New Thotyssey Game Night at XOXO!

Of course we’re enjoying the steady return of nightlife’s decedent glamor, as both our favorite old haunts and some brand new hotspots open their doors, stages and dim back rooms to all the thotlings. But it’s a lot! Sometimes we just wanna fuckin’ geek out, chill with friends, chat up some cute nerds, play SmashContinue reading “New Thotyssey Game Night at XOXO!”

Thotyssey & The NYC Office of Nightlife

We’ve got questions for the NYC Office of Nightlife… join the conversation! Lockdown has created a dire sense of uncertainty as New York City still has no official plan to reopen bars, restaurants and nightclubs in the city. The still newly-created Office of Nightlife probably never expected to be in such a vital position toContinue reading “Thotyssey & The NYC Office of Nightlife”

Where To Find Thotyssey!

In addition to listing everyone’s events in NYC nightlife each night and interviewing key people in the biz, Thotyssey also powers and participates in events all over town! These next few weeks will be a particularly prolific stretch for us, so let’s break down our itinerary. “The BoyGirl Agenda” @ Offside Tavern (Thurs 8/29, 10pm)Continue reading “Where To Find Thotyssey!”