Wednesday (1.2.2019)

UPTOWN / BRONX TOOLBOX: Karaoke with Jackie Dupree (9pm) CASTRO: BARRIO WEDNESDAYS (10pm)  WEST END: Lagoona Bloo (9pm);  Didi Cumswell (11pm) HELL’S KITCHEN HARDWARE: Skye Walker, DD Fuego & Lemon (10m)  VSBU: Karaoke with Adriana Trenta (9pm)  BOXERS HK: Karaoke with Viva Vidalia (9pm) ATLAS SOCIAL CLUB: Men of Adonis Lounge (10pm) POSH: DJ John Marto with Octavia AnyaeContinue reading “Wednesday (1.2.2019)”

On Point With: Epiphany

The original queen of Brooklyn has since become a star of the international stage… but right now her star is shining over Manhattan. World traveled, live singing, wickedly funny, painfully glam and profoundly married, Epiphany (also known as “Epiphany Get Paid” thanks to an old Facebook handle) unleashes her plot of world domination unto Thotyssey.Continue reading “On Point With: Epiphany”

New Years Day (1.1.2019)

UPTOWN / BRONX TOOLBOX: TRL with singer Carla Bordonada (8:30pm)  BOXERS WH: Karaoke with Sucia (9pm)  ALIBI: Take It Back Tuesdays (9pm) EVO LOUNGE: Kelly KaBoom with Jadé (10:30pm)  BOXERS UES: TBA  HELL’S KITCHEN HUDSON TERRACE: SUNRISE day circuit party (7am-8pm) HARDWARE: Brita Filter TBA (8pm);  Pixie Aventura (11pm)  POSH: GOGO TUESDAYS (10pm)  RISE: Karaoke with Emily McNamaraContinue reading “New Years Day (1.1.2019)”