1 Thot Minute With Busted

Summer is always this queen’s busy season… so if you haven’t seen what either Fire Island or this somewhat difficult-to-describe performer have to offer, now is the time! In fact, 2021 might have more Busted then any year before, so now’s a great time for Thotyssey to catch up with our favorite one-look-is-all-you-need comedy queen!

Thotyssey: Hello again, Busted! Happy Pride month!

Busted: Hi, Jim! Happy Pride!

So you’re already super busy this summer… even by your always-busy-in-the-summer standards! That must be a huge change of pace after a year of almost nothing, right?

It has been a welcomed change of pace. My knees are still trying to catch up, but the summer is off to a great start.

As far as the people you’re seeing out there on the Island, do you already notice a big difference then what you had to work with last year?

Last year so many people stayed away, but I think that was expected. Those that did make it were able to have fun while following the guidelines, and it seemed to work. This summer they are ready to go and make up for lost time. It’s on!

So what we all love about a Busted show is that we never an idea what to expect, but we also know exactly what to expect (that wig, that wrap, that random rice jingle). It’s a wonderful contradiction! Do you have any new numbers in your repertoire that you love?

Yes! New numbers. New mixes. Paula White has been on my mind. I mean, I think it’s some funny stuff… but we will find out.

Lol, can’t wait! You’ve traditionally been a Cherry’s girl, having performed at that venue for many consecutive seasons. But this year you are mixing it up royally! You’ve started doing Thursday nights at the Pines Pavilion, for one thing. Tell us about that night, and how it’s going!

We are off to a great start. Thursdays have the beginning of the weekend vibe, so it’s already different. I’m seeing new and familiar faces, and most of them are still saying “WTF,” but I’m used to that. It’s my usual brand of “low impact” drag. DJ Borowski keeps me together.

For some reason, I always thought that queens weren’t able to work venues in both the Pines and Cherry Grove during the same season… but you are doing it! “Mondays Are Busted” premiered recently at the Ice Palace on the Grove. How did it go?

So much fun! A lot of Cherry Grove family came out. The first time I ever performed on the island was at the Ice Palace (you can thank / blame Shequida for making it happen). The room was full and so receptive, and I really did fall in love. A lot of history and legendary queens there; it’s nice to have a spot. Excited to see it grow throughout the summer!

It’s gonna be the ticket. And you get to fall in the pool again!

I think we will have fun. I’m super excited and grateful for a 7th season of Mondays in the Grove. DJ Chuck will keep us on track.

Might you compete in Miss Fire Island this year?

It’s been years since I’ve entered as Entertainer. Such a great couple of days. Talk about history! I wouldn’t mind having a little piece.

Until then… back in Manhattan, you and Borowski have returned to your weekly “Busted Wednesday” at Pieces!

Yes! We were away for the duration of shutdown, so it’s nice to be back. I love the little nook we’ve carved out there. Always a fun time at Pieces.

Anything more updates?

Look for special guests throughout the season, and a pop-up shit show reunion with [frequent collaborators and sibling musical comedy duo] Al and Patty.

Yaz! Okay, lastly: when are we gonna see Busted on Drag Race?

Ohhhhhhhh, I think we both know the answer to that one. Maybe for a wrap dress challenge?

Shantay! Thanks, Busted!

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Busted’s upcoming appearances, and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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