On Point With: Ruby Roo

This queen made Mondays WORK in Brooklyn, with a long-running popular show “Mondays on Mondays” at This-N-That (TnT). With co-hosts Thorgy and Ragamuffin, MoM was an absolute favorite until the venue’s sad and shocking closure this past week. That’s okay though, because this versatile hostess has gigs all over the city, including the Duplex’s longest-runningContinue reading “On Point With: Ruby Roo”

On Point With: Gary Carmichael

One of NYC’s reigning drag kings–and heralded as “The Drag Whisperer” among the queens–Gary Carmichael opens up about his origins and career, and his upcoming performance at the Metropolitan Bar in Brooklyn. Thotyssey: So, where are you from, and what sort of work do you do during the day? Gary Carmichael: NYC born and raised. I amContinue reading “On Point With: Gary Carmichael”