Press Release: Marcel’s “Production” Underway!

Things are happening for hot new local recording artist and nightlife scenester Marcel! The host of Thotyssey’s twice monthly kiki Thot Mess Thursdays at Rebar is debuting the lyric video for his upcoming single “Production (It’s What I Need)” on Wednesday, January 29th. The release party will be a special edition of Jayse Vegas‘ and Robert Garcia’s weekly live musical showcase “Oh, Wow!” at the Offside Tavern (10pm), and will feature performances from some of the city’s hottest musicians and drag queens: FLO-PILOT, Vegas Valentine, Crystal Comedowns, Junior Mint, Senerio, Showdolliana, Hibiscus, Olympia, JRoyce, Foxy YumYum and Marcel himself, along with Thot Mess house DJ Casa De Galindo.

“Production (It’s What I Need)” will be Marcel’s debut single, a high energy dance pop track throwing back to pop princesses like Britney Spears while still sounding fresh and fun. Produced by FLO-PILOT, (who also produced Vegas Valentine’s album Nocturne), the single itself will be available to stream on all platforms on February 5th, with a full video out in the spring and then a follow-up single in the summer. Meanwhile, he’ll be popping up all over the city. Follow Marcel on Instagram and Facebook to keep tabs on this quickly rising star of NYC club circuit.



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