1 Thot Minute With Castrata

Recently emerging as one of New York’s most delightful and talented live singing queens, this performer is about to premiere a very special, very different showcase in November. Thotyssey is happy to play catch up with Castrata! [Cover photo: Anthony Cunanan] Thotyssey: Hello Castrata! Happy Spooky Season… do you have all your scary looks plannedContinue reading “1 Thot Minute With Castrata”

1 Thot Minute With Chris Harder

From porn to gogo dancing to burlesque and theater, Chris Harder has been there and done ALL that. Now enjoying a popular residence at The Slipper Room, he’s about to launch an exciting, additional new showcase there. [Cover photo: Rope Daddy] Thotyssey: Hello Chris How was your Pride Week? Chris Harder: Busy! (In that IContinue reading “1 Thot Minute With Chris Harder”

1 Thot Minute with Miz Jade

One of our favorite OG Brooklyn queens, the divine dancer Miz Jade is finally about to present a long-delayed, highy anticipated showcase this weekend! [Cover photo: Mettie Ostrowski] Thotyssey: Hello Miz Jade! Yay, fun to catch up! Miz Jade: Hey, hey Jim! Always a pleasure! I saw you just appeared in an interesting looking showContinue reading “1 Thot Minute with Miz Jade”

1 Thot Minute with Holly Box-Springs

She was a fairly new queen when last we spoke here in 2016, but today the Texas-born Holly Box-Springs is the Reveal Queen of NYC, a current reigning national pageant title holder and a goddess of gigs! Thotyssey: Hello Holly! Thanks for chatting with us on this fairly crazy weather day! How did your firstContinue reading “1 Thot Minute with Holly Box-Springs”

1 Thot Minute with Dreama Belle

Although she’s more of a multi-state queen these days, this Virginia-born performer is back hosting a special Halloween show in fairly magical NYC neighborhood. Thotyssey: Hello again Dreama, long time no see! How is post-lockdown life treating you these days? Dreama Belle: Hello, hello! It’s treating me well! It feels wonderful to have entered backContinue reading “1 Thot Minute with Dreama Belle”

1 Thot Minute with Frankie Sharp

New venue The Q has proven itself to be one of post-lockdown NYC nightlife’s true success stories, thanks in large part to entertainment entrepreneur Frankie Sharp. As The Q’s programming schedule continues to expand and flourish, you’d think that would be enough to keep Frankie busy… but in the Sharp Cinematic Universe, there are alwaysContinue reading “1 Thot Minute with Frankie Sharp”

1 Thot Minute with Antonio Cedeno

The gogo boy turned event producer returns to Rebar in Chelsea this weekend for the revival of his sexy circuit affair CALIBR. Let’s catch up with Antonio Cedeno! Thotyssey: Happy Post-Fourth of July! Did you celebrate at all this weekend? Antonio Cedeno: There was a little bit of bar hopping… paying for it today. Lol,Continue reading “1 Thot Minute with Antonio Cedeno”

1 Thot Minute With Busted

Summer is always this queen’s busy season… so if you haven’t seen what either Fire Island or this somewhat difficult-to-describe performer have to offer, now is the time! In fact, 2021 might have more Busted then any year before, so now’s a great time for Thotyssey to catch up with our favorite one-look-is-all-you-need comedy queen!Continue reading “1 Thot Minute With Busted”

1 Thot Minute with Frankie Sharp

When NYC nightlife’s most prolific partymaker (Westgay! Metrosensual! BOYS! Dreamland! Lovegun!) took all of his kikis out of the bars in anticipation of a plague last year, it was a clear sign that the coronavirus was legit and our reality was about to change. And now that he’s back and heralding a spectacular brand newContinue reading “1 Thot Minute with Frankie Sharp”

1 Thot Minute with Shuga Cain

When Thotyssey last interviewed this sweet queen way back in 2017, she had recently entered the nightlife world as a later-in-life career changer and was just starting to pick up some cute gigs. Thanks to her professionalism, kindness, vibrant looks and dynamic stage presence, she’d soon rise to be one of NYC’s most popular showContinue reading “1 Thot Minute with Shuga Cain”

