On Point With: JEM

This party promoter created the popular Sunday night Brooklyn party Otter Box, which is now making it’s way to the Deep End… a new Ridgewood venue that he’s opened. Let’s dive to the deep end of Jorge Mdahuar, aka JEM! Thotyssey: Hey JEM! How are you today? As a new venue owner, you must have,Continue reading “On Point With: JEM”

On Point With: DJ Tikka Masala

A fierce feminist, gifted musician and popular DJ, this India-born triple-threat is at home on a lit dancefloor, alone in a quiet studio, or performing for a White House gala event. With lots of exciting gigs and projects coming up, now is the time to spice up your life with DJ Tikka Masala! Thotyssey: HiContinue reading “On Point With: DJ Tikka Masala”

On Point With: Will Sheridan

A star player on the college basketball court and a star rapper on stages large and small, Will Sheridan aka G.I.A.N.T. has killed it in every way. Being out in both of those worlds has given him headline status, but Will is first and foremost a top notch musician and entertainer.  Get yourself a G.I.A.N.T.Continue reading “On Point With: Will Sheridan”

On Point With: Ruby Roo

This queen made Mondays WORK in Brooklyn, with a long-running popular show “Mondays on Mondays” at This-N-That (TnT). With co-hosts Thorgy and Ragamuffin, MoM was an absolute favorite until the venue’s sad and shocking closure this past week. That’s okay though, because this versatile hostess has gigs all over the city, including the Duplex’s longest-runningContinue reading “On Point With: Ruby Roo”

On Point With: Sasha Velour

An artist in every sense of the word, Sasha Velour embodies and informs what’s exciting about Brooklyn nightlife, art and drag. Her amazing, expectations-defying monthly show Nightgowns returns in October to gag us, issue #2 of her dragazine drops soon, and her curious and distinctive artwork continues to haunt our dreams and tickle our nightmares.Continue reading “On Point With: Sasha Velour”

On Point With: Horrorchata

Horrorchata, as many of us know, is one of those innovative artists who helped shape the Brooklyn nightlife we know today. This is most evident in Bushwig, the drag festival she co-created in 2012, which pulled many of the kooky/ creative Brooklyn performance artists from the dark corners of their hip venues, and dropped themContinue reading “On Point With: Horrorchata”

On Point With: Alotta McGriddles

Things you shouldn’t do: come for this queen, cuz she don’t play. Things you should do: gag on this queen, because she’s one of Brooklyn’s most beloved entertainers, and because her Alotta Stuff vintage fashion finds are coveted in and beyond the drag world. She shows off her wears weekly at one of the coolestContinue reading “On Point With: Alotta McGriddles”

On Point With: DJ Accident Report

Eric Shorey is a writer, scholar and hater of most things, but he’s best known as Brooklyn’s own DJ Accident Report. Making up the beat-dropping third of the self-deprecating nightlife collective The Nobodies, you can find him behind queens Ariel Italic & Lady Bearica Andrews on Monday nights at Eastlands, and also at some otherContinue reading “On Point With: DJ Accident Report”

On Point With: Gary Carmichael

One of NYC’s reigning drag kings–and heralded as “The Drag Whisperer” among the queens–Gary Carmichael opens up about his origins and career, and his upcoming performance at the Metropolitan Bar in Brooklyn. Thotyssey: So, where are you from, and what sort of work do you do during the day? Gary Carmichael: NYC born and raised. I amContinue reading “On Point With: Gary Carmichael”

Saturday Night’s Picks

UPTOWNEnjoy hot Latin dancers for Castro Bar’s Papi Chulo party. MIDTOWN / HELLS KITCHENBoyz Night is a new monthly party at Therapy, hosted by Kareem McJagger and Lolo Michelle-Kiki. CHELSEAThe Urban Bear is throwing a party at Slake. WEST VILLAGEMiz Cracker and Marti Cummings share the Boots & Saddle stage, and rumor has it theirContinue reading “Saturday Night’s Picks”

Friday Night’s Picks

UPTOWNMiz Cracker’s back in town for Blackout Friday, with Brenda Darling at Suite. MIDTOWN / HELL’S KITCHENThere’s a hot Habibi party at the Hudson Terrace tonight! CHELSEAIndigo Friday: a Socialites party at the Indigo Hotel with by Julius Ferreira. WEST VILLAGEIt’s the monthly underwear party at Rockbar, now called NYDirt, with DJ’s Damian and Mirch.Continue reading “Friday Night’s Picks”

Thursday Night’s Picks

UPTOWNJacqueline Dupree’s at Suite with karaoke. HELL’S KITCHEN / MIDTOWNPOSH’s 16th anniversary party, with hostess Morgan Royel.. CHELSEA DJ Johnny Ianniello spins for House Thursdays at G Lounge. WEST VILLAGE Thirsty Thursday at Pieces with Judy Darling, and tonight it’s Marti Gould Cummings filling in for Miz Cracker. EAST VILLAGE Fire in the Hole!, a monthlyContinue reading “Thursday Night’s Picks”

To-Do Wednesdays in Brooklyn

Wanna Fook? (Broad City viewing party) at TnT. Here’s a happy hour viewing party for the cult TV show “Broad City,” hosted by Ragamuffin at TnT.  7pm @This n’That (TnT), 108 N 6th St Cakes at Metropolitan Bar. Weekly party at Metropolitan, hosted by Elizabeth James and Untitled Queen with DJ Horrorchatta. Featuring a pants-offContinue reading “To-Do Wednesdays in Brooklyn”