Thotyssey & Liam Yung Present Dragonfruit!

I stopped into Liam Yung’s premiere of his new Chinatown party “DRAGONFRUIT” and had so much fun that I had to come on board for this one! Come see what all the fuss is about with shows by new drag sensation Jolli B, sexy moves from John Sun and beats from the iconic BaeJing! There’sContinue reading “Thotyssey & Liam Yung Present Dragonfruit!”

This Week in Thotyssey Events!

Besides listing everyone’s events and interviewing folks in the scene, Thotyssey also produces acclaimed events of her own! You can find us in two places this week: Tuesday, 6/14. It’s a Pride Week installment of our game night LEVEL UP at Atlas Social Club, featuring gamesmaster Shane Cherry! It’s a laid back affair featuring boardContinue reading “This Week in Thotyssey Events!”

Introducing “Thot Stuff” from Thotyssey & WERRRK!

I’ve been looking for a forum to write a new column about nightlife, and I’m delighted for that opportunity to present itself via the amazing Chiffon Dior and her drag-centric site WERRRK! I’ll be discussing and ruminating on my own nightlife POV monthly. Read more about me, the column and WERRRK in today’s exclusive PressContinue reading “Introducing “Thot Stuff” from Thotyssey & WERRRK!”

Drag Race All-Stars 6 Cast Announced!

Congratulations to the just announced cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race’s All-Stars! The sixth season of the popular franchise’s spinoff will premiere Thursday, June 24th. Over the years, Thotyssey has spoken to a few of these cast members. Let’s revisit these interviews! Ginger Minj (7.11.2017) JanSport (3.8.2017) Jiggly Caliente (7.20.2016) Pandora Boxx (10.30.2017) Scarlet Envy (12.8.2016)

Camp Wannakiki S3 Cast Announced!

Congratulations to the newly-announced cast of Camp Wannakiki Season 3! The Hamburger Mary’s-produced reality series airs on YouTube and features campy drag queens competing in comedy, fashion and physical challenges within a summer camp setting. This season’s cast will include Kentuckian turned New Yorker turned meme star turned back to Kentuckian Gilda Wabbit, as wellContinue reading “Camp Wannakiki S3 Cast Announced!”

Shout Outs: Endless Night & Mad House!

We’re thoroughly enjoying the newly-released Endless Night, a collection of remixes of singles from Vegas Valentine’s recent EP Nocturne.  If you are feeling a gothy 80’s dance vibe Coronavirusing your soul and you need to get that soothed, young Vegas–who is currently tearing up all the NYC queer bars and clubs with his vampy, choreographed, glow-in-the-darkContinue reading “Shout Outs: Endless Night & Mad House!”