Tiz the Season to VOTE! (for Thotyssey)

It’s GLAM Awards time again! But changes to the voting rules for the “Best Writer / Blogger” category has put me squarely in the role of the underdog this year, but this old hooker’s got fight in her! If you have love and support for what Thotyssey NYC does for the queer community, please consider giving Jim Silvestri of Thotyssey your vote! Literally everyone reading this can vote for this category, as it is now up to the public! There’s actually a number of fun categories that everyone can vote for now, so check it out! (Vote for Best Writer / Blogger, Scene Queen, Podcast, Video, etc. here)

And if you’re an Industry Baby (you work in nightlife and have a voting code from Cherry Jubilee), please also consider voting for Jim Silvestri as Best Event Producer, and my baby “Night of 5000 Thots” as Best Event! (Nightlife folks vote here). Thank you luvs!


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