Playthingz: Tomorrow’s a Big One!

We at Thotyssey and our sis Phil Chanel have been loving watching our day party “Playthingz” flourish at Playhouse! Every Sunday from 3pm to 7pm, “Playthingz has become THE post-brunch destination in the West Village! VJ OhRicky’s Eurocheese, pop remixes, and Kylie stanning videos make for the perfect feelgood soundtrack of the day, and we’ve got an amazingContinue reading “Playthingz: Tomorrow’s a Big One!”

New Event: Thotyssey & Phil Chanel’s Sunday Playthingz!

Wanna dance after brunch on Sunday? Wanna see some of the city’s best new queens on the rise turn fierce numbers without having to sit through a whole show? Wanna keep those mimosas and margaritas pouring cheaply and frequently? And do you wanna be done by 7pm??? We’ve got you, girl! Starting Sunday, November 13,Continue reading “New Event: Thotyssey & Phil Chanel’s Sunday Playthingz!”

Night of 1000 Thots Returns This Friday!

This Friday (August 19th) marks the return of Night of 1000 Thots, Thotyssey’s 6th anniversary showcase! The show will be in the sexy disco sub-level of the historic Monster Bar in the West Village, hosted by the creators of the “Leather & Lace” fetish romp, Audrey Phoenix & Dean Dante, alongside top local DJ CasaContinue reading “Night of 1000 Thots Returns This Friday!”

Thotyssey & Liam Yung Present Dragonfruit!

I stopped into Liam Yung’s premiere of his new Chinatown party “DRAGONFRUIT” and had so much fun that I had to come on board for this one! Come see what all the fuss is about with shows by new drag sensation Jolli B, sexy moves from John Sun and beats from the iconic BaeJing! There’sContinue reading “Thotyssey & Liam Yung Present Dragonfruit!”

Advertise on Thotyssey!

Every day, hundreds of queer New Yorkers check Thotyssey for a complete and thorough listing of where they can go that night for circuit parties, drag shows, cabaret, burlesque, ballroom, trivia and game nights, bingo, etc. Since 2016, Thotyssey has been the only such heavily detailed and researched daily list that spans the whole city,Continue reading “Advertise on Thotyssey!”

NYC Protest for Anti-Abortion Ruling Today

In response to the Supreme Court’s ruling today overturning Roe v. Wade, there will be a protest in New York today in Washington Square Park at 6:30pm. On Instagram, DM @cunyforabortionrights  or @nycforabortionrights if you represent a group that would like to co-sponsor the protest. There is also an action at Union Square @ 5pm with @freedomsocialistsnyc.

This Week in Thotyssey Events!

Besides listing everyone’s events and interviewing folks in the scene, Thotyssey also produces acclaimed events of her own! You can find us in two places this week: Tuesday, 6/14. It’s a Pride Week installment of our game night LEVEL UP at Atlas Social Club, featuring gamesmaster Shane Cherry! It’s a laid back affair featuring boardContinue reading “This Week in Thotyssey Events!”

Introducing “Thot Stuff” from Thotyssey & WERRRK!

I’ve been looking for a forum to write a new column about nightlife, and I’m delighted for that opportunity to present itself via the amazing Chiffon Dior and her drag-centric site WERRRK! I’ll be discussing and ruminating on my own nightlife POV monthly. Read more about me, the column and WERRRK in today’s exclusive PressContinue reading “Introducing “Thot Stuff” from Thotyssey & WERRRK!”

Tiz the Season to VOTE! (for Thotyssey)

It’s GLAM Awards time again! But changes to the voting rules for the “Best Writer / Blogger” category has put me squarely in the role of the underdog this year, but this old hooker’s got fight in her! If you have love and support for what Thotyssey NYC does for the queer community, please considerContinue reading “Tiz the Season to VOTE! (for Thotyssey)”

Thotyssey + Get Out = Everything!

Announcement: You can now read versions of several Thotyssey’s “On Point” interviews every month in Get Out Magazine! While we take pride in Thotyssey’s content, we must acknowledge that Get Out is a REAL paperback magazine with, like, a staff and ad sales and media contacts and journalistic integrity! It’s been a mainstay in localContinue reading “Thotyssey + Get Out = Everything!”

Announcement: PX.Lab presents “The Positron” featuring Dezi 5 & Cure For Paranoia

From Dezi 5: Right in the peak of the pandemic I was overwhelmed with the thought of doing virtual shows and not being on stage or having the opportunity to record and create moments. I was in Virginia staying at my friend’s lake house by the Rappahannock River. Megan Thee Stallion just released her remixContinue reading “Announcement: PX.Lab presents “The Positron” featuring Dezi 5 & Cure For Paranoia”

Press Release: New Music from DJs Joe Gauthreaux & Jace M!

Joe Gauthreaux & Detroit based DJ Jace M team up for the all-new, original big room banger “We Won’t Go,” from Prop D Recordings. With big beats, haunting synths, and a rebellious chant, this track is ready to burn up any dance floor – or living room at the moment. “We thought about delaying the releaseContinue reading “Press Release: New Music from DJs Joe Gauthreaux & Jace M!”

Press Release: DRAG-ged Through Central Park

DRAGged Through Central Park is the first test of a socially distanced event that will change the way you view your city. Ring around the slayground with our Drag Chauffeurs as we bring you on an unique DRAG experience. Join Elise Navy-Dad, AndrogyNY, and Cherry Poppins on August 31st as they lead you through beautifulContinue reading “Press Release: DRAG-ged Through Central Park”

Resources for Quarantined Nightlifers & Freelancers

Here are some helpful resources for everyone working in nightlife or general freelance currently suffering from the financial burden of the coronavirus quarantine. It is helpfully compiled by Madame Vivien V and the House of Yes family. Report your lost nightlife income to the Office of Nightlife (DEADLINE: April 3rd) Support the New York StateContinue reading “Resources for Quarantined Nightlifers & Freelancers”

Support Your Local Venues From Afar

It’s very likely that some of our favorite NYC venues may be unable to reopen if the coronavirus quarantine continues for weeks or longer, and if federal relief is not given to them (and at this rate, there is no reason for anyone to expect that will happen), they will not have the resources toContinue reading “Support Your Local Venues From Afar”

Press Release: Marcel’s “Production” Underway!

Things are happening for hot new local recording artist and nightlife scenester Marcel! The host of Thotyssey’s twice monthly kiki Thot Mess Thursdays at Rebar is debuting the lyric video for his upcoming single “Production (It’s What I Need)” on Wednesday, January 29th. The release party will be a special edition of Jayse Vegas‘ andContinue reading “Press Release: Marcel’s “Production” Underway!”

New From Honey Davenport!

The sky is the limit for this busy bee! New York’s own Honey Davenport has been spreading her wings all over the world since her turn on RuPaul’s Drag Race this season (she’s at Roscoe’s in Chicago tonight and tomorrow), and now there are some new, slayworthy things coming our way from the Hive. Firstly, MissContinue reading “New From Honey Davenport!”

Vote THOTYSSEY for BNA 2019!

It’s that time of year again to vote for your favorite people, places and scenes from the County of Kings for this year’s Brooklyn Nightlife Awards! We’re quite confident that we’re your only source of daily listings of Brooklyn nightlife events, and we’ve been honored to regular feature interviews with veterans and newcomers to theContinue reading “Vote THOTYSSEY for BNA 2019!”