On Point With: Vigor Mortis

This drag king and burlesque performer has his plate filled right now as the assistant of, and collaborator with, the great “Drag Race” queen Sasha Velour. But the Mister Coney Island 2017 competition is right upon us, which means it’s just about time for Vigor Mortis to take center stage once again! Thotyssey: Hello there, Vigor!Continue reading “On Point With: Vigor Mortis”

On Point With: Hystée Lauder

This dynamic drag performance artist draws from a deep cache of menacing props and costumes, mysterious audiovisuals and penetrating themes for their stagecraft, leaving audiences with feelings of dread, bewilderment and wonder. But one thing’s certain: you’ll never be bored. Bringing their unclassifiable sorcery to the Bizarre stage this week, it’s the ominous, glorious HystéeContinue reading “On Point With: Hystée Lauder”

On Point With: Olive d’Nightlife

Coming into drag later in life after a marriage and a stint as Goofy (!), this queen met Brooklyn drag artist Sasha Velour and underwent a rebirth. Now hosting shows in Brooklyn, including a viewing party of Sasha’s adventures on “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” Olive d’Nightlife is ready to make some waves of her own! Thotyssey: Olive,Continue reading “On Point With: Olive d’Nightlife”

On Point With: Mitch Ferrino

From hip hop dancer, to Monster bartender, to club DJ, to award-winning music producer… this guy has come far and done much. And now with the success of his production company with Bob the Drag Queen, the unending pleasure that is his hit single with Bob “Purse First,” and a new “Drag Race” musical collaboration aboutContinue reading “On Point With: Mitch Ferrino”

Repointed: The RPDR Season 9 NYC Girls

So happy and excited that these four NYC queens have finally been announced as RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 competitors! THey have all been kind enough to grant me interviews recently, so check them out and Be In The Know! (PS: I wasn’t trying to be shady when I flat out asked Sasha if sheContinue reading “Repointed: The RPDR Season 9 NYC Girls”

On Point With: Sasha Velour

An artist in every sense of the word, Sasha Velour embodies and informs what’s exciting about Brooklyn nightlife, art and drag. Her amazing, expectations-defying monthly show Nightgowns returns in October to gag us, issue #2 of her dragazine drops soon, and her curious and distinctive artwork continues to haunt our dreams and tickle our nightmares.Continue reading “On Point With: Sasha Velour”