1 Thot Minute with Dreama Belle

Although she’s more of a multi-state queen these days, this Virginia-born performer is back hosting a special Halloween show in fairly magical NYC neighborhood.

Thotyssey: Hello again Dreama, long time no see! How is post-lockdown life treating you these days?

Dreama Belle: Hello, hello! It’s treating me well! It feels wonderful to have entered back into somewhat normalcy.

You spent most of lockdown back in your native Virginia. Some queens who left NYC during that time chose not to return, for various reasons.

Quarantine brought many challenges to my life. However, I am grateful for some of the opportunities that were presented during this period of time, that I might not have had otherwise. I was fortunate to spend the majority of quarantine with family down south. I am thankful for that cherished time.

New York City has become my artistic home. It will always have a place in my heart regardless of where I am physically located. Currently, I am pursuing opportunities in the Detroit, Michigan area where you can find me regularly entertaining at GiGi’s Gay Bar, among other venues. I am commuting back and forth to the city for major events until I return full-time at a later date.

Queen of the Road! Even when you were a long-term New Yorker, you often had big production shows and parties in neighborhoods that didn’t necessarily have established queer venues, like Rockaway and Coney Island.

I am blessed to have been able to work in many unique spaces throughout the United States. I can say that in my travels and artistic career, NYC has the most beautifully diverse nightlife scene that I have personally encountered. Extraordinary nightlife is one of the things that makes NYC so amazing.

In working across the city and surrounding areas, I quickly realized that as an event facilitator I wanted to bring drag artistry to the neighborhoods where there is a limited drag performance scene. Rockaway and Coney Island have certainly become my primary neighborhoods of interest when curating events.

That brings us to Halloween Eve’s event “Queens Overboard” at the Coney Island Brewery, which you’ll be producing! First off, you’ve held events here before… what’s the venue like?

I am very excited for “Queens Overboard: Nightmare in Coney Island” at the Coney Island Brewery. This venue is absolutely wonderful. It truly captures the essence of Coney Island. When passing it on a day trip to Coney Island, I was captivated and knew that I needed to secure a show there.

I was slated to begin working with the brewery prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. Thankfully, after much anticipation, we were able to safely proceed with our plan this past June for a Pride celebration. It was magical, and I am thrilled to have an ongoing show series with them for “Queens Overboard.”

Coney Island is a very magical place with a haunting energy… worth the trip for anyone who lives closer to Manhattan. The Halloween party will feature several amazing folks, including my girl Yuhua Hamasaki, a RuPaul’s Drag Race alum and a popular YouTube presence! She’s spotted some gothy / witchy looks that make her a perfect Halloween queen!

I absolutely agree! Her drag is very diverse and stunning! I have enjoyed watching her across the many platforms that she utilizes. I am excited to finally meet her in person!

And then there’s She’Knead ThisGig, who competed on the most recent season of YouTubes Camp Wannakiki! Her funny / campy / monster drag both aesthetically and performance-wise is truly one of a kind.

You took the words right out of my brain! She is an artist that I have followed on social media for a decent amount of time, and am looking forward to meeting her in person. I am excited to see what types of performances she brings to the stage on Saturday!

Also on board is your good sis Ginger Ladd, queen of the Rockaways, who’s a top brunch queen in Manhattan. You two co-hosted many shows together, both in on live stages and digitally.

It is always a party when Ginger Ladd and I are working at an event together. She is my dearest drag sister, friend, and collaborator. This weekend will be our official two-year anniversary of performing together… however, it feels like ten. Ha!

During quarantine, we took our “Rockaway Babes” show online on a weekly basis for “Totally Tuesdays.” We were able to connect with people that we may not have met otherwise. It’s amazing to know that there are people from around NYC and beyond that met us during that time, that are physically coming to our shows this weekend to meet us in person! As she told me many times during quarantine, “We are in the longest dress rehearsal of our lives.” Sometimes, it feels unreal to be doing shows in person again… but I am grateful that we are now able to do so.

Rounding out the cast will be iconic Brooklyn DJ Cameron Cole.

I adore Cameron! He has been the DJ for my previoustwo shows at the Brewery, and I anticipate that he will be a part of this series for many shows to come!

Oh, and lest we forget… Thotyssey! I’ll be judging the in-house costume competition… I’m super excited!

I genuinely hope that people will embrace the spirit of Halloween and serve some looks! We will have a festive photo booth and cute prizes! It is definitely going to be a super fun night! I have put a lot of work into curating this event, and I am eager to see it come to fruition! Also, in addition to the lineup as mentioned, there will be a local Coney Island queen making their drag debut!

It’s gonna be a super fun night!

In closing: have you ever had a ghost or UFO sighting, or a supernatural experience?

That’s a great question! For those of y’all still reading this interview, come to the Coney Island Brewery on Saturday, October 30th to find out!

See you then, Dreama!

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