at Don’t Tell Mama; Holly Dae is back at the Monster with special guest Jada Valenciaga; Joey Arias at Joe’s Pub; Lagoona Bloo & Selma Nilla co-host a special Halloween show at The West End;Continue reading “Wednesday (10.30.2019)”

1 Thot Minute with Vegas Valentine

Space Pirate and rising star of queer NYC’s nightlife and music scenes, Vegas Valentine is about to drop his much-anticipated debut EP, “Nocturne”… with a killer release party to boot. All aboard! Thotyssey: Hello Mr. Valentine, happy Almost Halloween! Do you have a dozen lewks prepared already? Vegas Valentine: Hi Jim, always a pleasure! And yes,Continue reading “1 Thot Minute with Vegas Valentine”

Tuesday (10.29.2019)

TUESDAY (10.29.2019): A Susanne Bartsch stripper showcase at Paradise Club; The Nobodies screen “Rocky Horror” with an afterparty at Venus In Furs; Dezi 5 & company pay tribute to Disney villains for October’s “Full Length LP” at the Vault; Wednesday Westwood guests with Brita Filter; Dexter Driscoll’s spooky exhibit at Rockbar; and more! UPTOWN EVOContinue reading “Tuesday (10.29.2019)”

Monday (10.28.2019)

MONDAY (10.28.2019): The “Scream, Queen” horror doc afterparty at Rockbar featuring its star Mark Patton & directors; the premiere of campy multimedia stage reproduction of horror film “Carnival of Souls” at the Chain Theatre starring Pussy Willow; Natalie Joy Johnson returns to Therapy; Marti Gould Cummings is back at Hardware’s Broadway Mondays with Sutton & Cacophony; andContinue reading “Monday (10.28.2019)”

Sunday (10.27.2019)

SUNDAY (10.27.2019): Alegria at Avant Gardner; Thotyssey’s monthly brings Viva Vidalia and guest Brenda to the Vault; Back-to-back Halloween variety shows from the Imperial Court & Melissa Driscol at Stonewall followed by Cissy Walken’s Invasion; new karaoke night in Chelsea hosted by Thee Suburbia debuts; Tammy Spanx’s new night at Club Cumming; Miss Cherry DelightContinue reading “Sunday (10.27.2019)”

Saturday (10.26.2019)

SATURDAY (10.26.2019): Halloween Saturday! Masterbeat brings a megakiki to Terminal 5; BRUT at 3DB; a 48 Hour party begins at Nowadays; City of Gods at Grand Prospect Hall; CALIBR at ReBar; Be Cute at Littlefield; Circoloco at Brooklyn Navy Yard; Dusty Ray Bottoms at Albatross; Drag Race stars at Hard Rock AC; CEP’s Jumbie inContinue reading “Saturday (10.26.2019)”

On Point With: Lina Bradford

One of New York nightlife’s true legendary luminaries, Lina Bradford is now dropping happy beats the whole world over. Born across the street from Carnegie Hall and making her name firstly as dancing queen Girlina and later as Fire Island superstar DJ Lina, she is about to come full circle with a slew of stellarContinue reading “On Point With: Lina Bradford”

Wake Up, Bitch! (10.26-27.2019)

Your guide to the weekend’s queerest brunches and early events. SATURDAY BOXERS HK : Brunch CAFETERIA (Chelsea): Brunch DEEP END (Ridgewood Qns) Brunch ELMO (Chelsea): Brunch HASWELL GREENS (HK): Brunch with Ritzy Bitz & Misty Mountains INTERMEZZO (HK): Brunch with Tina Burner MAIZAL (Astoria): Brunch with Audrey Phoenix, Patsy InDecline & Ducky Sheaboi LA PULPERIA EAST (UES): Brunch with NicoleContinue reading “Wake Up, Bitch! (10.26-27.2019)”

Friday (10.25.2019)

FRIDAY (10.25.2019):  Pre-Halloween Weekend festivities! The Ghostship boat party off Pier 40; the annual Susanne Bartsch soiree at MoMA PS1 and the Elsewhere afterparty; 3 Dead Bitches at 3 Dollar Bill; Ladyfag’s Halloween takeover of the Paradise Club; werewolf shows at The Deep End; Hacked Halloween at the Beechman; Night 1 of City of GodsContinue reading “Friday (10.25.2019)”

Thursday (10.24.2019)

