New Event: Thotyssey & Phil Chanel’s Sunday Playthingz!

Wanna dance after brunch on Sunday? Wanna see some of the city’s best new queens on the rise turn fierce numbers without having to sit through a whole show? Wanna keep those mimosas and margaritas pouring cheaply and frequently? And do you wanna be done by 7pm??? We’ve got you, girl!

Starting Sunday, November 13, Thotyssey joins forces with Phil Chanel to bring you Playthingz at Playhouse Bar, a new weekly event where you can dance from 3pm to 7pm and watch pop-up shows from drag slayers:

Dance to the video beats of Playhouse’s in-house music man VJ OhRicky! And drink happy hour margaritas and mimosas for $6 each! Party’s done by 7pm, but if you wanna stay a little longer we’ve got one of Sunday’s best parties “Showtunes in the City” turning it out right after!

Come Play with us every Sunday, starting NEXT WEEK!


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