On Point With: Blair St. Clair

Becoming a household name after competing in two seasons of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” where she showcased a vibrancy and stellar fashion sense, this beauty is also the first drag performer from that franchise to chart with original music on Billboard. And now that she’s soon to be paying tribute to her musical theater inspirations forContinue reading “On Point With: Blair St. Clair”

Podcast: Nora Burns is Back in The Village

Thotlight’s Jim and Freddie, discuss just missing the George Santos drag news last week and Jim’s Cellar Dog adventure and Mattahcine run-in with the folks who were supposed to join us on today’s ep! Then it’s time to talk to our real guest, the lovely, talented and hilarious Nora Burns who tells us about comingContinue reading “Podcast: Nora Burns is Back in The Village”

On Point With: Cadet Kelley

Besides helping to give the latest season of “American Horror Story” its kink-perfect period look, Chris “Cadet” Kelley is doing his Mr. Eagle 2023 sash proud with good causes, sexy events, and a mission to make fetish affordable for all! Thotyssey: Hello Chris, thanks for chatting with us! How is 2023 treating you so far?Continue reading “On Point With: Cadet Kelley”

On Point With: Giardia the Parasite

Coming off strong out of two drag competitions, this drag scientist is infecting us with a fever of fabulousness care of some new weekly and monthly shows… Giardia the Parasite! Thotyssey: Hello Giardia, how is 2023 treating you so far? Giardia the Parasite: So far so good! It started with a much needed three weekContinue reading “On Point With: Giardia the Parasite”

Podcast: Drag Race’s Shuga Cain Brings On the White Lotus Rave

On this week’s episode of the Thotlight podcast: Thotyssey’s Jim recounts his weekend with a Tina Burner takeover of a gig, a successful turn at Playthingz and and ho-inch about with the likes of Sharon Needles and Debbie Harry! Meanwhile, Freddie shares a list of Top Male Thot Jobs… are you working one now?  NowContinue reading “Podcast: Drag Race’s Shuga Cain Brings On the White Lotus Rave”