On Point With: Pussy Willow

Astoria’s AFAB comedy queen is spreading her branches across the city,  winning fans all over thanks to her colorful looks and lively performances. With a new monthly show about to premiere and several other important gigs coming up, now is the time to sit in the shade of Pussy Willow! Thotyssey: Pussy, hello! Thanks soContinue reading “On Point With: Pussy Willow”

On Point With: Viki Villainess

This fashionista (also known as designer / podcaster Ronie Reives) has proven recently that she is as funny as she is fierce, both on the stage and over the digital airwaves. Behold the voluptuous villainy of Viki Villainess! Thotyssey: Hey, Viki! I’m listening to the latest episode of The Shade Parade, a podcast you doContinue reading “On Point With: Viki Villainess”

On Point With: Lypsinka

One of the most influential performers to ever come out of the queer nightlife scene, Lypsinka has always preferred the term “surrealist” over “drag queen” to describe what she does. And if you’ve ever watched any video clips of past performances or have seen or live, you’d know how fitting that term is. Whether she’s living upContinue reading “On Point With: Lypsinka”

On Point With: Paradise

From the conservative “swampy suburbs” of Florida, to the rude streets of Paris, to the most trendsetting queer bar in Brooklyn, this young performer has seen it all and is turning it out: welcome to Paradise! Thotyssey: Hey, Paradise! We suddenly have nice weather in our midst, but it’s very temporary…  will you do outdoors-eyContinue reading “On Point With: Paradise”

On Point With: Annie Manildoo

A queen who is absolutely spearheading the rising drag scene in Long Island and a fierce force to be reckoned with… it’s the amazing Annie Manildoo! Thotyssey: Annie hello! How was your weekend? Annie Manildoo: Hello, darling! My weekend was eventful. Lots of planning and working my day job. Werking and working! What’s your day job,Continue reading “On Point With: Annie Manildoo”

On Point With: West Dakota

This Renaissance Queen and multimedia artist is carving out a unique space for herself in Brooklyn drag via fierce performances, eclectic looks of her own design, and… “gibberish.” All hail Dakota Ceneta, alias Mr(s) BK 2017 West Dakota!  Thotyssey: Hello, thanks for talking to us! First thing’s first: when you’re out in giesh, do yourContinue reading “On Point With: West Dakota”