On Point With: Epiphany

The original queen of Brooklyn has since become a star of the international stage… but right now her star is shining over Manhattan. World traveled, live singing, wickedly funny, painfully glam and profoundly married, Epiphany (also known as “Epiphany Get Paid” thanks to an old Facebook handle) unleashes her plot of world domination unto Thotyssey.Continue reading “On Point With: Epiphany”

On Point With: Will Automagic

Currently one half of the hit DJ duo The Carry Nation, Will Automagic has had a storied and celebrated career spinning some of NYC’s most vital venues and parties, and has had several fascinating factors influence his work. Thotyssey and Will look back on a legendary DJ’s life and career. Thotyssey: Hey DJ Will! ThanksContinue reading “On Point With: Will Automagic”

On Point With: Senerio

A rising star in Brooklyn queer hip hop with smooth and intelligent lyrics, a sultry voice and fashions for the Gods, the artist known as Senerio is a person we should all be watching – and hearing – in 2019. Thotyssey: Senerio, hello! Did you recover from Christmas? Senerio: I actually didn’t do anything for ChristmasContinue reading “On Point With: Senerio”

On Point With: Doris Dear

A darling of the city’s cabaret stages, Doris Dear is the creation of Staten Island-born actor Ray DeForest and is based on his fascinating mom Taffy. While rarely mixing it up with New York’s nightlife drag stars, Doris has a huge and diverse following all her own. She returns to the Triad Theater this week withContinue reading “On Point With: Doris Dear”

On Point With: Gassy Bordeaux

Balancing a demanding day job with drag life is never an easy feat, but this new queen is doing just that… and with her own weekly show to boot! Thotyssey gets sassy with Gassy Bordeaux. Thotyssey: Why, hello Gassy! That’s for chatting with us today! So, very important business to cover: that Drag Race Holi-SlayContinue reading “On Point With: Gassy Bordeaux”

On Point With: Selma Nilla

This queen rules both the stage itself with her theatrical, comic and campy performances, and backstage as well with her makeup and GLAM-nominated hair design skills. One of the newest wonders to emerge from The West End, it’s the sensational Selma Nilla! Thotyssey: Selma, hello! Thanks for chatting! So wow, you just performed in ruralContinue reading “On Point With: Selma Nilla”

On Point With: George “Bam Bam” William

He’s Mr. NY Unlimited Cub 2018 and he’s one of the favorite gogo boys of New York’s bear and leather scene.  Get a load of George William, aka Bam Bam! Thotyssey: George, hello! Thanks for talking to us today! How’s your December been so far? George William: December has been quite the month! Holidays are literallyContinue reading “On Point With: George “Bam Bam” William”

On Point With: Broody Valentino

This larger-than-life star of the burlesque stage has been a fan favorite in the genre for some time now, and this year he finally got some GLAM love. Let’s give it up for the Peacock Prince of Pasties, Broody Valentino! Thotyssey: Broody, hello! So, it’s been a few weeks, but I was wondering how theContinue reading “On Point With: Broody Valentino”

RePoint: Frankie Sharp

One of nightlife’s biggest movers-and-shakers has us shook with all he’s up to these days: parties in Brooklyn, East Village and Chelsea; a live singing show; GLAM nominations; Drag Race Judys aplenty; and everything that is 3 Dollar Bill. And soon, the classic kiki that made him a nightlife name will be resurrected! Frankie SharpContinue reading “RePoint: Frankie Sharp”

On Point With: Vicky DeVille

An FIT graduate and the winner this year of Shequida’s Drag Wars second finale, this promising queen has proven herself to be a pretty excellent drag performer and makeup artist. Half of any given audience doesn’t even catch on that she’s AFAB! Thotyssey gets On Point with Vicky DeVille. Thotyssey: Vicky, hello! How was yourContinue reading “On Point With: Vicky DeVille”

