The tHOTlist 2020 #250-201

previous | beginning 250. Lacy Stoner New York body painting extraordinaire Ish Peralta got into his ganja queen gear several times during lockdown, gracing us with funny / weird stoner-approved shows in revues that often included his girls Erika Klash and Crimson Kitty. 249. Unkle Spooky Queer NYC’s premiere horror host is responsible for oneContinue reading “The tHOTlist 2020 #250-201”

The tHOTlist 2020 #200-151

previous | beginning 200. Aria Derci Astoria’s lady of smart surrealism and goofy glam, Aria’s shows at Icon and Rockbar were paused during quarantine; she’s made a few live and pre-recorded digital appearances since. Aria’s been a largely off-screen presence during partner Pussy Willow’s digital shows as well. 199. DD Fuego The Mexican-born beauty whoContinue reading “The tHOTlist 2020 #200-151”

The tHOTlist 2020 #100-51

previous | beginning 100. Florence D’Lee  Likely NYC’s most high profile and in-demand drag designer (and a pretty damn funny queen in her own right, when she has time to be one), Florence had an epic year of well-deserved highs and tragic lows. Someone who really should just be getting their paychecks directly from WorldContinue reading “The tHOTlist 2020 #100-51”

The tHOTlist 2020 #305-251

previous 305. Miss Simone Although she’s not on social media and is rarely seen performing onstage these past several years, Miss Simone is a New York icon and legend (mostly a West Village regular, Simone sightings are nonetheless city-wide). When Covid closed all the bars, the palm reader took up show hosting and lip syncingContinue reading “The tHOTlist 2020 #305-251”

The tHOTlist 2020 #50-1

previous | beginning 50. Chauncey Dandridge Stonewall’s house DJ kept himself busier than most this year. Between The Sodomighty Show he’s been running from BBOX Radio pre-Covid, his weekly livestream parties on Insta, the digital editions of his variety show “Freak Out” and his occasional guest spots on other shows, Chauncey’s persistence keeps Stonewall’s musicalContinue reading “The tHOTlist 2020 #50-1”

The tHOTlist 2020 #150-101

previous | beginning 150. Amanda Pörq Here’s a funny and innovative queen who emerged early in 2020 as a force to be reckoned with… then really took the reins with some great virtual programming (including her own weekly IG show) during lockdown. To taste the salty best of Pörq, check out her virtual Halloween show,Continue reading “The tHOTlist 2020 #150-101”

tHOTlist 2019: #100-51

Previous:  #150-101 100. Gloria Swansong For her Miss Hell’s Kitchen talent number, New York’s favorite throwback queen reached for a perfect reinterpretation of a pop culture moment that happened later chronologically then her usual 40s-era repertoire, but was itself a throwback: Madonna’s 1990 VMA performance of “Vogue” with it’s 18th century stylings. Gloria’s take wasContinue reading “tHOTlist 2019: #100-51”

tHOTlist 2019: 150-101

previous: 200-151 150. Senerio Queer Brooklyn’s prolific, swift, and intensely avant garde rapper has emerged as an important force in the Nightosphere. Besides co-producing the massive GiantFest queer music festival with Will Sheridan and a similar improv-centric music showcase called Bonafide Cypher at Eris Evolution with Jen Urban, Senerio DJ’ed Jayse Vegas and Robert Garcia’sContinue reading “tHOTlist 2019: 150-101”

tHOTlist 2019: #200-151

previous: #250-201 200. Shanita Bump So there’s “Boo, I’m a spooky queen” and then there’s “I am the living nightmare you will never unsee.” Shanita definitely embodies the latter… when she chooses. There are actually very few limits to what this Gothic Renaissance-based artist can do with paint and fabric, and that makes her theContinue reading “tHOTlist 2019: #200-151”

tHOTlist 2019: #250-201

previous: #305-251 250. Crimson Kitty The Cult of Crimson continues to worship their goddess across the globe! These days, you can most likely catch the fiery feline’s unfiltered and unpredictable performances while she’s hosting Club Cumming’s FEMME party several Fridays a year, or appearing at venues like Rockbar and Stonewall. And earlier in 2019, sheContinue reading “tHOTlist 2019: #250-201”

tHOTlist 2019: #305-251

Previous: Intro 305. Victoria Falls The glamorous Imperial Court of New York princess had an especially royal summer on Fire Island this year, having been crowned both Cherry Grove Homecoming Queen and Miss Ice Palace. Victoria also placed in this year’s hotly contested Miss Stonewall. 304. Michael Cruz A Filipino-born singer with a large hometown followingContinue reading “tHOTlist 2019: #305-251”