THURSDAY (10.24.2019): $1000 awarded to the winner of tonight’s Rihanna lip sync battle at 3DB, hosted by Blake Deadly & Nicky Ottav; A second Frank Ocean soiree at the Knockdown Center; “Drag Race UK” viewing parties; Maddelynn Hatter hosts a Halloween Ghoul School at Macri; Phi Phi O’Hara and the cast of QUEEN are VillainsContinue reading “Thursday (10.24.2019)”

On Point With: Iodine Quartz

‘Tis the season for Brooklyn’s newest Spooptress Iodine Quartz to spill the pea soup all over Thotyssey re: her monstrous origins, the challenges of being a POC creature queen, her drag mom and children, a recipe for puke, Charli the Enema… and of course, “Dragula!” Thotyssey: Greetings, Ms. Quartz!, thanks for talking with us! AsContinue reading “On Point With: Iodine Quartz”

Wednesday (10.23.2019)

WEDNESDAY (10.23.2019): A sexy new night at Bedlam features Strip Trivia and an NYC edition of Whip It out Wednesdays; Merrie Cherry’s final CAKES at Metro; Yasmin Delano & Egypt join Holly Box-Springs at Barracuda; Jae W. Brown returns to Rockbar with a new cabaret; Inita D & Chelsea Piers hold down the fort atContinue reading “Wednesday (10.23.2019)”

On Point With: Jae W. Brown

This gifted singer has led an incredibly storied life from Connecticut to Puerto Rico and back again, and is now flourishing as both a role model within New York’s leather community and the host of a well-received monthly cabaret. Keep your eyes and ears on this emerging talent, Jae W. Brown! Thotyssey: Hey, Jae!  HowContinue reading “On Point With: Jae W. Brown”

Tuesday (10.22.2019)

TUESDAY (10.22.2019): Allie X performs at The Vault; Pissi Myles, Jasmine Rice & David Ayllon host a panel discussion at Drew University; Flower Tortilla joins Misty Mountains at Icon; and more! UPTOWN EVO LOUNGE: Enigma Tuesdays (8pm) BOXERS WH: Karaoke with Sucia (9pm) ALIBI: Take It Back Tuesdays (9pm) SUITE: Divinity Banks (11pm) HELL’S KITCHEN HARDWARE:Continue reading “Tuesday (10.22.2019)”

Monday (10.21.2019)

MONDAY (10.21.2019): Paige Turner, Marti Gould Cummings & Jackie Cox share the Hardware stage for Broadway Mondays; Maddelynn Hatter hosts BPM at Metro; Diana DeGarmo & Ace Young play Birdland; and more! UPTOWN TOOLBOX: Charity bingo (9pm) SUITE: Glam Gavin’s karaoke (10pm) ALIBI: “Man Crush Mondays” (10pm) WEST END: TBA HELL’S KITCHEN BOXERS HK: Poker withContinue reading “Monday (10.21.2019)”

On Point With: Jessica Rose

Instrumental in the new wave of Long Island drag and now making things happen in Brooklyn, here is a young queen in full bloom. It’s time we all wandered into the Garden of Evil to stop and smell the lovely Jessica Rose! [Cover Photo: Alex Stafford] Thotyssey: Jessica, hello! How is the Spooky Season treatingContinue reading “On Point With: Jessica Rose”

Sunday (10.20.2019)

SUNDAY (10.20.2019): Cherry Poppins and a an all-star cast of nightlifers present a Stonewall ode to “Rocky Horror,” followed by The Countess Mascara’s Invasion; Miss True Colors in Jackson Heights; the premiere of Ultramaroon at Blue Midtown; at Rockbar, it’s the Mr. Rockbar Beer Blast and Lady Macncheese & company; Vivacious at Rebar; Brita FilterContinue reading “Sunday (10.20.2019)”

Wake Up, Bitch! (10.19-20.2019)

Your guide to the weekend’s queerest brunches and early events. SATURDAY BOXERS HK : Brunch CAFETERIA (Chelsea): Brunch DA CAPO (UP): Brunch with Bootsie LeFaris DEEP END (Ridgewood Qns) Brunch ELMO (Chelsea): Brunch HASWELL GREENS (HK): Brunch with Ritzy Bitz & Misty Mountains MAIZAL (Astoria): Brunch with Audrey Phoenix, Patsy InDecline & Ducky Sheaboi MARIA PIA (HK): Brunch with TinaContinue reading “Wake Up, Bitch! (10.19-20.2019)”