Press Release: DRAG-ged Through Central Park

DRAGged Through Central Park is the first test of a socially distanced event that will change the way you view your city. Ring around the slayground with our Drag Chauffeurs as we bring you on an unique DRAG experience.

Join Elise Navy-Dad, AndrogyNY, and Cherry Poppins on August 31st as they lead you through beautiful Central Park. Our curated route will take you through the most iconic DIVAS in gay culture. You might see Liza! Could that be Christina? Maybe it’s Diana Ross? The only way to find out is to show up!

Masks are required, there will be a temperature check before receiving your headphones. Each group is limited to 20 people, get your tickets while they last!

Tickets are $35, which includes the silent disco equipment and a water. Buy a ticket and let’s enjoy the beauty that NYC has to offer!

There will be three groups [beginning separately at] 7, 7:30 and 8pm to maintain social distance. Get your tickets now!

[copy provided by Cherry Poppins]

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