On Point With: Ariel Sinclair

She’s a longtime favorite entertainer of all seasons at Lips and Stonewall, but summer is when this queen’s star always shines brightest. Returning very soon to the Ice Palace on Fire Island for gigs galore, Ariel Sinclair makes a little time now for some exclusive sweet T with Thotyssey! Thotyssey: Hello there Ms. Sinclair, thanksContinue reading “On Point With: Ariel Sinclair”

On Point With: Boudoir LeFleur

Debuting this current drag incarnation just last summer, actor and dancer Buddy Flowers already has a weekly show lined up: and it’s a coveted Fire Island summer gig, no less. While quite candid about exactly how she got show,  few can argue that she’s an amazing talent. Let’s slip behind the curtain into the chamberContinue reading “On Point With: Boudoir LeFleur”