On Point With: The Nobodies

Thotyssey has been lucky to speak to the three ragtag Brooklynites (Ariel Italic, DJ Eric “Accident Report” Shorey and Lady Bearica Andrews, pictured above left to right) who comprise the nightlife supergroup The Nobodies individually in the past. But so much has happened with the threesome–wresting fame, a GLAM-nominated pageant, brunches and recording sessions, to nameContinue reading “On Point With: The Nobodies”

On Point With: Elise Navy-Dad

This fun new queen on the scene recently won a major drag competition in the city, and this weekend will be headlining her first ever show. Thotyssey gives some season’s greetings to Elise Navy-Dad! Thotyssey: Elise, hello! How was your Thanksgiving? Elise Navy-Dad: Full of food, friends, and Me Time. My three favorite things. Sounds delightful!Continue reading “On Point With: Elise Navy-Dad”

RePoint: Viva Vidalia

When Thotyssey last interviewed Viva Vidalia (one of our earliest), she’d just won the Mr. Rockbear sash at her home base of Rockbar, and had also just started doing drag. Much as changed! Now among many other things, Viva is the key element to Thotyssey’s latest nightlife venture. Let’s review with Viva! Thotyssey: Viva, helloContinue reading “RePoint: Viva Vidalia”

RePoint: Stephanie Stone

[photo: Santiago Felipe] It’s been two years, so let’s catch up with one of the city’s most glamorous and effortlessly cool queens–and one of Lips’ Restaurant’s most recognizable performers–on the eve of her very new, very fun venture: Miss Stephanie Stone! Thotyssey: Hello Miss Stephanie! It’s been a minute! How have you been? I’m great! ThingsContinue reading “RePoint: Stephanie Stone”

On Point With: Vivica Galactica

This Denver native and elected delegate became a successful queen and hostess of weekly drag competitions in her hometown, but a near tragedy inspired a sudden move to New York. Now starting over in one of the world’s most competitive dragospheres, this queen is ready to reign again. Thotyssey reaches for the stars with VivicaContinue reading “On Point With: Vivica Galactica”

On Point With: Ty Sunderland

One of NYC nightlife’s most hip (and adorbs!) pop DJs–and the gurl behind the immensely popular “Heaven on Earth” monthly diva worshipfest in Chinatown–Ty Sunderland has become a vital thread of the city’s tapestry. And Thursday night, Ty and a roomful of legends will be bringing us another epic night… this time for a very worthyContinue reading “On Point With: Ty Sunderland”

On Point With: Boy Radio

One of Brooklyn nightlife’s most provocative performers (and a hitmaking recording artist) is no drag queen–although he will certainly fuck up those gender norms from time to time. A sexy stage vamp with a wide web of music and style influences, the man called Boy Radio is in a category all his own. Thotyssey: Radio,Continue reading “On Point With: Boy Radio”

On Point With: Double Headed Disco

Longtime resident DJs of Nowhere Bar in the East Village–and the guys behind that bar’s popular monthly deep-tracks-meets-pop-art Double Headed Disco–Jeff Jackson [above pic, left] & Disco Connie [right] will be spinning the 15th Anniversary of Nowhere this weekend! Thotyssey gets on the beat with this popular pair. Thotyssey: Jeff and Connie, hello! Thanks forContinue reading “On Point With: Double Headed Disco”

On Point With: Lacy Stoner

A renown artist and painter who’s used the human body as his primary canvas for several years now–and has been mixing it up with drag queens and performers of all sorts for just as long–Ish Peralta has only started performing in drag himself just recently. Now the bitch already has a pageant crown, and several gaggableContinue reading “On Point With: Lacy Stoner”

On Point With: Millicent

One of drag’s most terrifying and celebrated new look queens is a mild-mattered pharmacy technician by day! Thotyssey shares the spooky tale of Miss Millicent this Halloween Weekend. Thotyssey: Millicent, good morning! Thanks for talking to us at this ungodly hour! I would never have thought that a Creature of the Night such as yourself wouldContinue reading “On Point With: Millicent”