Announcement: PX.Lab presents “The Positron” featuring Dezi 5 & Cure For Paranoia

From Dezi 5:

Right in the peak of the pandemic I was overwhelmed with the thought of doing virtual shows and not being on stage or having the opportunity to record and create moments. I was in Virginia staying at my friend’s lake house by the Rappahannock River. Megan Thee Stallion just released her remix single of “Savage” featuring Beyonce. I was instantly inspired. I wanted to do something fresh and on that level, so I reached out to Facebook and found some producers.

Callie Dee connected me with Ritchy Flo; he was amazing, and immediately sent me music from his catalog. I feel in love with the then-named track “Move It.” I missed being at the clubs in NYC and dressing up in my fal l/ winter fashions. Living, bartending and DJing in New York really inspired the lyrics to this song. I started writing and I named the song “Who Dat?

I returned to my hometown to visit family in Dallas, Texas. I asked my favorite hip hop artist and friend Cameron McCloud from Cure for Paranoia to join me on the song. Jay Analog (JT) engineered and really had a huge hand in producing Dezi’s vocals, which helped take the song to another level. “The Positron” will gives the electronic charge we need to keep perseverance during this pandemic. “Who Dat?” is the musical subatomic particle with the same mass as a numerically equal but positive charge.

Visual artists Eric Trich and Taylor Effin Cleveland of PX.Lab have been working on an art installation, and they wanted to include a music performance that will be streamed live on Tuesday, September 22, 2020 at 7:30pm. During the performance, Dezi 5 will introduce his new single “Who Dat?” featuring Cure For Paranoia in collaboration with a visual art installation by PX.Lab, “The Positron.”


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