On Point With: MisssHell

A new queen wins a new crown at a new pageant, and the stars are already aligned for her bright new career. With a monthly show debuting at the West End this week, now is a great time to bask in the glory of this fiery queen–and get the spelling of her name down, FacebookContinue reading “On Point With: MisssHell”

On Point With: Brenda Dharling

Simply one of New York City’s most graceful, gorgeous, poised, positive and professional nightlife performers, Brenda Dharling is probably the only drag queen that no girls really mind losing the pageant crown to (they better not, she has like fifteen of them). This fierce dancer brings her A-game to every stage she’s on, and ifContinue reading “On Point With: Brenda Dharling”

On Point With: Gloria Swansong

This southern romantic artist and Trans activist, whose youthful drag is both nostalgic and cutting edge, has earned acclaim from a strong win in Reddit’s annual online pageant, Now they’re turning fierce looks and numbers in the seminal “So You Think You Can Drag” where they’re competing among friends for the coveted nightlife win. Get OnContinue reading “On Point With: Gloria Swansong”

Miss Boots & Saddle 2016 Finale

A new Miss Boots & Saddle will (finally!) be crowned on Monday as the finalists from the four previous rounds (Lilith LeFae, Svetlana Stoli, Brenda Dharling and Alexis Michelle) and wild-card winner Robyn Banks compete for the title. Delilah Brooks hosts, and one of the judges will be previous winner Prada G. Major. Miss BootsContinue reading “Miss Boots & Saddle 2016 Finale”