RePoint: Zeta Jones

Since last we spoke, this makeup artist turned young drag queen has flourished in her career, becoming well-known in NYC for her exquisite looks and thrilling dance performances while becoming an increasingly charming show hostess. She’s now about to start a new weekly show at a venue that gave her one of her first starts.Continue reading “RePoint: Zeta Jones”

On Point With: Zeta Jones

She cleaned up at Shequida’s “Drag Wars,” and now she’s slaying Miss Barracuda. Makeup artist and stylist Markey Ricciardi is one of the newest fierce queens to slay the nightlife of NYC… you know her better as Miss Zeta Jones! Thotyssey: Zeta, hello! So, okay, I must start with: did you see your namesake Catherine Zeta-Jones’ cameoContinue reading “On Point With: Zeta Jones”