Bar Babe of the Week: Johnny at Pieces

Gotta love this cute and crazy furball… Johnny is a laugh riot, and a Bar Babe on any given week (but this one especially)! Bar that I work at: Pieces. How long I’ve worked there: Four months going on eternity: What are my shifts: Monday and Wednesday Happy Hour; Tuesday Night Karaoke with  Marti Gould Cummings & Kareem McJagger; Saturday Night / SinfulContinue reading “Bar Babe of the Week: Johnny at Pieces”

Thursday Night’s Picks

UPTOWNJacqueline Dupree’s at Suite with karaoke. HELL’S KITCHEN / MIDTOWNPOSH’s 16th anniversary party, with hostess Morgan Royel.. CHELSEA DJ Johnny Ianniello spins for House Thursdays at G Lounge. WEST VILLAGE Thirsty Thursday at Pieces with Judy Darling, and tonight it’s Marti Gould Cummings filling in for Miz Cracker. EAST VILLAGE Fire in the Hole!, a monthlyContinue reading “Thursday Night’s Picks”