Re: The tHOTlist 2021!

It’s been a challenging few months, but the tHOtlist 2021 is on her way! We got off to a late start, but end of December is a realistic publication date. And she’s going to be an extra large one this year, because there is too much to talk about in this landmark Year of Nightlife.

This will also probably be the last one.

I’ve always meant the tHOTlist to be a method of celebrating all the accomplishments in NYC nightlife of the year, and a necessary action to increase the traffic and interest to the site (and if I were a martyr *cough* I would remind you here that I make no direct profit from this site and it’s meant to benefit thousands of people). I don’t think anyone loves this scene more than I do, and I say that without irony. I love the art and the crazy personalities and the history and the changing trends, all of it.

But honestly, making this list it is so, SO much work for one person to do and the negative feedback it gets–a very loud minority–can be a bit overwhelming, especially in these times. Even though this list was extra large, I’m still leaving off tons of people I would’ve liked to celebrate and the idea that these people would take omission from this list so hard and be so negatively impacted is a burden that gets increasingly hard to bear, to the point where I have to wonder if it’s worth continuing.

So I dunno, we’ll see! I have some seeds of ideas of something that can replace this next year. And I may change my mind, because I’m gay and old and senile. But as of now, I think 2021 will be the tHOtlistFinale.

Thotyssey itself, however, isn’t going anywhere!



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