1 Thot Minute with Antonio Cedeno

The gogo boy turned event producer returns to Rebar in Chelsea this weekend for the revival of his sexy circuit affair CALIBR. Let’s catch up with Antonio Cedeno!

Thotyssey: Happy Post-Fourth of July! Did you celebrate at all this weekend?

Antonio Cedeno: There was a little bit of bar hopping… paying for it today.

Lol, I hear that! It was a wilder-than-usual Independence Day Weekend, following a glorious Pride. As someone whose livelihood is bringing people together for celebration, that must’ve been a wonderful thing to see after a year of basically nothing!

I feel [the lockdown] went by so fast, at least for me.

In retrospect, it did! Did you get any new tats during the downtime?

Yes: new face tattoo and leg sleeve.

Just in time for the return of CALIBR at Rebar on Saturday, July 10! That’s the sexy circuit monthly you created there that brings all the boys to the yard! Tell us what that party has been like, for anyone who maybe has never been there yet.

Absolutely a joy of a ride. I want to do something no one else has done in the circuit scene: one party name and many, many themes. Also, turning a bar into a mini-club was a challenge, but I decided if I’m gonna make this look good I have to get special lighting. Oh yes, and let’s not forget my queen AndrogyNY, serving some fierce looks for every theme.

Something else that I focused on is giving our own NYC DJs the opportunity to shine, since most circuit parties bring out of state DJs. Don’t get me wrong–every once in awhile I bring in outside DJs, but we have so much talent right here in NYC. I love creating the theme, but what I love most is the expression on people’s faces when they see what I’ve done to the place. If you’re smiling and dancing your ass off, then I did my job… and that makes me happy.

What’s in store for us this weekend?

I am bringing one of the hottest musically talented DJ duos from Twitch streaming to live decks: Bio Zounds and Ted Bishop Nieves. [Plus, we have] a new redesigned, logo on step-and-repeat [banners], lighting and visuals for your nerves, dancers… and the best drinks in town. I have never repeated a theme; this time, [it’s] Alma y Tambores. Alma means “the soul,” and tambores means “percussion.” So a lot of drums will be played to move your soul! Also this time around, I’m introducing my website where you can see pictures of past events, buy tickets, and join the email list. There’s a $20 cover.

Will you be up on the bar dancing with your gogo boys this time, like the olden days?

I just might–I need to get my moves and grooves going again.

Yay! Any closing words?

I will continue to work hard to bring the best music and atmosphere for your dancing pleasure. See you on the dance floor!

Thanks again, Antonio!

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Antonio Cedeno’s upcoming events, and follow him on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. Also, check out his website.

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