1 Thot Minute with Miz Jade

One of our favorite OG Brooklyn queens, the divine dancer Miz Jade is finally about to present a long-delayed, highy anticipated showcase this weekend! [Cover photo: Mettie Ostrowski]

Thotyssey: Hello Miz Jade! Yay, fun to catch up!

Miz Jade: Hey, hey Jim! Always a pleasure!

I saw you just appeared in an interesting looking show called “Thirst Trap Live” at Studio 123 Bowery this past Sunday, starring Roman Darkholme. How was that?

“Thirst Trap Live” was a blast. Roman is such a fun and sexy weirdo… a true Renaissance man.

Sounds like a ki! So between your regular gigs at Metro, Phoenix and Tailgate as well as teaching dance classes, you’re a busy gal these days.

Yes! I’m a little extra! In addition to teaching dance, the gigz, Drag Story Hour and trying to have a social life… it’s hard for the Queen of Brooklyn!

I bet! So I want to get right into a discussion of a show you’ve been working on for a long time now, that’s finally hitting the Triskelion Arts stage in Brooklyn this weekend. First off, tell us a bit about what Synthesis is, and how it was conceived.

Yes, Synthesis! I believe the definition is “synthesis” is the combination of different ideas to create a system or theory. And that’s exactly what this show is: a combination of different nightlife creatures joining forces to celebrate an array of disciplines and identities. Synthesis aims to allow artists to present their work in an elevated environment with more technical support, enabling a grander vision to come to life.

This was supposed to happen some time ago, but Miss Rona sadly said “nope!”

OMG, Miss Rona tried that! It was supposed to go live March 2020! Lockdown started that very week!

Has the show changed a lot since that original intended version?

The vision, mission and vibe of the show stayed the same. The art and a couple of the performers changed. I mean, I guess that is expected.

It’s a fantastic and diverse lineup now: Ana MasreyaBibingka MamaDaphne AlwaysMunroe LillyOliver Herface and Theydy Bedbug! What is it about these incredible folks, generally speaking, that make them the right fit for your vision?

Great question! Each of these artists have carved out a space for themselves in nightlife. We are all different, and have our own stories and journeys. Synthesis is just a platform to showcase that. It’s important to me to showcase the diversity in nightlife! Although we are all in the scene, many of these artist have not worked together on the same stage. This is a showcase of talent and art, and also an opportunity to fall in love with another creative.

Love that! What else can you tell us about the show, which will be this Friday and Saturday at 8pm?

We have a creative named Nadav Schwartzman, who will have an art installation in the lobby of Triskelion Arts. I’m very nervous about the event… it’s my first big curation since college. I never get nervous, but here we are! If this is a success, there will be other instillations on the horizon.

It’s going to be entirely epic! Last quick question, as you happen to be a viewing party hostess alongside Thorgy Thor at Tailgate: who’s winning S14 of Drag Race?

I’m rooting for Angeria! But I wouldn’t be mad if Miss Willow Pill snatched the crown!

Have a great show, Miz Jade!

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Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Miz Jade’s scheduled appearances, and follow her on  FacebookInstagram & Twitter.

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