RePoint: Zeta Jones

Since last we spoke, this makeup artist turned young drag queen has flourished in her career, becoming well-known in NYC for her exquisite looks and thrilling dance performances while becoming an increasingly charming show hostess. She’s now about to start a new weekly show at a venue that gave her one of her first starts.Continue reading “RePoint: Zeta Jones”

On Point With: Nicky Boom Box

A New York bar and club DJ for six years now, North Carolina-born Nick Padron keeps the kids dancing (often joining them later in the night), and is favorite of both venue owners and drag queens (he’s the Professor of Drag Suicide, after all) across the city. Thotyssey turns up the volume for DJ NickyContinue reading “On Point With: Nicky Boom Box”

On Point With: Allegra Spread

Whether she’s partying drag queen Allegra Spread or sultry burlesquer Satine S’Allumer, this entertainer delivers. Checkout her exclusive interview with Thotyssey! Thotyssey: Allegra, hello! So, have you finished holiday shopping yet, if that’s a thing you do? I haven’t even started! Allegra Spread: I finished about 15 minutes ago, actually! I found some cute HanukkahContinue reading “On Point With: Allegra Spread”

On Point With: Amanda Lepore

Perhaps the most recognizable face, body and personality in New York nightlife, this host and entertainer is revealing more about her fabulous life (and it’s not-always-so-fabulous early perils) in her new co-authored memoir “Doll Parts.” Filled with anecdotes, beauty tips and gorgeous shots from some of the scene’s greatest photographers, the living exhibit Amanda LeporeContinue reading “On Point With: Amanda Lepore”

On Point With: Alexis Michelle

This fierce and gorgeous drag queen is well known and respected for her Broadway belting, her success in competitions and pageants, and her growing array of fierce, colorful looks. Alexis Michelle chats with Thotyssey about life, drag, reveals… and Cats! Thotyssey: Hi Alexis, how are you? How was Pride?  Alexis Michelle: Hi! Pride was amazingContinue reading “On Point With: Alexis Michelle”

On Point With: Aja

One of New York City drag’s greatest dancers, Aja has been tearing up the bars and clubs of Manhattan, Brooklyn and beyond for years. And she’s only 22! Now with shows in Brooklyn, a fledgling rap career, a growing array of fierce high fashion looks and a shot at the Miss Industry 2016 crown, thisContinue reading “On Point With: Aja”

On Point With: Marti Gould Cummings

She works all over the city and beyond. She sings, dances, lip syncs, interviews celebrities, paints amateur queens, hosts parties and leads karaoke, and she does it all clean and sober, uncensored and unfiltered. And on the evening of April 1st (THIS FRIDAY), she’s gonna rock your fucking face off. Thotyssey’s got Marti Gould CummingsContinue reading “On Point With: Marti Gould Cummings”