On Point With: Ruby Roo

This queen made Mondays WORK in Brooklyn, with a long-running popular show “Mondays on Mondays” at This-N-That (TnT). With co-hosts Thorgy and Ragamuffin, MoM was an absolute favorite until the venue’s sad and shocking closure this past week. That’s okay though, because this versatile hostess has gigs all over the city, including the Duplex’s longest-runningContinue reading “On Point With: Ruby Roo”

Friday Night’s Picks

UPTOWNMiz Cracker’s back in town for Blackout Friday, with Brenda Darling at Suite. MIDTOWN / HELL’S KITCHENThere’s a hot Habibi party at the Hudson Terrace tonight! CHELSEAIndigo Friday: a Socialites party at the Indigo Hotel with by Julius Ferreira. WEST VILLAGEIt’s the monthly underwear party at Rockbar, now called NYDirt, with DJ’s Damian and Mirch.Continue reading “Friday Night’s Picks”

To-Do Wednesday Night: East Village

Balls Deep with Tammy Spenks at Phoenix. Bingo AND karaoke! Plus other games and songs! Join Tammy at Phoenix for this weekly fun stuff mashup.  9pm @Phoenix, 447 E 13th St Work It! Wednesdays at Nowhere Bar. Nowhere Bar party with DJ Joey Uno and Sonny Black.  10pm @Nowhere Bar, 322 E 14th St TheContinue reading “To-Do Wednesday Night: East Village”