Thotyssey + Get Out = Everything!

Announcement: You can now read versions of several Thotyssey’s “On Point” interviews every month in Get Out Magazine! While we take pride in Thotyssey’s content, we must acknowledge that Get Out is a REAL paperback magazine with, like, a staff and ad sales and media contacts and journalistic integrity! It’s been a mainstay in local nightlife news for years–in the days before the Drag Race boom, it was so exciting to see your favorite local drag queens, sexy shirtless bartenders and other rando sluts turn up on the cover. And in the minutes before social media, it was positively thrilling to see your own photo in a collage of thottery at some recent bar party. In fact, there’s something that’s still so exciting about seeing your face, life, or work on the printed page… it just feels so real.

Anyway, joining up with this magazine I’ve been reading for years feels like a full circle moment, and I couldn’t be happier. Check out the current issue to see which of this past month’s “On Points” have been selected for print (hint… cover girl Bianca Del Rio is one).

Pick up a hard copy on pretty much any queer bar rack in NYC, or read the current issue online here!


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