1 Thot Minute with Anna-Lisa Campos

The endearing Brooklyn scenester and Restaurant Lady has an important call to action for us regarding a governmental proposal this weekend that can further endanger the business of nightlife. Thotyssey: Hello Anna-Lisa! Thanks for chatting today… how is your Summer Without Bars & Restaurants treating you so far? Anna-Lisa Campos: Hi, Jim! I’ve realized thatContinue reading “1 Thot Minute with Anna-Lisa Campos”

1 Thot Minute with Untitled Queen

One of drag’s most wholly original, enigmatic and enchanting figures, Untitled Queen last spoke to Thotyssey in the wake of a bittersweet Pride season following the Pulse shootings. It’s fitting that we’re catching up now at the end of another emotional Pride weekend, and on the eve of her most ambitious project to date. Thotyssey:Continue reading “1 Thot Minute with Untitled Queen”

1 Thot Minute With Felix And The Future

When last we spoke to this dynamic musician, he was winning his first Brooklyn Nightlife Award. These days he has new music on the horizon, a unique new digital live show and a vastly original fashion line… that may have just been totally ripped off in a very public way. The multi-talented Felix And TheContinue reading “1 Thot Minute With Felix And The Future”

1 Thot Minute with Angelica Sundae

One of Brooklyn’s most popular and creative queens has found a new level of success with a big production showcase in Manhattan that’s making all the children gag. Angelica Sundae schools Thotyssey on the secret to the sweet success of Snack Theater. [Cover photo: Dylan Thomas] Thotyssey: Hi again, Angelica! You must be busy now,Continue reading “1 Thot Minute with Angelica Sundae”

1 Thot Minute with Coco Taylor

Thotyssey catches up with NYC’s kindly and campy queen, former Miss Rockbar Coco Taylor, as she prepares to premiere her biggest show yet. Thotyssey: Coco! Hello and happy New Year! The last time I saw you was just a few nights ago at Rockbar where you performed with the current and prior Miss Rockbars, VictoriaContinue reading “1 Thot Minute with Coco Taylor”

1 Thot Minute with Honey Davenport

Back in NYC for the premiere of her festive (and horny) new Beechman show, “Drag Race” Season 11’s newly transplanted West Coaster Honey Davenport spills the sweet stuff regarding some scandalous projects coming soon from the Hive that we will need in our lives. [Cover photo: Preston Burford] Thotyssey: Honey, thanks for talking to us!Continue reading “1 Thot Minute with Honey Davenport”

1 Thot Minute with Vegas Valentine

Space Pirate and rising star of queer NYC’s nightlife and music scenes, Vegas Valentine is about to drop his much-anticipated debut EP, “Nocturne”… with a killer release party to boot. All aboard! Thotyssey: Hello Mr. Valentine, happy Almost Halloween! Do you have a dozen lewks prepared already? Vegas Valentine: Hi Jim, always a pleasure! And yes,Continue reading “1 Thot Minute with Vegas Valentine”

1 Thot Minute With Bootsie LeFaris

One of NYC’s most celebrated and hardest working comedy queens, Bootsie’s got shows… everywhere, basically. But you haven’t had The Full LeFaris until you’ve had the Bootsie Brunch! Our queen catches us up on her many goings on. [Cover & closing photos: Wilson Models] Thotyssey: Bootsie, hi! Happy October! How is the season treating you soContinue reading “1 Thot Minute With Bootsie LeFaris”

1 Thot Minute with Frankie Sharp

A Man For All Seasons: Thotyssey catches up with NYC’s most prolific partymaker to get a preview of what he has in store for us come autumn (spoiler: it’s a LOT). Thotyssey: Hi Frankie! I just saw you at your Dreamland kiki at the Dream Hotel, which you’ve made happen every Sunday this summer onContinue reading “1 Thot Minute with Frankie Sharp”

1 Thot Minute with Will Sheridan

The Brooklyn-based recording artist, DJ, event producer and larger-than-life personality is spearheading a two-day event that will finally give queer musicians the vital showcase we all need them to have. Thotyssey: Will, hello! It’s been a minute since we last spoke here. I just wanted to start by thanking you again for stopping by toContinue reading “1 Thot Minute with Will Sheridan”